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Petition to Rodney Barreto, Michael Sole, Sonya Rood, Gary Nicklaus, Gary Lester, Steve Hudson
Under current FWC policy, any bear that acts aggressively is killed. This policy does not consider the circumstances that cause bears to act aggressively. We need to hold the FWC accountable for enforcing the standards and laws put into place to protect both humans and bears. In cases where bear attacks occur due to human negligence. A new policy must be implemented that holds humans accountable for their actions. Bears should not be killed for defending themselves or their cubs. Contact the FWC Commissioners at the link below and ask that a policy change be made that protects bears from being killed as a result of human error or carelessness.  https://myfwc.com/contact/fwc-office/senior-staff/commissioners/   https://www.beardefenders.org/    Read more

OneProtest - An Advocacy OrganizationFlorida, United States
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Created Sep 12, 2019
Petition to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization, country leaders
We hereby call for maximum openness of medical data from patients with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, in order to facilitate medical research and the development of new therapies and treatment regimens. We are grateful to the World Health Organization for its efforts in organizing counter-epidemic measures. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed significant problems in the organization of medical research and knowledge all over the globe. One of these issues is a greater need for research on age-mediated immune deficiency as a major mortality risk factor. It is established that elders have a much greater risk of dying from COVID-19 than young people. The fragility of old people could not explain this phenomenon, since for young children the death risk is very low. While the average mortality rate from COVID-19 among known cases in Hubei, China, was 2.3%, it was 14.8% among people over 80 y.o. COVID-19 is thus a disease opportunistically associated with aging. Increased COVID-19 mortality rate with age raises questions about what characteristics of biological aging lead to greater susceptibility to this and other infectious diseases. This may be due to dysfunction of the immune system in older ages, certain age-related epigenetic changes, decreased regenerative capacity, etc. Perhaps if there were ways to strengthen or regenerate the immunity of older people, this disease would not kill them. At the same time, there are examples of recovered patients at the age of 100 who may have had beneficial patterns of aging. Open medical data will allow us to explore the underlying biology of susceptibility or resilience to the pathogens. For example, it is important to explore interconnections between the expression of the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) gene (which is used as a receptor by the virus), the age of the patients and the outcomes of COVID-19, especially since popular antihypertensive drugs act on the closely related protein ACE as a target.  A thorough analysis of the characteristics of COVID-19 patients is needed to understand the underlying causes of severe COVID-19 impact, for older patients in particular. This includes information on patient’s medical history, medications, vaccination, biomarkers, genomic and transcriptomic data, immune system biomarkers, CMV status, frailty assessment, and omics data on viral response. We need to globally organize open access to biomarkers and multi-omics data on older COVID-19 victims and survivors. WHO and the Member States should make the existing anonymized databases at their disposal truly open and accessible to researchers.  Published research reveals plenty of epidemiological and virological data, including structural features of the viral capsid, its genome, as well as disease symptoms and mortality patterns, including patient age. There are, however, remaining important research opportunities. Scientific teams and laboratories worldwide could make critical discoveries if they had more data and additional information about COVID-19. We urge the World Health Organization and countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to jointly organize collection and open publication of unprocessed (raw) anonymous data about the people infected with COVID-19, including ill, deceased and recovered. Publication of initial raw data can connect hundreds of scientific groups working in different research areas, because the answers can lie in completely different areas of medicine and biology. The COVID-19 epidemic is growing daily, and it is not possible to predict its scale. Ineffective patient data management may cost many lives. Urgent action is needed on the part of the WHO, in collaboration with national authorities, especially in the countries with a high number of cases. This open medical data initiative can yield results crucial not only for combating COVID-19, but also for the prevention of other infectious diseases, especially among elders. COVID-19 is not the first serious coronavirus epidemic, and likely not the last pandemic in human history. Anti-epidemic measures alone are not sufficient to save the lives of older people who need therapy and prevention, and to fight against such epidemics. Additional efforts are required to develop new therapies and new anti-infectious and supportive medical approaches to improve the immune response. Copies of this letter were sent to the WHO, as well as country leaders. We will report their replies on the website http://eng.openlongevity.org/, where this document is also available for signing. We call for the enhancement of medical research, with massive collection and maximum transparency of medical data, regarding patients with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. We call for your support of this initiative.   Yours sincerely,  Mikhail Batin, on behalf of Open Longevity Community and Science for Life Extension Foundation (Russia) Timofey Glinin, PhD, on behalf of Open Longevity Community and Science for Life Extension Foundation (Russia) Anastasia Egorova, on behalf of Open Longevity Community and Science for Life Extension Foundation (Russia) Ilia Stambler, PhD, on behalf of Israeli Longevity Alliance (Israel) and International Longevity Alliance Edouard Debonneuil, PhD, on behalf of Longévité & Santé (France) and International Longevity Alliance Alexander Tietz-Latza, on behalf of the Healthy Life Extension Society (Europe, Brussels) Didier Coeurnelle, on behalf of Technoprog (France) and International Longevity Alliance Walter Crompton, Executive Director,  the American Longevity Alliance (USA) Daria Khaltourina, PhD, on behalf of Council for Public Health and the Problems of Demography (Russia) and International Longevity Alliance Anton Kulaga, on behalf of the International Longevity Alliance Robi Tacutu, PhD, Systems Biology Group of Aging, Dept. of Bioinformatics and Structural Biochemistry, Institute of Biochemistry, Romanian Academy (Romania) Robert J. Shmookler Reis, D.Phil., Dept. of Geriatrics, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock AR (USA) Maria Entraigues Abramson, International Longevity Alliance (USA) Antti Peltonen, MSc, on behalf of the Finnish Longevity Alliance (Finland) Martin Lipovšek, on behalf of the Slovenian Society for vital life extension (Slovenia) Peter Engelhardt, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Molecular Genetics, Aalto University (Finland) Akinloye Josiah, MSc, on behalf of the International Longevity Alliance (Nigeria) Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, PhD, Professor at Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool (UK) Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation (USA) Georg Füllen, Prof. Dr. (head), Institute for Biostatistics and Informatics in Medicine and Ageing Research (Rostock, Germany) Read more

