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Petition to Gilmour Junior School
she was not allowed to wear a facemask in Gilmore Junior School. Here are a few points on why I regulations and she is confident wearing a facemask. Annie will be wearing a 3-ply facemask which canRead more

Amanda QuanUnited Kingdom
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Created November 20, 2020
Petition to John Bel Edwards, Donald J. Trump, Louisiana Department of health, Louisiana State Senate, Louisiana State House
I’m starting this petition because in Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has issued a mask mandate. He says its because of the spike in COVID 19 cases and that he used the facts and data to make this decision. I’m not going to go into all of politics and constitution and it being against our rights. What I am going to say is that how can one make any rational decision on so called facts and data when we all know the DATA is not facts. I get that some people feel mask will protect them from the virus but the FACTS are that mask do not protect against COVID 19. It even says that on the warning labels on SOME the packages. So why don’t the ones who believe the mask will protect them wear them and the ones that don’t believe it will protect not wear them? If everyone is practicing social distancing then this should work great along with good personal hygiene right? There is a law in the state of Louisiana stating that no person shall use or wear in any public place of any character whatsoever, or in any open place in view thereof, a hood or mask, or anything in the nature of either, or any facial disguise of any kind or description, calculated to conceal or hide the identity of the person or to prevent him being readily recognized. Let’s look at this law. I’m sure the purpose of this law is to ensure the safety of the citizens. But how can the citizens feel safe when everyone is walking around masked? Essential workers are being put at risk even more now that everyone is masked. How can you verify identity of an alleged attacker if you can’t see anybody face? Last, I would like to add that it as been proven that masking is not good for healthy people if being worn constantly. We have way more healthy people than sick. So, if you look at statistics when your making your decision, then why are the majority being put in harm’s way? We live in Louisiana. The highs are still averaging around 90°F along with humidity. It is a health hazard for healthy people. It is also proven that causing fear and anxiety in a person weakens their immune system and can put them at greater risk of catching COVID 19 along with many other viruses or sickness. If you agree with allowing people to make their own decisions on whether they should wear a mask, then please sign this petition. When deciding please make your decisions off FACTS!!Read more

heather spencerUnited States
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Created July 17, 2020
The who organizations made it clear that it's been scientifically proven that facemask do not helpRead more

Kayla PerkinsUnited States
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Created April 24, 2020
Petition to all people
I care about this kind of promotion because in this pandemic many people died because of the virus, that`s why we need to do what suggestion I make. This change will impact myself, my family and also my community because we are not used to this kind of situation like having a virus that can possibly the cause of death of many people and also like wearing face mask all the the time when we are going out from home because unlike Korea, for example, most of the people there used to wear face mask everyday when they are going out because this place is cold. it will have a big impact on most because there are many changes in the world that we need to make to overcome this test that we face. It will have a big impact on most because there are many changes in the world that we need to make to overcome this situation that we face. The most effective way for us to overcome the challenges that we are going through is to just follow the orders of those in position because they are the ones who know what to do to improve and cope with the challenges  we face.Read more

Kreshaanne AlpayPhilippines
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Created November 13, 2020
Petition to Joseph R. Biden
While the rest of the world returns to "normal" near the end of the Covid-19 hysteria,  the Department of Veterans Affairs still requires veterans and more specifically disabled veterans to wear facemasks. Many of these veterans have disabilities that make mask wearing physiologically difficult. Not to mention that these veterans swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  The inherent rights of these veterans are being violated and many veterans have had enough. Even the Supreme Court has struck down mask mandates or vaccine requirements as unconstitutional. Enough is enough. Let's let the V.A. and Secretary of the V.A. know it is time to push for the end of these draconian mandates and Washington must reverse them.  Numerous Judges have said these mandates are unconstitutional and here are supporting news articles:  1. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/judge-rules-cdc-mask-mandate-unconstitutional/ 2. https://filejunction.com/judge-rules-cdc-mask-mandate-unconstitutional/ 3. https://news.yahoo.com/u-judge-rules-mask-mandate-174955232.html 4. https://www.whec.com/coronavirus/judge-rules-hochul-mask-mandate-unconstitutional/6368454/ This petition is being supported by Longhorn Outpost a veterans nonprofit corporation serving Americas heroes and their families. Our founder is one of the many veterans who has faced these struggles. You can read more about her story on our website.  LonghornOutpost.org DEFEND | ADVOCATE | EDUCATE Read more

Longhorn OutpostCasa Grande, AZ, United States
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Created April 21, 2022
Petition to Politicians, General Medical Council, UK Parliament, Boris Johnson
. Trying to protect the wearer from a virus wearing the current standard facemask is like trying toRead more

Chemport LimitedUnited Kingdom
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Created December 9, 2020
Petition to Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Department of Justice, Adam Schiff, California State Senate, Mitch McConnell
wanting to wear a facemask or being upset that you are asked to wear a facemask IS VERY DIFFERENT than use the ADA, legal or religious grounds to justify their anti-facemask cause.   Often times they encourage the use of bogus facemask “Exemption Cards” to obtain unmasked access to private businesses illicit fraudulent behavior, including the selling, distribution, or use of bogus "Facemask ExemptionRead more

Admin To Stop Fraudulent Facemask ExemptionsIrvine, CA, United States
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Created July 21, 2020
Petition to Francisco Moreno Domagoso
Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off, and after you touch it at any time.Read more

justinerainn reyessampaloc,manila, Philippines
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Created March 23, 2021
Petition to Every Australian
In the middle of COVID-19, there has been increasing discrimination against people who wear a facial mask in the public. Wearing a facial mask has been a phenomenon that’s long been common in East Asian countries including China, South Korea and China. They wear them because of air pollution, allergy, or there is too short time to put cosmetics on. In some country, it even becomes part of fashion. In this special time, some Australians from those cultural backgrounds began to wear facial masks in public, and their culture tells them doing this can protect themselves and others. They may not impact the local stock -- parents of overseas students post facial masks from their home countries to show their care and love. While the government can send a message that it is not encouraging facial masks, people who want to wear facial masks in the public have their right to wear them and should not be stigmatised or even discriminated. DO NOT JUDGE SOMEONE WHO WEARS A FACIAL MASK IN THE PUBLIC-- it should be part of Australia's multicultural spirit.       Read more

Sage WangCanberra, Australia
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Created March 21, 2020
Petition to Tracy Conway ( email: tconway@ggusd​.​us ), Eric Padget ( email: epadget@ggusd​.​us ), Linda Giuliani ( email: lgiulian@ggusd​.​us ), Loan Wu ( email: lwu@ggusd​.​us )
Asian student wearing a facemask, and proceeds to make her feel uneasy and uncomfortable, beforeRead more

Ly Thai TongGarden Grove, CA 92844 USA, CA, United States
85,544 supporters
Created March 8, 2020
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