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Petition to Tumblr
support Tumblr has posted a message regarding their updates to the Community Guidelines. The post is automation of their guidelines seems to be a key problem that the platform does not address (also seen Community Guidelines, it could keep a sizeable portion of their userbase and as its always been, be aRead more

Astral JusFlorida, United States
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Created Dec 3, 2018
the guidelines surrounding password sharing to be reverted.Read more

Owen KobeListowel, Canada
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Created Feb 8, 2023
Petition to Nebraska School Activity Association
) Heat Activity Guidelines; the heat index has to be a stunning 125 degrees to suspend practice the stadium. We are calling on the NSAA to update their Heat Activity Guidelines. 125 degrees is unacceptable. The temperature of the turf needs to be factored into the guidelines. Cool down stationsRead more

Aaren GeigerOmaha, NE, United States
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Created Aug 14, 2021
Petition to Tiktok , Oracle, Walmart, Doug McMillon, Kevin A. Mayer, Zhang yiming, Bytedance
The TikTok algorithm for their community guidelines targets and censors marginalized creators ( ie education and love. I've never violated TikTok's community guidelines. I had transphobic trolls report my deleted. This is a MAJOR FLAW. TikTok needs to update their community guidelines and algorithm. Too many community guidelines. Let's create accountability by, say, incorporating an advisory board withRead more

Rosalynne MontoyaPhoenix, AZ, United States
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Created Dec 15, 2020
Petition to Honourable President of India, Honorable Prime Minister of India
Vande MatramMost of us are now aware of what crap is happening in Medical PG admissions of Maharashtra state., This can happen in Rajasthan, Gujrat, MP, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and so on all over the country.If you don't know what is happening, here is a message, just to brief you.Please go through.The reservation in maharashtra has reached 78% due to new community reservation 16% and EWS 10% reservation.Open category candidates filed case against this, because according to our Constitution, any reservation should not exceed 50%.After multiple cases in Mumbai HC, lot of troubles, biased decision of Mumbai HC..after all this, Nagpur bench of High Court finally gave justice to us and the same decision was held up in supreme court.Honourable supreme court has given a verdict which says that sebc (means maratha reservation) CANNOT BE IMPLEMENTED this year.But the interesting part starts now..!Our Maharashtra Government, instead of respecting and implementing hon'ble SC's decision, has passed an ORDINANCE against it, which says that the government WILL implement the reservation this year itself. ALL this is highly unacceptable, as the government is not only disrespectful towards the decision of apex judicial authority in the country but also squashing dreams and future of thousands of MERITORIOUS AND HARDWORKING open category doctors.We all being citizens of this country should raise our voice against this..If merit is not given priority, people will not get a deserved doctor for them.Also, right now this is only affercting medical field, which obviously is going to create a grievous impact on health system of the country, no doubt..But the consequences will be even more severe when other admissions, jobs, all other sectors will be affected. It is a humble request to ALL THOSE who respect and value MERIT more than anything..Guys, please share this petition with like-minded freinds, family and groups, also forward a word of mouth for this message to more and more people and let everyone know what is happening and we should raise our voice against that,today this happening in Maharashtra, bit tomorrow can happen in any other state. So let us make this campaign a nationwide protest.Read more

Sikchi Madangopal SureshchandraPune, India
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Created May 21, 2019
Petition to Bayfield Town Board
the float incites violent ideals, bigotry, racism, or hatred.  The only guidelines for a float to. 1. Require stricter guidelines for floats regarding the content of what is being displayed. Guidelines should involve that a float will not be allowed to participate in the Bayfield Town 4th of July parade should be sponsored by a private party so the guidelines can be set and followed.Read more

Taylor ArnoldUnited States
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Created Jun 4, 2020
Petition to Prime Minister of India
, the recently released 'UGC Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the", as proposed in the UGC Guidelines is supposedly premised on the idea of ​​upholding "The itself, we urge you to intervene to withdraw the UGC Guidelines for the following reasons:  Firstly only a small part of the total evaluation is pending. As per the UGC Guidelines, intermediate students, we seek your immediate intervention for the withdrawal of the UGC Guidelines, the immediateRead more

Nandita NarainDelhi, भारत
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Created Jul 20, 2020
Petition to Justice AK Sikri, Sameer Shukla, Amit Khare, Prakash Javadekar, Ms. Jyothi Suresh Kumar, Mr. Nikhil Guliani, Ms. Kshipra Jatana, Mr. Mayank Aggarwal, Mr. MN Nasser Kabir, Sonia Singh, Dipika R. Kaura
outlined their own guidelines for media to report suicide responsibly.  The Indian media News Broadcasting Standards Authority of India to issue guidelines on 'Sensitized Suicide ReportingRead more

