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Petition to Hoops Amino Leaders
I want Harambe to be the icon of the app and have him be top feature for one hour a day.Read more

Zach GoldstoneUnited States
109 supporters
Created August 23, 2016
Petition to Pope Francis
Harambe was clearly a saint. You know it, I know it. Pope Francis I knows it. Instead of taking Rome, to make Harambe the Gorilla - who died in May 2016 - a saint. Canonization requires two, and tell me that doesn't describe Harambe to a tee. You have 72 hours from the completion of this petition to begin the process of canonizing Harambe, or else I will excommunicate you. Make yourRead more

Lo SeCanada
1,245 supporters
Created July 28, 2016
Petition to Harambe United
We all know what happened to this poor poor gorilla. I'm here to truly show our respect to this god of a gorilla. Please help us show some honor to this unfortunate event SHOW HIM HIS HONOR... #PRAYFORHARAMBE #PRAYFORHARAMBE #PRAYFORHARAMBE #PRAYFORHARAMBERead more

bruh momentpheonix, AZ, United States
2,185 supporters
Created August 4, 2016
Petition to The Army, Department of Veterans Affairs
someone who truly deserves to be remembered. Harambe.  #FortHarambe  Read more

Brad ZuluUnited States
1,830 supporters
Created June 10, 2020
Petition to Harambe himself
Tropical Storm Hermine sounds terrible, and is disrespectful to the great Harambe. To honor Harambe, a renaming is required to continue his legacy.Read more

@ CTForecastingArkansas, United States
4,230 supporters
Created August 20, 2016
Petition to GOD
Well as you've all heard, a while ago a silver back Gorilla called Harambe was shot due to a 4 year old child falling into his pit. As many pointed out, Harambe was protecting the child, and notRead more

Myles Loves HarambeWeston-super-Mare, ENG, United Kingdom
278 supporters
Created July 5, 2016
Petition to Cincinnati Zoo
We want our Harambe back. He was an incredible person and an amazing role model. Clone him, bring him back from the cruel death you gave him.Read more

Jasper FitzgeraldAustralia
39 supporters
Created August 31, 2016
Petition to Science
The world was petrified when Harambe died, we need to bring him back. Sign this petition to let the world know that we need him. Get Harambe cloned, share this petition with everyone that you know.Read more

The Save Harambe CampaignCulpeper, VA, United States
222 supporters
Created August 8, 2016
Petition to elmerjose1121@gmail.com
the gorilla got scared and ran across the water with the boy, at 4:00 PM Harambe was pronounced dead and shot. Harambe the gorilla was what the nation was in most in need in this times with this, I just want to commemorate harambe with his own day on the may of 28th the day of his passing. #WeMissYouHarambeRead more

Josh Cavallerocovina, United Kingdom
234 supporters
Created August 9, 2016
Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Why did we kill Harambe? It's just wrong! Free the zoo animals! Save God's creations!Read more

Paul TraumillerLynbrook, NY, United States
183 supporters
Created August 4, 2016
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