Dora BataevaToronto, Canada
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Created Mar 23, 2020
Petition to Scottish Woodlands, Stirling Developments
Calderwood is a fantastic area to live in, with a great community around it. However the current factoring is letting the area down. Since 2015 many residents have raised their disappointment over factoring quality and charges. The issues raised have failed to be rectifted by Scottish Woodlands and the current factoring quality is very poor. Residents would like a review of the current factor/pricing and options for alternativesRead more

Chris MacdonaldLivingston, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 3, 2020
Petition to The Rt Matt Hancock MP, Prof Dame Sally Davies, Dr Duncan Selbie
the NHS. Since 2003, the UK has used ‘risk factors’ to guess which pregnant women might be at risk. Risk factors are poor at predicting which babies will develop the infection -- the number of babiesRead more

Fiona Paddon., United Kingdom
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Created Jul 1, 2015
Petition to Ramesh Pokhriyal, Ministry of Human Resource Development
factors that influence a youngster today are very different. Youngsters are surrounded by emotionalRead more

Anto PhilipIndia
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Created Jun 28, 2020
Petition to Sunsations , Ronnie Sibony, Larry Bublick
Hermit crabs are complex animals who can live for over 30 years in their natural habitat, the tropical seashore. These social beings thrive in large colonies and often sleep piled up together. They enjoy climbing, foraging, and exploring and even work in teams to find food. When two crabs meet for the first time, they become acquainted through an elaborate exchange of clicking noises. These sensitive animals will even rub and nurse their wounds when they’re injured. Every single land hermit crab sold in souvenir shops like Sunsations—hundreds of thousands every year—has been caught from the wild, as these animals do not breed readily in captivity. Investigative footage has revealed that to the souvenir industry, hermit crabs are nothing more than disposable trinkets. A shocking investigation of one hermit crab supplier* in Florida, for example, recently revealed what happens to many hermit crabs after being ripped from the seashore, before they reach store shelves: They are confined in filthy, crowded warehouses by the thousands and tossed in bags with hundreds of others to be shipped to retailers. Hermit crabs depend on their natural shells for protection, yet in another video, these delicate animals are shown being forcibly shoved into painted shells to be sold to tourists. Clearly, for an industry that profits off selling millions of these tiny animals, animal welfare isn't even an afterthought. Once at the boardwalk, hermit crabs are sold to tourists in tiny, barren cages with some pebbles and a plastic palm tree. Deprived of everything natural to them, they are destined to die in mere months. They often spend their short captive lives slowly perishing from suffocation because their modified gills require high humidity to breathe. These crabs also need deep substrate to molt and grow; without it, their bodies will halt the molting process until their death. Many are slowly poisoned by chlorinated tap water and the toxic paint adorning their shells. Hermit crabs don’t care if they’re pink or purple, but they pay with their lives because we do. Sunsations is a beloved family store—but it is also one of the largest sellers of wild hermit crabs on the East Coast. Its customers would be shocked to learn that these crabs are wild animals who are torn from their habitats to be sold in barren, crowded conditions that lead to their untimely deaths. Please join us in telling Sunsations to stop supporting the cruel hermit crab trade. Urge it replace the sale of living hermit crabs—who are so much more than mere trinkets—with non-living souvenirs that will truly last for generations to come instead of rotting in a cage by summer's end. To learn more, visit www.PlightoftheHermies.org. Thank you. *PETA investigation, not a Sunsations supplierRead more

