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Petition to Governor Ralph Northam
In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we must do more than close schools and encourage handwashing. How effective is closing schools if gyms, bars, movie theaters, malls and more are open? On 2/29, the U.S. had 71 infections. On 3/7, we had 417. On 3/12, there were 1,663 cases. As of 3/14, we have 2,951. The virus is spreading at an exponential rate. Unprecedented events call for unprecedented action. It will be difficult for many and we'll all need to step up to help those whose livelihoods are drastically affected by this disease. People will put on a price on these closures, so I ask you this: What's the price of your grandma? Your mom? Gov. Northram, please urge non-essential businesses to close in areas where the virus is clearly spreading & ensure workers are taken care of during and after the outbreak. Virginia wouldn't be the first state to encourage this level of social distancing. Pennsylvania is taking bold measures to combat the virus. We can save lives if we act now. Please sign this petition and share with your friends. Want more facts about the spread of the virus and the incredible impact of social distancing? Check out this article for details.  Read more

Ranna ArmstrongUnited States
1,161 supporters
Created March 14, 2020
Petition to BronAfon
There will be changed to staff in Bron Afon coming shortly because of the funding. One person in particular that i cannot stop thinking about is Donna Marsh. She has gone BEYOND what have ever been expected of her, no one in my area would not of known " work week ", " own 2 feet " , " Radiate " , " Healthy minds healthy bodys " and " Princes trust". Physical or psychological problems she is like our mother hen. I would not be the changed man that i am today if it was not for Donna. In my eyes and a lot of peoples eyes, Donna is Bron Afon. Please tell not just me but the whole community why you are not giving Donna a fully payed wage from your company .. not EU funded. She has changed so many peoples lives for the better and i love Bron Afon because of Donna. It would make no sense to let go the best thing that has happen to Bron Afon. What would happen if this did not come to attention .. a lot of youths in the area which was past dependent on drugs .. homeless .. abuse .. there would be no support.. i could write so much more and i mean SO much more .. but all you need to do is look at her posts and pictures to see how she affects the lives of people around her for the better good.    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005457589417Read more

Andrew MorganPenygarn, WLS, United Kingdom
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Created August 10, 2016
Petition to Mian Saqib Nisar
Khadija Siddiqi a common citizen of Lahore was stabbed and left to die in-front of her young sister, multiple eye witnesses & video records. LHC sentenced Shah Hussain the accused to 7 years, later reduced to 5 years & acquitted yesterday from charges and set free. It merely takes 24 hours to flee Pakistan & for a person like Shah Hussain, it is certain that he will take this opportunity to flee the country and make mockery of our justice system. We as people of Pakistan demand the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar to review the case decision by LHC & bring the culprit to justice. Any harm to Khadija or anyone in similar circumstances will be considered blood on the hands of State & Judiciary - specially LHC. Read more

Zain Ul HassanLahore, Pakistan
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Created June 4, 2018
Petition to Goverment of India
Goverment has started a campaign for parents BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO but when a beti goes to reputed schools of india and gets victim of sexual abuse by some one at school nothing happens only it goes through media trials and court trials nothing and JUSTICE IS DELAYED    Recently a 3 year old girl (yupp just a 3 year old girl) was raped by a man from the school i just want to question the man who raped that why why did he did it she was only 3 year old she is the one who may had a great future ahead but she will be in trauma for her whole life parents will be scared to send her to school where she will study what she will achieve and above all she has to go through psychological counseling that stupid has ruined everything for her I am a father to a 5 year lovely girl child and I am scared like hellRead more

Karanveer BhambraIndia
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Created July 16, 2018
Petition to Justin Trudeau
Students worked very hard even in the time of pandemic when people were even afraid of going out because of Carona Virus. They pay the fees 4 times more than domestic students, it much be reviewed and considered as an important issue.Read more

Rajbir KaurCanada
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Created August 27, 2020
Petition to Chancellor Walcott
This community is in the process of rebuilding and the school needs to be staffed to educate all the children when they are able to move back to their homes.Read more

Cristi KeaneBelle Harbor, NY, United States
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Created June 13, 2013
Petition to Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP
the hardest that have suffered most recently, like leisure and hospitality.  Businesses will have toRead more

Kitty UssherLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created January 25, 2022
Petition to Caroline Moody, KC Winter, Mayor Lori Lightfoot
hardest hit by COVID19. With love and solidarity, Vicko A. We are calling on Caroline Moody and KC Winter prayer candles, and we are calling on Mayor Lightfoot to take real action to protect the hardest hit. Latinx Chicagoans are currently the hardest hit by COVID-19. Data from the State of Illinois shows that Chicago’s hardest hit Latinx communities. Additionally, in the middle of a respiratory diseaseRead more

Victoria AlvarezChicago, IL, United States
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Created May 6, 2020
Petition to First Mortgage Corporation
could keep her in it. She has been *approved* for the federal government's Hardest Hit State Fund teaching last year as a result, and her income dropped by 40%. Programs like the Hardest Hit StatesRead more

kristiane canoSan Marcos, CA, United States
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Created November 4, 2011
Petition to Armed Forces Committee, Department of Veterans Affairs, President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Department of Education
like me will be hit hardest. Everyone who went to ITT Tech has an opportunity to have their studentRead more

Jennifer ScottSan Diego, CA, United States
54,692 supporters
Created September 8, 2016
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