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Petition to Goa Board Higher Secondary Offline Examinations
To all the Parents, Teachers, Administrative Staff and ofcourse the most important of all Dear StudentsThis is with reference to the conducting of "off-line examinations" for all the secondary and higher secondary classes in the month of January 2021. Considering that we are still not totally free from the Covid-19 scare and the new strain showing its presence in parts of Goa, is it absolutely necessary to expose the student, the teachers and the staff to such a big gathering? I am very well aware that the Teachers and the Staff will do their best to maintain all the social distancing norms and SOPs with regards to the sitting arrangements in the classrooms . But what about the gathering of the students before and after the examination? Isn't that a major cause of concern? The students have already answered their exams online earlier and the same pattern can be followed for the coming examinations too.  i am genuinely voicing my opinion as a concerned parent and would be grateful if a decision of having these exams in an online format is taken by the  Directorate of the Goa Board which will relieve all parents of their worry of their children being exposed to unnecessary exposure to this unwanted infection. Read more

Atulya KamatIndia
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Created Jan 1, 2021
Petition to People of the Philippines, Department of Agriculture
There are people across the world who can't sell rice and if we think about ourselves in the global context, we can start exporting and trading rice,We can start exporting different things but we have to think about it in terms of how we fit in to the rest of the world because a lot of the climate change problems in the Philippines will be the rest of the world's problems soon. There are compounding global problems that need to be taken into consideration. We're also seeing a trend in world hunger. There are people getting hungry right now because of political conflicts so we add all those things together, thinking about it domestically doesn’t make as much sense as thinking about it in the context of the rest of the world. There are lot's of possible solution to increase and help the hopeless local farmers by bringing back the 17 peso support price of Palay. According to Sen. Imee Marcos, Recipients of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4P’s) can also receive rice subsidies instead of cash, with these rice supplies bought from local farmers.Stricter phytosanitary requirements could also be imposed to slow down the entry of rice imports, as well as distribute rice import supplies in various markets nationwide. This ensures stable stocks year round all over the country and gives consumers greater freedom of choice. This petition will help to bring back the sufficiency in rice production.Read more

Bush DuqueSan Andres, Philippines
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Created Sep 25, 2019
Petition to University of Strathclyde
 Covid-19 has affected international travel making it difficult for international students to commit to travelling back to UK in September. This is due to the restrictions posed by many countries on travelling and booking seats on safe (social-distance-following) flights which will run below full capacity making these flights further expensive than usual. Other than the direct problems relating to travel, there are pressures on our sponsors (ability to pay our tuition and living costs), chances of a second Covid-19 wave, possible further lockdown periods and being trapped away from home, among others.International students pay a hefty fee not just for quality education but also for a memorable and enjoyable experience. Under current circumstances the university nor the government can promise us this experience. The dean's email states: "Subject to the University’s priorities – and in compliance with the Scottish Government Covid-19 Route Map - our planned approach is that the first 2-3 weeks of learning and teaching will be presented predominantly online... Following this initial stage, the expectation is that we will then transition to a blended learning mode of delivery, over a 3-5-week period... This may include a combination of face-to-face teaching, group working, project supervision and appropriate lab work, online sessions/workshops, tutorials and on-campus learning activities". The 2nd phase of this approach will be difficult for international students considering the pressures put on them by many factors (as mentioned before). A lot of international students are considering taking gap years or taking transfers in their countries in order to reduce the burden of travelling back to university and paying a heavy tuition fee.A possible solution is lowering the tuition fee of existing and incoming international students to match the student experience. Additionally, the university should provide an option of online-only learning (upcoming academic year) for students that aren't willing to travel; along with a significantly lower tuition fee.Read more

Khizer AhmedGlasgow, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 18, 2020
Petition to CBSE
On June 26th, the CBSE announced that the pending board exams for 2020 would not be conducted. Instead, marks for the subjects of those exams would be calculated by taking the average of the best 3 exams written. This scheme is particularly harmful to IP, Computer Science, Commerce, and Humanities students who are weak in the main subjects, as we were hoping to raise our average grades by scoring better for our respective subjects. The CBSE's decision to take the average of the best marks of 3 subjects and assigning it to a completely unrelated subject is ridiculous and unheard of. The CBSE has offered the alternative option of writing the pending exams at an undisclosed date. This, however, is not possible for students seeking admission in Universities outside India.  We would like the CBSE to implement internal assessment for the pending exams as they are a better standard to assign marks. We would like the CBSE to take the average of the best two of the last three exams conducted internally by schools. However, fears of forgery and mark manipulation are justifiable, so we would like the CBSE to simply consider another option if the current scheme results in unfair or unjustifiably low marks for the pending subjects.Read more

Jithin ThomasPala, India
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Created Jul 2, 2020
Petition to LPU examination Department
The online examination has been announced and the terms are so inconvenient that one can't opt for Online mode of exam. Due to lack of good internet connectivity in remote areas and village areas it is impossible to give online exam. Many students are also in quarantine facility and conducting exam from 15th June is unjust. Merely 15 days prior notice for exam is also unjust and arbitrary. Please reconsider this announcement.Read more