Laura Lee CascadaPortsmouth, VA, United States
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Created May 27, 2018
Petition to UK Parliament, NHS, Chris Skidmore MP, Matthew Hancock MP
In England, in a same sex relationship you need to have around 6 failed cycles of IVF or IUI before getting one funded attempt on the NHS. In a heterosexual relationship, you get an attempt for free if you meet certain criteria. In Wales, ALL females regardless of sexuality get 2 attempts on the NHS. In Scotland, ALL females get 3 free attempts on the NHS. In Northern Ireland, ALL females get 1 attempt. You catch my drift here, it’s about time England caught up and offered same sex females equal rights.  I didn’t choose to be gay, but because I am, we have had to pay up to £6,000 per IVF cycle and around £1,500 for an embryo transfer. That’s not including the cost of donor sperm and drugs. The fertility process isn’t an easy one and this can be quite costly and often result in same sex couples not having children because of the financial implications. I am not starting this petition to make a change for us, we are lucky that we have one amazing little girl. But I am hoping that we can change things for hundreds of couples going through this process in the future. We deserve to have the same rights as other females, regardless of our sexuality.  We understand that it is not easy to make this happen overnight and we are aware of the work and effort it takes to make extensive changes in England. Here are the specific objectives we want our decision-makers to reach to make sure this campaign gets to victory: 1 - Bring this issue to parliament to be discussed with experts on fertility and answer why England has stricter rules than Wales (2 attempts), Northern Ireland (1 attempt), Scotland (3 attempts). We want to know why England's NHS has a higher threshold. 2 - Set an action plan to hold discussions and negotiations to come to a collaborative decision to improve the funding provisions for IVF in same sex couples.  3 - Work with Clinical Commissioning Groups to make funding more consistent for LGBTQ+ people across the country so it isn’t just a postcode lottery. Read more

Stacey PearsonBristol, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 12, 2021
Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Phil Murphy, The Animal Legal Defense Fund, Nancy Mace, Cory Booker, Robert Menendez
necessities for the animal’s quality of life.  These factors include, but are not limited to: The aforementioned clauses shall be decisive factors when determining which party should resume custody.  These factors shall supersede other legislation dictating ownership of pets, also known as companion court ruled that Kano should be returned to this man’s custody.  The two deciding factors were: 1Read more

Sofia MNew Jersey, United States
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Created Sep 25, 2022
Petition to Greg Hunt
As it stands today babies born in hospital in Australia are admitted but not as patients and they are not counted in the number of patients in a midwife’s care, doubling the actual workload and reducing the amount of time that can be spent with each mother at such a vital time.  The government makes this ruling based on the premise that newborns will be completely cared for by their mother.  Even well babies born in hospitals though, will need specialised observations, investigations and often treatment that can only be provided by Registered Midwives or Registered Nurses.  Often mums are unable to independently care for their well babies following, for example, Caesarean section birth. Common clinical care for babies includes:  2 hours of continuous oxygen saturation monitoring post birth plus 15 minutely observations, blood glucose monitoring for babies of mothers with diabetes, IV antibiotics, neonatal medications, blood tests, phototherapy for jaundice, specialised observations for sepsis risk/meconium aspiration/drug withdrawal are all common in high risk hospital environments.  And becoming more and more so.  These tasks have been added to the workloads of Midwives over the years, and with the growing number of women with complicated pregnancies the workloads are becoming increasingly unmanageable.  Midwives are are expected to care for the same number of women as always, but the babies don’t count in their patient load. This needs to change now. These babies need to be recognised as patients in their own right and funded as such.   Midwives need time to provide care to babies without compromising their ability to provide care for women’s physical, psychological and emotional health as they adjust to motherhood and recover from the birth of their baby.  We need to provide important breastfeeding support, newborn care education, safety education, discharge planning etc.   We want the government to change the way babies are classified in hospitals where they receive clinical care like any other human being.  My letter to the health ministers explains in more detail what and why we need change to happen now.  I am hoping for a response to that and to this petition ASAP. Maybe by the time International day of the Midwife arrives in May we can get this through. We need parents and parents-to-be to partner with us. Please add your voice to our cause and sign the petition. The change has to come from the federal health department, which is why this petition is directed to the Minister and Shadow Minister for Health.Read more

Kelly-Anne GraceApplecross, AL, Australia
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Created Feb 6, 2018
Ashley Diamond is a Black, transgender woman and prisoners' rights activist, and her situation is urgent as she is facing repeated sexual assault and denial of healthcare, which has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ashley made national headlines in 2016 for her landmark victory against the Georgia Department of Corrections. The case changed prison medical policy in Georgia, which was later adopted as precedent by the U.S. Department of Justice. Ashley has since been re-imprisoned because of a technical parole violation and is currently incarcerated at Coastal State Prison in Garden City, Georgia. Despite governmental promises for change, she has again been placed in a men’s facility.  Ashley continues to fight but needs your assistance. Ashley’s demands are: to be treated fairly, to be moved to a women’s prison, and to be free. Sign this petition to demand that Ashley be immediately transferred to a women’s facility with access to the healthcare she vitally needs. Since Ashley is eligible for parole in early March 2021, we are also asking that she be granted parole immediately given the violence she has been experiencing while imprisoned. The petition signatures will be sent to both Governor Kemp as well as the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.  To read more about Ashley’s story, visit this website.  We are also asking for monthly donations for Ashley so she can receive the sustained support she needs. Funds will go towards commissary as well as her efforts to find safe housing upon release. Donate to Ashley’s GoFundMe or preferably, please sign up for a monthly contribution through Patreon. Read more

Free AshleyBrooklyn, NY, United States
72,669 supporters
Created Feb 15, 2021
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