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Petition to Eric Artz
No one’s drinking water should be polluted for a rain jacket. But REI and other outdoor companies are using PFAS “forever chemicals” in their water-resistant gear. My name is Mia Adcock, and I’m a college student from the Wilmington, NC, area. In 2017, my community learned that toxic chemicals known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) had polluted the source of our drinking water, the Cape Fear River.  The pollution was linked to a chemical company that had been discharging chemicals into our river for nearly 40 years—which shockingly continues today. The corporation, Chemours, is making these chemicals so that they can be used to waterproof and stainproof everyday products—from rain jackets to tablecloths to comforters. People are buying these products every day. That’s why we need to take action right now. Growing up, my family was active and healthy. We rarely ate junk food and almost always ate organic food in our home. So, you can imagine the frustration and outrage we felt when we found out that we had been drinking contaminated water. Studies have shown that exposure to these chemicals, even at very low levels, is linked to thyroid problems, fertility issues, asthma, and more. What’s more concerning is that these chemicals tend to linger and stay in our bodies. Because they are not known to break down, scientists call them “forever chemicals.” I don’t want to support any business that uses these chemicals. But it turns out, as a frequent backpacker, I’ve been doing just that. I recently learned that the outdoor gear industry uses PFAS to waterproof many of its products. So I’ve been unknowingly supporting the company that poisoned our drinking water. Before every backpacking trip, I head to REI to stock up on everything I need to stay safe and comfortable on the trail. Now, I’m in a conundrum. A new study found PFAS in clothing items purchased from REI, including REI brand products. Overall, nearly 75%of the products labeled stain- or water-resistant contained these chemicals. This has to stop. We need leaders in corporate America to take a stand for future generations. And REI is just the type of company to do that. We know that alternatives are available, but so far REI has failed to take action.  That’s why I need your help – the only way companies like REI will act is we get enough people involved and raise our voices.  Will you join me in calling on REI to lead the outdoor industry away from using these dangerous chemicals?  It’s time for REI to help end the toxic trail of PFAS pollution.  If enough of us call on the company to do the right thing, we can get them to listen!Read more

Mia Adcock and Toxic-Free FutureNorth Carolina, United States
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Created February 22, 2022
Petition to Boris Johnson
social distancing and only a handful of witnesses.  Once Italy eased its lockdown it started allowingRead more

Damilola OlaolorunUnited Kingdom
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Created June 12, 2020
Petition to Makoto Shinkai, PVR , Toho Distribution
.  There is a handful of community in India that enjoy watching anime films and shows and with thatRead more

Divishth PancholiIndia
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Created February 15, 2019
Petition to The Hon. Michael McCormack MP, Malcolm Turnbull
a handful of actual engagements with potential customers results. If Facebook offers 7000-18500Read more

Craig HughesDingley Vic, Australia
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Created November 11, 2017
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives
, leaving survivors to pay their own way towards justice.A handful of states don’t even notify theRead more

Amanda NguyenWashington, DC, United States
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Created January 5, 2016
Petition to King's College London, King’s College London
difference between us? I use a wheelchair. I can also only access a handful of practise roomsRead more

Naomi SLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created October 11, 2021
Petition to Mark Herring, Jim Husband, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
cited for failing to provide adequate veterinary care across the board. These are just a handful ofRead more

Kelly AndersonBulverde, TX, Tanzania, United Republic of
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Created June 3, 2018
Petition to Asotin County Board of Health
yet, a handful of county health boards—including my own, the Asotin County Board of Health—the seemRead more

J. Justin WilsonWashington, DC, United States
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Created June 17, 2020
Petition to Central Board of Secondary Education
for class X CBSE students. We think that everyone should not be penalized for a handful of studentsRead more

Sai GaneshIndia
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Created March 28, 2018
Petition to Bupa
make a change. Only a handful of companies provide cover in the UK but the premiums people have toRead more

Elizabeth WatLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created September 24, 2017
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