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Petition to Schools, Government
Schools have started, and many of the students and staff are concerned about the safety in schools! No social distancing is taking place, 30 pupils are sat in one class, 2 pupils at each desk with less than a meter distance from others pupils! Hallways get crammed when students move around the school! Mask are not allowed to be worn, if so you get excluded and parents get called! It’s a stressful beginning of a year for the new year 11s and many other years! You want to exclude a student for wearing a mask?! Let’s start doing something about this issue. Staff and students have spoken out about this yet no progress has been made. This is why this petition is made! Sign up and help to change this issue and make it less difficult than it already is! Thank you for taking your time.  Read more

Martins PilsUnited Kingdom
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Created Sep 7, 2020
Petition to Facebook
Scrolling through Facebook the other day, I saw a friend’s status set to “feeling fat,” accompanied thought about me and my body. When Facebook users set their status to “feeling fat,” they are making options. Fat is not a feeling. Fat is a natural part of our bodies, no matter their weight. And all bodiesRead more

Catherine Weingarten and Endangered BodiesPhiladelphia, PA, United States
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Created Feb 23, 2015
Petition to Supreme Court of India
There are systemic actions in Indian government, for people who won’t obey them. However, awareness makes lot of change for them, this petition recommend to create awareness on emergency dial numbers, Four most important emergency numbers:NATIONAL EMERGENCY NUMBER-112POLICE-100FIRE-101AMBULANCE-102 To avoid unpredictable situations, this should include in Books at schools, colleges, movie theatres, government and non governmental organisations, corporate sectors, All  public places to advertise and encourage people to call 100 in any situation that makes them uncomfortable. Read more

Little Hands OrgHyderabad, India
302 supporters
Created Nov 30, 2019
Petition to Hastings School Board
There is a male teacher at trenton high who keeps going into the female student bathroom. It's been happening for years now and nothing has been done about it so I've decided to take this into my own hands and make things right again. He makes his female students uncomfortable by taking pictures of them and hitting on them. This is not ok and is something that needs to be dealt with now we have been protesting every Friday trying to spread awareness for this situation and ask that you help us get rid of him by signing this petition and sharing the information and the link  Read more

Alexis EliseCanada
232 supporters
Created Nov 5, 2021
Petition to PMRDA, CREDAI
. Residents are suffering a lot due to this situation and feeling cheated as they have paid for a flat withRead more

Gurucharan SinghIndia
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Created Jul 28, 2018
Petition to World
Depression: Beyond Feeling Blue Every once in a while, all of us goes through a phase of feeling blue. But depression is more than just feeling blue or sad, it is beyond what everyone's eyes can see just feeling sad, but it is more than just being sad. Most people doesn't have a deep understandingRead more

Denzell Angelo Calalo BucoSta. Rosa City, Philippines
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Created Sep 1, 2018
Petition to Boris Johnson MP
My name's mark and I'm a 47yr old self employed carpenter, like many self employed tradesmen I have to purchase my own tools for the trade I have chosen.  The replacement of these tools usually costs thousands of pounds and in some cases insurance companies have six weeks to settle any claims.     That's a six week financial burden to a victim of this crime. Several friends of mine were victims of tool theft from their vans, and I too have been a victim. Luckily my home insurance paid out for the tools I lost. Another carpenter in my village had everything taken from his vehicle for he second time that year.  Not everyone can empty their vans at night and not everyone has insurance cover. This type of crime is classed as petty crime but to a tradesmen who has paid for his tools with blood sweat and tears doesn't feel this is a petty crime. Every morning I walk out my house wondering if today is the day that my van has been broken into. I'm calling for this crime to have more severe punishments as it affects hundreds of hard-working tradesmen, every day I see more victims posting about their plight via Facebook and it's sickening to see.  A tradesman's tools are his livelihood. There are organised gangs traveling the length of the country helping themselves to thousands of pounds worth of tools by peeling open the doors of hard-working tradesmen's vans and helping themselves to their tools. Some even purchase specialist keys to decode and open vans without causing damage to the vehicle, mainly fords. These gangs are so organised and know many ways to break into the vans with no sign of entery leaving us unable to claim on our insurance. the punishment needs to meet the severity of the crime. The police mostly just give out a crime number which in many occasions are of no use as tools need replacing instantly also our van insurance rises. Insurance companies base premiums on postcodes and crime figures so this crime affects us all. The people suffering are the hard working tradesman who build and maintain the infrastructure of this country. A ban on insurance increases to victims of van crime should be put in place, and emergency low or interest free government loans should be put in place to help relieve the burden to the innocent victims of this type of crime. Tradesmen help the economy tick over in the hard times and generate great income in the form of TAX in the good times.This type of crime is now at epidemic proportions and needs addressing by those who we have appointed to run this country on our behalf. It will not be long before there is a fatality, either a victim of the crime or a perpetrator. A man's tools are his and his family's livelihood and in the heat of the moment he will defend them as if his life depended on it. Please help the situation before more innocent people fall victim of these low vile organised criminal gangs. Please sign and share with all your friends and support all victims of this crime and call for stronger punishment for perpetrators. Thank you on behalf of all UK tradesmen.Read more