Srushti and JeetIndia
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Created Jun 17, 2020
Petition to Josh Frydenberg, Michael McCormack, Michael Keenan MP
UPDATE: The PM has announced a change to the 25% damage guideline, however it is not enough. Continue sharing. Townsville was stricken with disastrous floods this month (still ongoing) which destroyed homes and business around the city. The floods were increased by release of the dams at 8pm on 3/2/2019. People are still coming to terms with the horrors that became in front of their eyes, and now they are dealing with another obstacle. Despite the Townsville Floods being compared a natural disaster and catastrophe, The Department of Human Services has announced a crisis payment that only allows people with 25% damage to their homes, to be eligible for financial assistance. This completely ignores the struggles of those who still have major damages to their homes, despite the little amount of flooding they got compared to the others.   All residents regardless of flooding or level of risk to their homes are dealing with: - loss of work due to not being able to travel through flooded waters - throwing out everything they own due to mold invasion. Many residents are experiencing worries for their health due to the mold, many having young children at risk. They are throwing away car seats, blankets, couches, furniture, mattresses, pillows etc. Some residents have nowhere to sleep except the floorboards.  - power surges have knocked out all their white goods, including their fridge which inevitably causes all their food to go off. Not to mention again, the mold destroying food in the cupboard. The people of Magnetic Island, Palm Island and surrounding small towns are also not eligible despite suffering the same consequences: mold, loss of food, loss of everything they own.  Put yourself in the shoes of just one resident who has been experiencing hardship during this disaster. True Story (location names changed) "Hi Aidan, thank you for creating this petition. This is my story.Location name changed. Imagine this. You are pregnant, you are at your home with 3 young children (1, 7 and teen) and your husband. You were just in the middle of moving house. You are told The Area will soon be affected by the recent disaster in Townsville. You exasperate, but believe everything will be fine. You were meant to be in your new house by now, but you have 3 days emergency food so all should be fine. It starts pouring down with torrential rain and there are reports of landslides, rock slides, and damaged roads in the area. You now realise that you don't have any funds left after using during the packing stages of moving house, and you start to worry that your husband can't go to work. Now imagine this, the next day you awake and find that a power surge had fried your refrigerator. All fresh or frozen foods have been ruined and all is left to eat is porridge, rice and pancakes mix. You cannot eat these, you are allergic, not to mention pregnant. It is not sustainable. You finally walk around the house, and you realise everything you own is covered in mould. You have had to throw out blankets, pillows, mattresses and your couch. Now, you and your 3 young children and husband have nowhere to sleep but the floorboards. You are in an extremely tough spot and to make it worse, noone can reach you because you're in the most damaged part of The Area and everyone else is trying to stay safe inside their homes. Even when the water recedes - your husbands work is closed, the road is still damaged and the The Area is still experiencing the land and rock falls. Finally its safe to leave. By this point its been 9 days and you are feeling quite ill and your children are extremely restless. You decide you will go to the mainland or the nearest shops to get what you need. Because you have no money, you go to apply for emergency assistance with the government. Maybe you can buy something to sleep on and stock back up on fresh foods, at the bare minimum. But no. Sorry, the government says they can't help you. You're not eligible. No water came into the house, therefore you did not really suffer. What do we do now, Mr ScoMo? What now? Can we wait weeks for a Newstart claim to be approved, do we have that time? No, we don't Please share this."  Read more

Aidan CaddiesBrisbane, Australia
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Created Feb 5, 2019
Petition to Instagram
We must take action. Instagram has let us all down in the worst way possible, by condoning animal abuse. For example, the account @shokin.pitbull.fight.de (now is @jatt.shonki.pitbull.da ) is a horrifying Instagram account that posts dog fights and injured dogs for people’s entertainment. They continue to change their handle name, in attempts of escaping, and the longer Instagram stands by and denies our reports filed under "offensive and violent," the longer accounts like this have to gain support. Every single report made on this account, to our disbelief, came back denied (in a matter of minutes, which shouldn’t be humanly possible). Instagram will take down a nude photo immediately because it’s “offensive” yet bloody dogs and animal abuse is NOT?! Social media is a huge platform that can reach all over the world, Instagram condoning posts like this will allow for others to think that behavior like this is acceptable. We need to let Instagram know that we DO NOT accept animal abuse, nor do we accept the people that condone it. Instagram NEEDS to reconsider their definition of "offensive and violent" because animal cruelty doesn't fall under it in their book! Animal abuse IS violent, IS offensive, and should be treated as a crime. In order for posts like such to receive timely punishment/action taken, Instagram needs to provide its own category upon making a report. Animal abuse should NEVER be posted or supported for entertainment. -YOU CAN FURTHER HELP BY:•Use the hashtag #reviseinstagramsguidelinesNOAAA (NOAAA - No Animal Abuse Acceptance)!!!! We need to show them that this acceptance OFFENDS us as a community! •Email @instagram and let them know you are offended and use the hashtag in the email - support@instagram.com•Share with your friends to help spread the message!-For those of you that help, the world needs more of you, thank youRead more

Theory HendersonUnited States
10,259 supporters
Created Jan 12, 2018
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