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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services
expertise at the bedside, to offer assistance. America generally stands for CHOICE and OPTIONS. WeRead more

Sean HubbardHaddon township, NJ, United States
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Created Mar 20, 2020
Petition to Department of Health NI, Health and Social Care Board
about this lack of expertise had a serious effect on them: “the poor service affected the next five.   Available Expertise: Professionals with mental health expertise, such as Community Psychiatric Nurses ( CPNs) don’t work in GP practices anymore. We call on professionals with mental health expertise to message to them that action is urgently needed to equip GPs with mental health expertise. These changesRead more

Participation and the Practice of RightsNorthern Ireland, United Kingdom
2,299 supporters
Created Nov 8, 2017
Petition to Changes can be brought by us
This is so unfair that even after studying for 4years we are not getting recognision in our own fields. If anybody can join our department then why create a separate institutional sector. We can't compare 4 yrs degree with 3 yrs degree that others persue. So in short we want justice to prevail .  Read more

Tarh AyaArunachal pradesh, India
23 supporters
Created Jul 4, 2020
Petition to Rt Hon Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development
requires highly specialised expertise that has already been overstretched to breaking point. There is containment expertise is urgently needed now. The UK Government is one of the few in the world thatRead more

Yvonne Aki-SawyerrKingston upon Thames, ENG, United Kingdom
2,347 supporters
Created Sep 5, 2014
Petition to American Academy of Neurology
Dear AAN, Neurology is a field that is complex and diverse. Currently there is a paucity of neurologists in our country. We recognize and applaud the AAN for their efforts to address this pipeline gap. We however do feel it is important to always emphasize the value of neurologists to our patients, the community, and government. We feel that when AAN allows for audio or video messaging that equates the neurologist skillset to other non physician providers, we are undermining our efforts as a collective. We respectfully request that the AAN remove or edit the recent video COVID-19 update given by Dr. Isaacson who suggested that a Neurologist is interchangeable with a DNP. Educating the public about the differences between neurologists and APPs paths such as medical school education vs nursing school, #years of clinical training vs #hours of clinical rotation, initial board certification/continuing education, etc can help patients better understand the health system. Only when there is a clear transparency, rather than blurring of the lines of various practitioners who all have the doctor titles, can we achieve an optimal healthcare system built on trust and collaboration for all practitioners and patients. We want a future for our field, for the next generation,  and for our patients. Read more

Khanh NguyenUnited States
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Created Apr 21, 2020
Petition to MP Theresa May , Boris Johnson MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP
independent advocate to defend their case with the right legal and medical expertise and financialRead more

Wendy StegglesHelston, ENG, United Kingdom
101,712 supporters
Created Apr 27, 2018
Petition to Joe Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board
Broad-spectrum, necessary mental health expertise is currently under-represented on the Biden expertise is needed, including physicians, psychologists, and allied mental health professions including nursing, social work and community-based and peer counseling. In particular, deep expertise in disasterRead more

Grant BrennerNew York, NY, Estados Unidos
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Created Nov 30, 2020
Petition to President Obama
sacrifice of first-line FEMA employees and how much we as a nation depend upon their expertise andRead more

Dena PatrickNorth Carolina, United States
113,723 supporters
Created Oct 30, 2012
Petition to Food and Drug Administration, Rep. Maria Salazar, Janet Woodcock, M​.​D.
safety tests on puppies.As a pathologist with expertise diagnosing human disease, I can say withRead more

Justin GoodmanWashington, DC, United States
141,799 supporters
Created Jul 20, 2020
Petition to Christine Bost, Jean-Luc Gleyze, GUY MORENO
-sur-la-sante-une-expertise-collective-de-linserm/8463/ *Enquête Apache Février 2013 : httpsRead more

Ludovic COUTANTParempuyre, France
111,257 supporters
Created Oct 14, 2018
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