Mark RileyDeanshanger, ENG, United Kingdom
57,578 supporters
Created Dec 28, 2016
Petition to The Department for Health and Social Care
Before Covid-19 hit and all the nursing homes were closed to visitors, nursing home patients, including my mother, Mary Smith, who is in Pineview Nursing Home in Clinton, MD, were comforted by regular visits from family members and were in great spirits. However, since the shutdown, the patients are now in bad health.   When patients don't understand why they are not seeing their loved ones like before, it causes them to feel abandoned, unloved, and scared. This causes them to fall into a deep depression. They are hurting, not participating in activities like before, and worse, not eating. In honor of my mother, Mary Smith, I submit this petition. My mother’s health has declined tremendously. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight during the last four months. Why? Because I, her only daughter, am no longer allowed to visit her faithfully. I brought her gifts and food when I came to the nursing home. This was the highlight of her life at Pineview. We all know that there are many patients in nursing homes who do not get visits from loved ones. God bless the ones who do!  Please don't take these precious visits to nursing home patients for granted. The patients depend on and look forward to visits from their loved ones. They set their minds, bodies, hearts, and SPIRITS on seeing and spending much needed time with them. I say to ALL doctors, nurses and nursing home administrators: If you had been around patients who were happy-go-lucky before Covid-19 struck, and now, since the virus, their health is bad and they are close to death, THIS SHOULD BE A RED FLAG!  Doctors and nurses should not be so quick to tell family members that there is nothing they can do. Basically, it feels as if we are being asked to pull the plug on our loved ones when they encourage hospice care when, AGAIN, the patient was HAPPY-GO-LUCKY BEFORE COVID AND NOW THEY ARE CLOSE TO DEATH after COVID restrictions! There should be an isolated area in the nursing home where family members can visit with their loved ones.  Understand that these are EXTREME URGENTLY circumstances. MY MOTHER’S LIFE IS DEPENDING ON THIS. My mother loves food and would call me five to six times a day to tell me to bring her certain meals from various establishments after viewing television commercials, so for her to not be eating is a big RED FLAG. By the grace of GOD, please be flexible and make adjustments to the no visitor policy immediately.  Read more

Sherry SmithSuitland, MD, United States
1,638 supporters
Created Jun 14, 2020
Petition to FedEx
We respectively request FedEx to offer a special code that can be used by stateside Americans to significantly reduce the cost to send emergency relief packages to family, friends, and other people living in the United States Virgin Islands and The United States territory of Puerto Rico.  This code should significantly reduce the cost associated with sending these time sensitive and immediately needed supplies.  Currently the cost to send a 30-35lb package from zip code 54455 to 00802 is being quoted at roughly $700. The same package to Naples FL is being quoted at $40-$60. This is unacceptable given the nature of the need to get supplies to the USVI as fast as possible. Read more

Mary FalkSt. Thomas, Virgin Islands, U.S.
52,576 supporters
Created Sep 13, 2017
and spread the word. I've Got a Feeling this could work and be a good time!  Here is a link to the letter to share! THE LETTER Read more

Yasmeen FaisalSan Diego, CA, United States
545 supporters
Created May 29, 2020
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