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Petition to Boris Johnson PM, Dominic Raab FM, Hassan Ruhani, Javad Zarif FM
My husband Anoosheh Ashoori was arrested while visiting his 86-year-old mother in Iran; a trip he dual national. He is a peaceful, conscientious, kind, and upright husband and father, who wanted to against him. I am calling on the Iranian authorities to free my husband and for the UK Government to do everything in its power to bring my husband home. Please help to clear his good name and bring him back to his family by signing this petition. Read more

Shahrzad Izadi Benamlondon, ENG, United Kingdom
58,421 supporters
Created Sep 23, 2019
Petition to Lamar Alexander, Marsha Blackburn, Scott DesJarlais
For the last 10 years Alma Goddard and her husband Shane have been trying to get Alma her U.SRead more

Corey TrimbleMurfreesboro, TN, United States
40,067 supporters
Created Feb 13, 2019
Petition to Mark Spreitzer, Gae Magnafici, Jesse L. James
state of WI state "Husband" under section 3. This does not represent same-sex parents, and makes it gender-neutral terms. In particular, the word “husband" in sub. (1) should be construed to mean “spouseRead more

Jennifer E.Eau Claire, WI, United States
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Created Feb 3, 2021
Petition to Jim Reiter, Brett Boha, Greg Ottenbreit, Terry Dennis, Max Hendricks
care system" and possibly save my husbands life.  Here's our story in a nutshell:My husband, Rod everybody is too concerned with covering their asses than finding out what's wrong with my husband know I am in the hopes that I can try to get my husband back and hopefully encourage some changesRead more

Keri GardnerPreeceville, Canada
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Created Aug 29, 2017
Petition to Rep. Daniel Webster
about my husband, and why he is a HERO. SSG Gutierrez has been deployed and/or away from us so many wait” even longer? My husband has never been treated with the respect a wounded soldier deserves and elected officials; from YOU. How can we get my husband back his dignity? PLEASE HELP!! in desperateRead more

Gretchen GautierClermont, FL, United States
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Created Mar 14, 2014
Petition to UK Home Office, Keir Starmer, Sajid Javid
Aidan met Natasha in 2011 when he moved to London. The next year they married, and built a life together. But two years ago, Natasha who is originally from Canada, had her spousal visa renewal refused. We campaigned and managed to stop immediate deportation but now she could be forced to leave. Please sign this petition to help keep them together in the UK. Aidan is my friend who I met 14 years ago in the music community, so when I heard that they were being threatened with being torn apart, I started this petition. We need to keep up the pressure until Natasha gets the right to stay. Natasha cares for Aidan daily due to a serious illness that he is fighting. He is diagnosed with nerve damage caused by a prolapsed disc and degeneration of his spine. He’s suffered from minor pain up to full blown partial paralysis of one side; Natasha has stood by his side providing him with financial support and a lot of loving care to help him get back to good health. His poor health has prevented him from working full-time, though when possible he’ll do an the occasional gig. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome which is exacerbated by the attempt to deport Natasha. The Home Office do not deem Aidan's illness as severe, despite notes from doctors and hospitals proving otherwise. And despite their income being over £25k a year (well over the £18.5k threshold), it is not deemed as acceptable – because some came from Natasha’s self-employed roles and Natasha's family during a difficult time. We petition Sajid Javid and the Home Office to reverse their decision to deport Natasha. Natasha and Aidan are inseparable, completely reliant on one another, and deeply in love. This decision is destroying them, and Aidan's health is already being severely affected by it. The Home Office should not be able to separate legitimate, loving couples who, until they were told the truth about Aidans entitlement last year, had never turned to the state for financial help.  Please sign and share this petition https://www.gofundme.com/natasha-stevens-legal-fees-for-visa Read more

Cinnamon Francis-BurnettCambridge, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 3, 2016
; all of this while her husband filmed the entire scene (and seemingly agreed with her wife’sRead more

Subhajit DasguptaIndia
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Created Sep 11, 2019
Petition to Chris Johnson
Like most married couples, I imagined my husband and I growing old together, watching our five be forced to choose between caring for my dying husband or keeping the job I would need to support breaking by the diagnosis of breast cancer in my mother after learning my husband had only four months leave until my husband passes. They have the ability to go further than the FMLA, providing their an eye. Our nightmare started with a trip to the emergency room. My husband was not feeling wellRead more

tasha bucciEastchester, NY, United States
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Created Jul 31, 2014
Petition to Rt Hon David Cameron MP
On 13 June this year, my husband, Sergeant Michael Anderson, was told he is to be made redundant husband as part of the Military Covenant. He said "that those willing to lay down their lives for the country have a right to expect they will be dealt with properly." But the treatment of my husbandRead more

Jolene Andersoncatterick garrison, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 4, 2013
Petition to Sajid Javid, home office
My name is Anna- the picture above shows my husband Makara and our child, Soma.The Home Office has the loving care of both parents is more than a significant disruption. My husband and I have been believe I have every right to continue giving my daughter the upbringing that my husband and I want for my husband not just for 'childcare' but as an equal sharer of all aspects of home and family life care system to take on the upbringing of our child rather than having the support of my husband! IRead more

Anna PenUnited Kingdom
135,754 supporters
Created May 7, 2018
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