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Petition to Chancellor SIU, Pro Chancellor SIU, Vice Chancellor SIU
In recent times, SIMS have been made a living hell for students studying there. From in time being 10:30 to barring students for placement in case of 89% attendance instead of 90%. This is just a beginning, in recent changes, students those who did not receive a Pre Placement Offer(PPO) from their internship companies were barred from 3 companies. Like seriously, what is a students fault if they did not get a PPO. There are 10's of factors which decide the PPO for a intern from the hiring policy change, to structure change to market scenario change, but putting the blame on student is way too much. These are some incidents which have taken place in recent past which are mentioned here. This is very long. Being a proud alumnus of this prestigious university and institute, it feels bad to do this on public platform but probably the only way left for us to show agitation against system. There needs to be a supervisory committee in place to monitor what the director, placement head and admin of the college is doing to students. Lets show some support and try to save our Alma-mater from degrading further.  Read more

SIMS AlumnusIndia
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Created October 28, 2018
Petition to Scottsboro Board of Education
 our class in December 2014 and we are now being told we cannot attend any senior functions.  Our his daughter and the other graduates would not be allowed to attend any senior functions or graduation and we knew from the day we met that we could not participate in other functions. She said she, that we could without a doubt participate in these functions. When my mother spoke with the principal senior functions, including senior dance, and others. We are being punished for excelling. I am a fullRead more

Emily HarbisonCullman, AL, United States
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Created April 10, 2015
Petition to Hong Kong SAR Government
official functions. In a recent survey, 73% of Hong Kong people had consumed shark fin in the previous, dining parties or other official functions. It’s a request that not only reaffirms the GovernmentsRead more

Admin HKSFHong Kong, Hong Kong
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Created October 3, 2011
Petition to Michael V. Drake
functions as the Buck I. Guy character. His conduct is distracting and at times offensive. BecauseRead more

Trisha JoyceUnited States
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Created April 25, 2018
Petition to Mon County BOE
Parents have not been allowed to support our children's education.  Our kids have worked hard and parents have missed out on the last 2 years of their projects and programs. It is time for the restrictions to be lifted, allowing us to support their education and make memories. The double standards need to end. If parents can attend basketball games, attend parent teacher conferences,  and attend so they could support their child while they were receiving their covid vaccines, we should be able to attend educational events. Please sign to get parents back in our schools.Read more

Janelle MorganMorgantown, WV, United States
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Created February 9, 2022
Petition to The Honourable President Cyril Ramaphosa and Dept of Arts and Culture SA
BRING BACK THE WEDDING & FUNCTIONS INDUSTRY! I wholeheartedly accept and appreciate the the weddings/functions and events are NOT permitted to resume, even in smaller gatherings. These entertainment or economically viable; we feel the wedding/functions industry should be offered theRead more

Ravin Jankhi HarripersadhDurban, South Africa
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Created June 18, 2020
The BELA (Basic Education Law Amendment) was introduced in Parliament in January, one of which (Claise 8 Amendment of section 8A) proposes that schools be allowed to have alcohol on school premises for fund-raising purposes; with deadline extension for written submission set for August 15, 2022. While the BELA Bill forbids the possession, sale and consumption of alcohol during school hours, we are deeply concerned that allowing the sale of alcohol in schools at any given time would have a lasting detrimental effect on learners safety, and disrupt the very space aimed at nourishing and protecting children.  As World Changers Candidates, an organisation dedicated to fighting the scourge of drugs and alcohol abuse and illicit trafficking, we are also worried that learners, teachers and communities have not been properly consulted. Therefore we strongly urge the Basic Education Portfolio that the proposal of this clause  be completely removed frombthe BELA Bill; NO DRUGS in any form under any circumstances should be sold at our Schools. Alcohol abuse is rampant in South Africa and the well-being of learners is already at risk. Even if the storage and use of alcohol on school premises is properly monitored, children may still encounter adults under the influence. If passed, it's clear that the harm this amendment may cause far outweighs any benefits it may bring, and that the situation of drugs in our school will get worse and the consequences will be dire. As a concerned member of society, we invite you to take this opportunity to contribute in shaping the laws which will apply to schooling in South Africa for the foreseeable future, and take part in helping make South Africa a drug free society and a safe place for children, our future leaders.Read more

World Changers CandidatesJohannesburg, South Africa
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Created July 20, 2022
Petition to introduction to exponential functions common core algebra 1 homework
introduction to exponential functions common core algebra 1 homework, introduction to exponential functions common core algebra i homework, introduction to exponential functions common core algebra 1 homework fluency, introduction to exponential functions common core algebra one homework Introduction To Exponential Functions Common Core Algebra 1 Homework ->>> http://bit.ly/2EHU9LQ> without the use of exponents such as we did in.. Intro to exponential functions. (Opens . InitialRead more

Duane KeittEgypt
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Created December 24, 2018
Petition to Tamilnadu government
Thousands of marriage and other organized functions are conducted everyday, with thousands visiting from marriage and other functions to avoid mindless generation of plastic waste.    Other localRead more

Vijayanand vasudevanMadurai, India
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Created January 25, 2021
Petition to Instagram, Facebook
Instagram accounts be set to "private" to selectively determine which people can see your account. This is a very nice function for young kids that require some protection from "the internet", but can also be useful for adults that value their privacy. However, more than often this "private" setting is abused as a way to get more instagram followers. For example, the account "@memezar" has more than 20.000.000 (!!!) followers, but has its settings on private....how can such an account ever be "private" with 20 million people watching. The main problem with these accounts is that they encourage people to share their posts with "your friends", which results in them getting linked posts that they themselves cannot see withouth following the account. Because they are often very eager to see the post, they follow the account, but cannot see the post because their "follow request" has to be approved first...which may take multiple days. After multiple days most people have already forgotten their "follow request" and are now following an Instagram account they have never heard of. Although this may not seem THAT problematic. It saddens me that Instagram as a platform is getting increasingly more "locked away" because people put their accounts on private to get more followers. People should not need to follow an account before they even know if they like what that account is posting. Furthermore, these accounts use their high amount of (semi-involuntary) followers to get big deals with brands, using this private-technique as a means to make money. Instagram has already performed some slight adjustments to discourage this behaiour sich as removing the "swipe up" function (commonly used by influencers) from private accounts, but this is not enough for most accounts to forfeit their "private" status.  I hereby suggest one of the following solutions: 1. Make it impossible to send stories and/or posts of private accounts to people that do not already follow the pirvate account. This removes one of the major pathways for these accounts gain followers and stop the 24/7 DM's filled with posts you cannot see. This does however not stop many semi-celebrities from abusing this function to get more followers in general, but it's a nice half measure nonetheless.  2. Preferably, make it impossible for accounts with more than 10.000 followers to be set to "private". Nobody with more than 10.000 followers cares even a little bit about "privacy" as their 10.000 followers can easily screenshot/screencap their posts and send them to their friends. 3. Alternatively, the process of mass-accepting follow requests on private accounts should be hindered through things such as: 3a. When an account is set from private to non-private, all pending follow requests are not instantly accepted, but are instead deleted.  3b. Manually accepting follow requests becomes much more time consuming by frequently adding small puzzles such as reCAPTCHAs. Optionally, the occurence of this happening could be based on the follower count to not hinder "legit" small accounts that would like to stay private for personal reasons. Logically, solution 3b is an addition to 3a.  The above stated solutions should be very effective in decreasing the amount of "private-status-exploitation", but other ideas are more than welcome as well! Together we can rid this platform of one of its many pests! Sign the petition! Read more

Rick BroersNetherlands
2,187 supporters
Created June 29, 2020
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