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Petition to RSPCA
Ruben is a DDBD that was assessed and deemed unacceptable to be rehomed, a fundraiser was launched to build Ruben his own pad where he would live for the rest of his life with foster carers. The supporters raised £3000.00 in funds to make this happen and support Ruben. A Facebook page was set up to do regular updates for all the supporters, the posts became very few and far between and last week the page was closed down, supporters concerned contacted the foster careers and they just started blocking the supporters. They then made an announcement saying Ruben was fit and well, when asked for proof he then said Ruben had been rehomed to a friend who is a trucker and Ruben is now a trucker dogue. We asked for proof and we're just verbally abused. One of the concerned supporters contacted the RSPCA and was basically told there was nothing they could do. We the undersigned deserve to know if Ruben is fit and well as we all donated for his future.  We would like the RSPCA to find out what has happened to Ruben. Ruben is a potentiality dangerous dogue as he attacked on previous occasions without provocation.Read more

Jan EdwardsWaterlooville, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 16, 2017
Petition to Feminist
FEMINISM Feminism means to me  EQUALITY A Feminist is anyone who recognizes and full humanity of women and men    WHY WE NEED FEMINISM ? we need feminism because people still ask what the victim was wearing I cant walk alone at night the fact that women are equal is still called "ideology" 1 in 3 women will be raped or beaten  I still have no control over my body a man in a room full of women is ecstatic but a women in a room full of men is terrified etc......   Read more

Noor AhmedEgypt
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Created September 9, 2020
Petition to Unsolved murder
In 1999, November 17, my father was shot and killed one night while at a friends house. He was hit twice, injuring his hand and fatally through his chest. The only other person he was with at the time was never a suspect and also called their spouse before calling for medical assistance or the police! Yes, this was the story I was told as a child which is why  I’d like to reopen the case and finally get some answers. It won’t bring my father back but my heart will stop aching a little to know his killer is off the streets. Read more

Lisa MacOrlando, FL, United States
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Created July 14, 2020
Petition to UK Parliament, Politicians, Goverment

Sade MorganUnited Kingdom
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Created May 9, 2019
Petition to twdc.archives@disney.com
It is hard to believe that Disney, a company well known for its animated movies production is in fact using child labor. It is disappointing to see such an issue occur in the modern society and we really want to change the way things are. That is why we are sharing this with you. We want child labor to stop. We are just elementary students, yet we really want to help. Any kind of forced labor is unacceptable and we hate seeing children like us having to work in poor and unsafe conditions instead of having a normal childhood. A lot of research has been done on Disney’s connection to child labor. In Chinese toy factories, thousands of workers of which many are children work for 12 hour shifts to only be payed 1.32$ per hour. Often times, 320 workers have to share 24 toilets and even use pans and kettles in order to shower simply because there are too little or no showers available for the workers. Not many people know about this. Why? Because Disney has a lot of money to cover up illegal actions. Please sign this petition. If you think that child labor is wrong, and you want to help us prevent it from taking place in Disney. It would mean a lot to us! Letting you know about this problem will help us spread awareness of this issue, so more people can stand up against this problem. We hope you understood what we are trying to tell you and you can share this, so your friends can help too.  Read more

Yoana DimovaBulgaria
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Created March 19, 2018
Petition to Everyone, United States Supreme Court, Delaware State House, Delaware State Senate, W. Charles Paradee, Donald J. Trump, Council of the European Union, U.S. Senate, U.S. Governors, U.S. House of Re...
-process-finding-missing-person On 11/8/2018  Ahyanna Baker-Griffin never came home .  The very nextRead more

Alanta GuilerLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created November 17, 2018
Petition to António Guterres, United Nations
Nations) to urgently form an international fact-finding mission to uncover the circumstances of the majority of the Lebanese people insist that an international fact-finding mission be formed to find the appoint an international fact-finding mission and to proceed with the appropriate necessary measures.Read more

Lebanese Forces PartyLebanon
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Created March 1, 2021
Petition to Politicians, Goverment, UK Parliament

Denise MorganUnited Kingdom
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Created May 9, 2019
Petition to Louisiana Governor, President of the United States, Department of Homeland Security
I decided to start this petition to help with the recovery efforts for the Seacor vessel that capsized in the Gulf of Mexico on April 13th. The United States Coast Guard conducted a search and rescue mission that was suspended on April 19th. The family members, of this crew, were left to find resources on their own. The United Cajun Navy stepped in and offered their assistance. Funds were/are being raised to pay for fuel to keep boats and seaplanes active in this search. Our tax dollars pay for resources that are not being utilized. i.e. the coast guard. I am asking for your signature on this petition in hopes that we can get the Coast Guard reactivated in this search effort. Please keep in mind that the Coast Guard has resources such as helicopters and boats that the private citizens don't have. WE pay for these resources and it is not too much to ask that these resources be utilized in an effort to help these families bring their loved ones home. Thank you in advance for your signature.  Read more

