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Petition to Tracey Barlow, Michael Ignasiak, Christine Power, Daniel Blazi, Gary Conroy, Amy Vogt
with a passion for gardening will benefit from a community garden in Edgewater. The whole community & sharing tips, tricks, & recipes. Trading or donating excess produce so that no food is wasted. Gardening itself has multiple health and wellness benefits, in addition to adding more fresh, Deltona, Sanford, and multiple locations in Orlando, FL. Link to map! Let's get Edgewater gardening!!Read more

Wendy ChapdelaineEdgewater, FL, United States
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Created Aug 15, 2017
Petition to Global Partnership for Education, Government of Trinidad and Tobago , Government of Trinidad and Tobago , Prime Minister Office
items, cooked meals, kitchen gardening tips, clothing and baby blankets to these families. LONG-TERMRead more

Britney PachecoTrinidad and Tobago
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Created Oct 29, 2020
Petition to Department of Environment and Natural Resources
 Which? Gardening, teabags produced by some of the top tea manufacturers—including Twinnings, Tetley and PG Tips—are only about 75 percent biodegradable. While most teabags are made with paper fiberRead more

Bryan CorpuzManila, Philippines
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Created Sep 20, 2017
Petition to mesbah
gardening tips, that is, if only he had a vlog channel on YouTube. He could also take his audienceRead more

Craig StanleyLas Vegas, NV, United States
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Created Sep 22, 2017
tips of drill bits.Gemstones: Hard minerals that can be sharp and jagged when natural or broken.Natal ridged cones.Shovel: Shovels tend to have sharp tips for breaking through dirt.Foil: Thin aluminum used: A gardening tool with long tines used to lift and move hay, leaves or straw.Grass Shears: Similar gardening tool used to shape soil and harvest crops.Wheel Edger: A gardening tool used to create distinctRead more

sus danUnited States
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Created May 18, 2022
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