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Petition to Maneka Gandhi
data released by Ministry of Home Affairs in the past, the total number of untraced children in 2015 prostitution rackets. Experts say several children from rural India and among the urban poor run out of home obligation to contribute to the improvement in the well being of children in difficult circumstances trends and help develop safety tips for families. NCMEC operates the CyberTipline, a nationalRead more

Ramesh YadavNew Delhi, India
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Created Apr 5, 2017
Petition to You
Important Tips for the Day of Action   :) Are you attending the Day of Action in DC tomorrow? Yes the intern speeches.- IHCIA: HOUSE & SENATEThe Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) was home states for the one-week Thanksgiving recess - and they need a little up close and personal tomorrow and keep calling until the home offices of the Senators close for the holidays - many will and your opponents share before moving to more contentious territory. Visit the Congress.org homeRead more

james nordlundMoorhead, MN, United States
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Created Dec 1, 2009
Petition to Illinois State Senate, Illinois State House, J​.​B. Pritzker
, which could be spent on education, community improvement, counseling, or career readiness programs home and family in a manner commensurate and equal to best protections of other citizens. It essentially says, one man can protect his home in this manner, but you can't. A law permanently banning one his TiPS certificate and works for a company that serves refreshments to patrons at various cityRead more

Mom Of 3United States
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Created Apr 3, 2020
Petition to Arne Duncan
home. This is more "meta" than teaching someone how or what to think. This is more of a "what do I as possible. I think there should be a psychology and or self-improvement component to our if a particular child doesn’t have a happy home life? How is that going to affect their progress teacher who does not understand it themselves because they do not live it, and then go home and, or new teachers, who were a part of the 1st generation to learn it. They go home and experience lifeRead more

Andrew BeehlerCollege Station, TX, United States
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Created Dec 7, 2015
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