Anonymous UserIndia
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Created May 29, 2020
Petition to WCASDFamilies4BrickandMortar@outlook​.​com
surrounding counties (i.e. Bucks) who recommend 6' WHEN FEASIBLE and a MINIMUM of 3' in classrooms guidance by CCHD vs the 6' "when feasible guidance" by the PA Dept of Health and neighboring county signing this petition, I agree with the proposed change in guidance to 6' WHEN FEASIBLE in order toRead more

Stacey WhomsleyWest Chester, PA, United States
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Created Oct 22, 2020
Petition to Dr. Atul Chauhan (Chancellor- Amity University), University Grants Commission of India, Dr. Balvinder Shukla
the decline in the sources of pay for each family unit. In this extreme time it isn't feasible forRead more

Students amityIndia
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Created May 29, 2020
Petition to Michael Hartman, Edward Gillespie, karim Lesina
the population that used it for news and entertainment. It is legally and technically feasible thatRead more

DirecTV LIBREVenezuela
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Created May 24, 2020
Petition to The Norwegian Nobel Committee
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko had an answer to neutralizing the corona virus in March 2020. If he wins the Nobel Prize, people will wake up and realize that his work was ignored for far too long, and now demand that it be taken seriously as it seems to a laymen that the vaccines are failing in every way possible. It seems that there are and have been vested interests who have suppressed the information regarding this doctor's work, a doctor who found himself overrun with patients, half his staff out sick, and the laboratories closed. As a dedicated doctor to a community of 35,000 people, he began to do research on the web to see if he could get some insight into resolving this problem  -  standard of care being one of no care, i.e. people were told to go home, take aspirin or Tylenol,  drink fluids, rest, and hope for the best. If things progressed to the point that breathing became difficult, a referral to the hospital would be made. Dr. Zelenko's main target was to prevent hospitalization, which he managed to do in 85% of cases by creating his protocol, namely with the use of an old approved medicine with which he had vast experience, HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE,  "the gun" being his zinc ionophore, i.e. to get the zinc "the bullet", into the cell via "channels". Zinc is normally repelled by cells owing to its electrical charge and thus it needs a zinc ionophore to enter cells. NB even with some patients going to the hospital, Dr. Zelenko's cure rate was 90 + % and he only treated the elderly and those with comorbidities as part of his risk stratification approach. This protocol not only works, but it prevents all variants of corona as they all replicate the same way using the same substance(RNA polymerase)  in each cell that the zinc neutralizes or in some way makes it unavailable to be used in virus replication  (in my layman terms). The beauty of this protocol is that it uses old, approved, extremely safe medicine in the outpatient setting, that is inexpensive, readily available,  AND EFFECTIVE as a preventative regimen;  with the addition of an antibiotic such as Azithromycin for the treatment phase if needed. The medicines now approved for viral infection are used mainly in hospital settings and cost thousands of dollars vs. a one week treatment of patients already infected, with treatment  at  home costing twenty dollars approximately. A further blessing has been Dr. Zelenko  substituting QUERCETIN OR EGCG for the HCQ where its use was disallowed, e.g. in the state of New York. NB until the start of the pandemic, all doctors were allowed to prescribe HCQ (approx. 6 decades) for malaria. However, once the pandemic started (or was started through human stupidity in a lab) the life saving medicines were disallowed and proscriptions were put in place on pharmacists to fill such prescriptions. For reasons vis-a-vis this practice of no access to a drug that was showing great promise (early 2020) in that it was curing patients in the outpatient setting, I think it's fitting to ask those who imposed these restrictions to explain themselves, and to give the Nobel Prize to Dr. Zelenko who tried to prevent the huge number of needless deaths by offering his protocol to the world. Since the early days of 2020 additional medicines have been added to the protocol such as Ivermectin.  The Zelenko protocol is still the most effective and SAFE approach to putting the corona fiasco behind us in my opinion as a layman after a review of much information that is available to us in this digital age.Read more

Eric DachingerFinland
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Created Jul 26, 2021
Petition to Plano police department, Danny Pirozzo
Sarmistha Sen, who we have all known as an accomplished singer and music teacher in the DFW Community, lost her life in an unforeseen and tragic accident yesterday! She worked at UT Southwestern as a Clinical Research Manager focused on Cancer that she was truly passionate about and was only 43 years old! Sarmistha was jogging in the early morning near her home in Plano, and was brutally attacked and killed! Her lifeless body was found in the creek by Legacy Drive and Marchman Way, in Plano. The police are investigating what appears to be a "Case of Homicide". We will know complete details once they have concluded their investigation. She is survived by her husband and two sons aged 12 and 6 years. We would like to petition you to ensure that Sarmistha's killer is found, duly charged for the crime and receives the punishment under the law that he or she deserves, for committing this heinous act which has debilitated this family with two young children who are now motherless. We trust you will do the needful to ensure Justice for Sarmistha Sen and her family.Read more

Andy DeIrving, TX, United States
40,597 supporters
Created Aug 3, 2020
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