Jana MillerUnited States
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Created April 25, 2021
In June of 2021, Esmerelda “Kit” Nelson-Mora left her childhood home in Yakima, WA and moved to Omak, WA with her biological mother Lorie Sue Nelson & her mothers boyfriend Kenneth Diaz. Esmerelda has not been seen or heard from since November 2021. Omak High School unenrolled Esmerelda after she stopped showing up to school in January 2022. When one of Esmerelda’s childhood friends had not heard from her, she became very worried and drove to Omak in September of 2022 to try and visit. Omak PD attempted to do a wellness check and upon making contact with Lorie Sue, she told police Esmerelda (Kit) had run away in April 2022. Only she had never reported her as a runaway or told any of Esmerelda’s family. Now let’s go back in time for more context. Esmerelda was born in Spokane, Wa, on April 22, 2005, to Lorie Sue Nelson. She had two older siblings at the time of her birth. Esmerelda grew up in a home filled with extreme abuse, neglect, and poor conditions. Lorie Sue had multiple encounters with Child Protective Services with her children being removed from her care multiple times due to physical, emotional, and mental abuse, including abuse of alcohol and illicit drug use. It is reported that the children in the home would go days left alone, without food, fending for themselves and caring for each others needs. After multiple removals and returns Esmerelda and her two older siblings were permanently removed from their mothers care when Esmerelda was just 4 years old. She was placed with her great grandparents in Yakima, Wa, and separated from her siblings. Due to the trauma Esmerelda experienced and the loss of her siblings, she experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and wrestled for many years to heal and find normalcy. The effects of this would unfortunately follow and continue to cause Esmerelda to struggle into her teen years and with every relationship she had. 12 years later, Lorie Sue attempted to reenter into the life of her daughter. Esmerelda riddled with distrust and memories of a frightening past, was reluctant and seemed to not want anything to do with her mother. Lorie Sue kept pursuing Esmerelda over the course of weeks and months, using her now four additional children she had, ranging from the ages of 1 to 6 years old to coerce Esmerelda into giving her another chance. Eventually, Esmerelda agreed to let them come and visit her in Yakima. Lorie Sue came with her boyfriend Kenneth Diaz and their 4 children to visit Esmerelda, meeting her at a park. Lorie Sue did an excellent job of portraying themselves as a happy, loving, and responsible family. Lorie Sue & Kenneth came bearing gifts and showed great interest in Esmereldas life, her goals, interests, and wellbeing. Believing Lorie Sue was reformed, Esmerelda ultimately decided that this was her chance to have the life and love of her mother that she had been missing for the last 16 years. During this time Esmerelda suffered the painstaking loss of her older brother Javonte to suicide. We believe this may have influenced Esmereldas decision to go and live with her mother and siblings. Soon after, Esmerelda arrived in Omak and began living and working at her mothers second hand thrift store called The Store House Mercantile. She was later enrolled at Omak High School, and was planning to become the Art Teachers assistant. When Esmerelda left Yakima, she had a cell phone she used to keep in contact with friends and family, including her father and older sister, who both reside in Spokane, Wa. Unbeknownst to her family, Lorie Sue took the cell phone away and abruptly stopped all communication. Family made attempts to contact the Omak PD to do wellness checks and were told she was with Lorie and “fine” the last one being done around November 2021. Lorie Sue shared pictures on social media of Esmerelda and her younger siblings around Christmas of 2021. This is the last proof of life we have. Back to the present state Esmerelda’s family began working on the case, collecting information, hanging up posters, and talking with witnesses in September 2022. We initially contacted the Omak PD and reported her suspicious disappearance to Sergeant Dunkin and urged him to make a missing person report. Due to Lorie Sues story of her running away we were told there would be no report made of a missing person at this time. We continued to call and report as more people came forward and eventually were able to convince Omak PD to list her as a missing person at the end of September 2022. Due to the location of the Stampede Apartments we were told it might be helpful to reach out to Tribal PD as well. When we initially called they took down all of our information and said they would follow up with us soon. Days turned into weeks and we heard nothing. So we decided to call back and found that not only had nothing been done, there was no documentation made on the case. We were then referred to another Tribal Police Officer and the same thing happened again, no follow-up, no communication, nothing. Due to not knowing what agency had jurisdiction and never hearing anything back from Omak PD or Tribal PD we kept calling, leaving messages, pleading our case and it continued to fall on deaf ears. During all of this we received a tip that Lorie Sue & Kenneth had abandoned their Omak apartment and left in the middle of the night, leaving behind a considerable amount of property. A few items left behind caused great concern, including a bloody mattress. We immediately called the owner and asked that she put it up for evidence. Afterwards the mattress was gone and nobody would tell us what had happened to it, including the owner. We were terrified it had been destroyed or disposed of. We decided to go to Omak ourselves with most of Esmereldas family and see if making contact in person would change the treatment we had received thus far! It was Halloween 2022 weekend and we arrived in Omak for a vigil we had arranged weeks prior. Thankfully, due to an event at the local park it brought both the Omak Chief of Police Dan Christianson and Tribal Chief of Police in and we spent over 30 minutes talking with both agencies. We shared all of the information we had, tips we have received including possible suspects and locations where Esmerelda could be. With every name we listed, both law enforcement agencies acknowledged the named people were well known by law enforcement and have been known to be involved in criminal activities, advising we do not approach the individuals and/or locations. We were assured that we would hear back within a couple of weeks. We are still waiting for the mattress lab results to compare with family members DNA. We hope to rule out the blood found on the mattress does not belong to Esmerelda. We have been told numerous times that the PD in Omak is small and doesn’t have the needed resources or funds to give this case the investigation it deserves. While we do appreciate the work and quick actions of the Omak Pd in getting the mattress, we believe Esmerelda’s case needs the help of the FBI. Lorie Sue’s apartment was torn apart and new flooring was added possibly destroying evidence in a likely crime scene. In order to find Esmerelda who is still a minor child and bring to justice those who played a part in her disappearance. We fear that unless quick and swift action is taken she could become another forgotten, cold case. Please join our family in signing this petition.Read more

M MoraSpokane, WA, United States
5,609 supporters
Created November 28, 2022
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