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Petition to sones, youngones , Kpopfans
from Bighit. Even though we have been asking Bighit for these past ten days to give us a feedbackRead more

Young Oneกทม, Thailand
1,191 supporters
Created May 3, 2019
Petition to meat industries, Donald J. Trump, surat nature club, Narendra Modi, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue, Animal Planet, Animal lovers and wildlife rescue...
Animals' eyes have the power to speak a great language. Rightly said by this quote an animal does have the power to speak a great language. We, self-centred, foolish, selfish people, are destroying the world and that is creating a whole big garage only of lives. Well now, that might seem funny but however it is, it is TRUE! Bring the past back to the present and make the world sustainable Earth for not only the humans but also for the animals. A question that everyone should have is, 'What wrong have animals done to us?' Just get into a quiet room and think about it. Whatever you are doing is that right? And after you have thought about it your answer is obviously going to come a very big and huge NO! Now here's a short video about what are we doing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my5-RB-lDuU ANIMAL TESTING. Wasn't that harsh, wasn't that heart touching, wasn't that emotional, I know it is. People are not stupid for saying SAVE ANIMALS, SAVE ANIMALS but it's because we know what's happening to animals and now even you do. So take action make a change.  Read more

Nishtha SardaSurat, India
87 supporters
Created March 26, 2020
Petition to World Bank
This petition is organised by Global Forest Coalition, Sinergia Animal and Feedback. OrganisationsRead more

Feedback GlobalLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
28,967 supporters
Created August 3, 2020
Petition to Geelong Planning Committee, Geelong Council
. Unfortunately there’s no provision in the application process to submit support and/or positive feedbackRead more

Fyansford Training FacilityFyansford, Australia
5,546 supporters
Created April 28, 2021
Petition to MiHoYo
control artifact substat rolls so its less infuriating RNG -Listen to beta tester's feedback ratherRead more

Riondera FedUpWithQiqiLolChristchurch, New Zealand
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Created September 30, 2021
Petition to Martin Schulz
about food waste for years and founded the organisation Feedback. The amount of food we waste in theRead more

Tristram Stuart, Founder FeedbackLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created June 26, 2015
Petition to Oakland City Council
  UPDATE Feb. 27/2020: The meeting referred to below was held and the councilmembers are continuing to seek input.  Please continue to share this petition with friends and neighbors. You can also sign up for ongoing updates on Oaklandfeedback.org. If you do so, please indicate if you'd also like to participate in meetings with councilmembers to discuss this petition and encampment-related issues. The City of Oakland's Life Enrichment Committee is holding a meeting Tuesday, February 25, 2020, at 2:00 PM, to discuss potential policy changes to the way the City manages homeless encampments. Staff and council members are looking for input in the areas listed as questions below. The signers of the petition agree with the following positions: Should encampments be allowed in or near city parks? No. What is an appropriate distance encampments should be kept from schools, youth and senior centers, or medical facilities? Meghan's Law restrictions should apply (2,000 feet). How close to a protected waterway such as a stream, lake, or estuary should an encampment be permitted to locate? Encampments should be located far enough from protected waterways to eliminate the risk of contamination from human waste and trash. Should encampments be permitted in neighborhood commercial zones where sidewalks are the main access to local businesses? No. Should encampments be prohibited under Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Tracks? Yes. Should encampments be prohibited in traffic islands or medians, from blocking bike lanes, extending into the vehicular lane of traffic, or blocking driveways? Yes. Should the City restrict encampments to one side of a street to maintain pedestrian access on the other side of the street? Yes. Should the City restrict the collecting of material to a point that it creates a fire safety risk as identified by the Fire Marshall or blocks ADA passage? Yes. How shall the Fire Marshall inspect for a minimum degree of fire safety and structural integrity for life safety purposes in sheltering structures? The Fire Marshall should enforce existing codes.  Should there be a restriction on the size of encampments? Yes. Should there be a limitation on how much area one individual uses to store their belongings while unsheltered? Yes.Read more

EAC OaklandOakland, CA, United States
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Created February 21, 2020
Here are some of the most common challenges students are currently facing with online classes along with specific tips on how to address them: Technical issues.Distractions and time management.Staying motivated.Understanding course expectations.Lack of in-person interaction.Adapting to unfamiliar technology.Uncertainty about the future. Republish The Medical Exam Results Or Else Reevaluate The papers. Students Demands. * Evaluate The Papers Ones Again.* Submit Revaluation Dates A Soon As Possible.* Carry In Forward For This Year Those Got Fail In Exams.* Promote The Students And Can Appear For Backlogs With Carry Forward. Read more

284 supporters
Created December 26, 2020
Petition to eBay
more protection than the sellerd. eBay has allowed purchasers to leave feedback which in some cases negative feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition and for signing of the petition as it ia much appreciated.Read more

Cameron WatererAustralia
70 supporters
Created May 25, 2018
Petition to University of Reading
a 3 week supervision extension for feedback, moving the cut-off date from 27th March to 17th April degrees as they lost out on approximately 3 weeks worth of contact time. This lack of feedbackRead more

Katarina RobertsReading, ENG, United Kingdom
69 supporters
Created March 17, 2020
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