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Petition to PasambaG@ismanila.org , IlaC@ismanila.org , hooverk@ismanila.org
The use of plastic straws has a negative effect on our earth's ocean. They pollute the water and makes surviving a challenge for marine life. Around 71% of birds and 30% of sea turtles have been discovered with plastics in their abdomen. If so, their chances of surviving will decrease by 50% (CSIRO). In our food chain, we eat the fish, the fish eats the plastic so that results that we eat the polluted plastic too.  Mainly, humans are responsible for the plastic straws in the ocean. First, they were littered everywhere, then the wind takes them to the beach shore, then the strong currents of the ocean takes them everywhere in the ocean. Some end up stranded on shore somewhere else and some stay in the ocean and gets eaten by marine life. The straws stuck in the ocean are broken into smaller and smaller pieces and called "microplastics" which make a gigantic threat to marine wildlife.  We want to convince people to stop using plastic straws forever. If we don't take action now, more plastic than fish will be seen in our oceans by 2050. Instead, try at least try to use metal or paper straws. "If you make this choice, we all can raise the awareness of plastic in the oceans and keep these straws off our beaches" (Jambeck).  I might be only an Eighth Grader but I want to advocate for change and make the world a better place.  Read more

Kiana HooverPhilippines
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Created May 16, 2018
Petition to Warner Brothers
Es injusto que Warner haya dejado ir a Johnny Depp. Muchos fans de Animales Fantásticos lo quieren devuelta en la saga. Él era aquel elemento que hacía brillar con su magnífica actuación, así que lo queremos devuelta por favor. Estemos juntos por esta causa :)Read more

La Astrid SloanArgentina
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Created November 6, 2020
Petition to Warner Bros.
Fantastic Beasts due to the alleged attack and beating of his wife. Johnny Depp gave this role somethingRead more

Josef GrohmanLibáň, Czechia
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Created November 6, 2020
Petition to Warner brothers
we can’t give up yet they heard out voice now let’s do it again this time we make this one bigger let’s bring back Johnny Depp and get rid of he’s ex wife once and for all and make sure she has no money so she can learn her lesson and if they dont fix hes case in London we won’t rest until he won because he had proof and evidence but he’s ex wife doesn’t have any nothing but a fake. Tomorrow 5pm I will do Johnny depp challenge 5pm announcement I will tell everyone what it is. So who’s with me Read more

Alice LoeraUnited States
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Created November 6, 2020
Petition to Fun World Div / Easter Unlimited Inc
SIGN THE PETITION AND LET YOUR INTEREST BE KNOWN! TELL US HOW MANY COPIES YOU WOULD PURCHASE.All Scream fans and collectors know the ultimate prized item is the first generation mask that first hit shelves in 1992. This iconic mask from the #9206 Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost Mask With Shroud line was born among three other unique designs. However, unlike the others, the Weeping Ghost would soon transcend all expectations of the generic affordable mass produced mask after its film featured debut in Scream (1996). Its become one of the most iconic and recognizable faces in the horror genre and can be found in any neighborhood on Halloween night, even today. The mask has gone through almost 20 re-sculpts over the course of its production, but fans will always prefer the original mask. It is recognized for its classic sculpt and superior quality, featuring thick (but soft) glow-in-the-dark PVC rubber and a cotton shroud. We want to see the mask return. Its rarity and high price has made it inaccessible to collectors and alienated many fans from owning such a regarded and iconic piece. We propose a re-issue of the original mask. We can provide great assets like original copies, molds taken from our masks, and collector insight. We can use our community to crowd fund production, stimulate interest, and help market using our connections in horror journalism.Help support the project today and get our voices heard! Sign the petition and leave a comment. Tell your friends, and get the word out. We know it can be done, and we hope with Fun World / Easter Unlimited's permission it will.Read more

Wade ElibonNew York, United States
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Created June 15, 2021
Petition to CEO of Tesco Ireland, Dunnes Stores, Supervalu and Lidl
I'm Philip, a 10 year old from Dun Laoghaire who cares very much about the damage being done to our planet.  Every day I see plastic litter on the streets and I feel we should stop the plastic at the source. This petition is to ask supermarkets to urgently stop using non-recyclable plastic in their packaging.  The four largest supermarkets in Ireland are Dunnes , SuperValu, Tesco and LidI and I want to send them this petition when it is complete. In addition, supermarkets should support and promote locally grown seasonal foods over food grown thousands of miles away with a huge carbon footprint. Plastic also hurts our oceans as well, many sea creatures have become endangered because of it.  Plastic will be littered everywhere if we don't so something. If you don't like litter sign this petition! We have to act now before it's too late! Please listen to children. We care about our planet and the adults must listen!Read more

Philip SheehyIreland
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Created April 5, 2022
Petition to Warner Bros
Johnny Depp has been cut loose by Warner Bros from its Fantastic Beasts  franchise after he lostRead more

Mighty MikeBelgrade, Serbia
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Created November 7, 2020
Petition to Government
Hi, I'm pretty sure that we all know why plastic is harmful and why people are trying to eradicate its usage. But in truth, save for a few of us, we aren't really doing anything about it, are we? I'm going to skip the factual information and statistics because you'll probably be bored by them and come straight to the point. We keep saying that the government should do 'something' about these problems, but we never say what! So, this petition is to encourage the government to introduce strict measures to curb the casualty of our fellow citizens to the plastic situation. Our combined efforts are what will make a difference and we need to work together for any kind of change to occur. It starts today and with you! So sign this petition is you too think that plastic isn't something to be taken lightly and that it is an actual threat. There are some out there who are already making a difference, and we need to join them. Because whenever a crisis arose, the world population stood together and battled it out. Why should this situation be any different? Why should we delay or prolong our efforts? Let's get up, stop talking and start doing!Read more

Nitya JainNew Delhi, India
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Created December 12, 2021
Petition to Warner Brothers
character in the Fantastic Beasts series, despite domestic abuse allegations. We have the power to send already been cast and filmed the first installment of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, was released in and other survivors, going so far as to confirm his casting in the third Fantastic Beasts film fans in boycotting Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald opening weekend.  The people involved inRead more

Christine ChapmanSomerville, MA, United States
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Created October 15, 2018
Petition to The Instagram hip hop community
On March 8, 2021, Instagram wrongfully deleted @fantastic_hiphop’s account at 14k followers after he did an artist overview of Nicki Minaj. Her fanbase was very upset & they spam-reported him to the point where his page got taken down. This is a violation of freedom of speech & he is a valued music criticRead more

Legends Will Never DieDetroit, MI, United States
193 supporters
Created March 9, 2021
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