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Petition to Ferrovie dello Stato, Renato Mazzoncini
associazione, Baobab Experience, lavora da due anni con i migranti: più di settantamila persone sono passate aiuto che trovano nella capitale, è quello offerto da Baobab Experience. In questi due anni, abbiamo sgomberi forzati che Baobab Experience ha subito nei suoi due anni di vita hanno prodotto ulteriori coraggiosa risposta, con i fatti e le cose concrete.Proviamoci insieme. Baobab Experience  Giusi Nicolini people to defend. Our association, Baobab Experience , has been working for two years with migrantsRead more

Baobab ExperienceItalia
22,264 supporters
Created Jul 1, 2017
Petition to John Kennedy, Josepha Madigan, John Paul Phelan, Malcolm Noonan, Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor, John McGuinness, Kathleen Funchion
Experience, and in doing so turns its back on its previous commitment to honour and respect 800 years of brewing history and heritage in Kilkenny. The Smithwick's Experience enshrines the Experience has been a favourite attraction among visitors to the city since it opened in 2014.   Like see the investment in sustaining the Smithwick's Experience as a COST, when in reality it is an you don't support this decision, and to call on them to Save Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny.  ThankRead more

Save Smithwick's ExperienceKilkenny, Ireland
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Created May 8, 2021
Petition to gobiernu​.​cw/ , www​.​parlamento​.​cw
Please support our fight to stop the government of Curacao from issuing a building permit for the construction of an Eco resort at the Saliña / Rif Sint Marie, located between the villages of Jan Kok and Sint Willibrordus on the island of Curaçao. The Saliña Sint Marie, also known locally as the Rif Sint Marie, lies between the villages of Jan Kok and Sint Willibrordus at the southwest side on the island of Curaçao, and is an environmentally protected area – by the treaty of Ramsar. This environmental protected status is also safeguarded in the island’s local zoning plan rules – the EOP. The site has always had a natural cove, yet to create saltpans for local consumption and export to Holland slaves expanded the cove. After the abolition of slavery, the saltpans and then closed off from the sea cove felt into disrepair (dried out). Its then owner Shell did not bother to keep up the maintenance. It was not until Shell sold of these lands to the island of Curacao for 1 Antillean Gulden as part of the refinery in 1985, that the residents of the villages restored the natural supply and discharge of fresh seawater into the cove and established the current natural foraging area for flamingos. Regardless of the ecological and cultural/historical value of these grounds to the habitants of Curacao, the government of Curacao secretly sold these grounds of to Dutch developers and the Dutch building company JanssendeJong. JanssendeJong is currently in the process of preparing its request for a building permit for the construction on these grounds of an Eco resort. If the government of Curacao issues that building permit for the construction of an Eco resort on these ground, that lie adjacent to Saliña / Rif Sint Marie, this area will be permanently lost for both the flamingo’s and the habitants of the island of Curacao.   In the past, the government of Curacao issued a building permit to the first buyer of these grounds. They intended to build an Eco resort with 150 units. The local courts ruled against the building permit. The current project is three times larger and will have 450 units. Please support our fight to stop the issuance by the Curacao government of a building permit for the construction of an Eco resort at the Saliña / Rif Sint Marie in Jan Kok and Sint Willibrordus at Curaçao. A slight alteration of the moratorium passage was requested by some supporters and after consideration, the Williwood Team agreed on a wording that would allow for both the supporters request and the Williwood area's peoples need for a moratorium. Please find the implemented amendment below. We also demand a commitment from the government of Curacao to respect the assigned usage of land fixed in the EOP (it is a moratorium!), and only consider amending the assigned usage in exceptional cases, which must be proven by the applicant of a building permit. Building on the remaining coastal areas of the island of Curacao must be an EXCEPTIONALITY - a rare occurrence!Read more

Williwood ExperienceWillemstad, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
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Created Feb 2, 2021
Petition to Warner Brothers, Warner Brothers
Poseidon 2006 movie into Attraction where guest can experience what it was like that was in the film. This new attraction will be a escape experience with guest trying to get out of the ship before it attraction  will be similar The Walking Dead Escape Experience will guest have to run a way from zombies. You will Experience like never before.  Please sign this petition thank you.Read more

Brian HarperRocklin, CA, United States
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Created May 4, 2017
Petition to Joe Rogan
Joe, it's been needing to happen for years now. Sam Hyde is a comedian/provocateur famous for his various pranks and sketches and large cult following. Back in 2016, his comedy troupe million dollar extreme successfully pitched a TV show called World Peace for Adult Swim, only airing a season before it was cancelled, despite positive ratings, due to his politics. Its about time you, and the world, heard his side of the story. Lets make it happen. Read more

Nam JefUnited States
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Created Jan 16, 2020
Petition to Bear Grylls, beargryllsadventure@wearebrazenpr.com
value its wildlife not see it as a way to make a profit. The experience of seeing wildlife in the wildRead more

Emily LawrenceChipping Norton, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 15, 2018
Petition to nintendo
personality, and solid gameplay that makes for a great gameplay experience, an experience that I would love to experience with friends? Lobby based queueing has existed for over a decade on the xbox360 and ps3 with attention and inspire them to improve the muliplayer experience for one of their favorite games, so ifRead more

ethan RathbunPlantsville, CT, United States
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Created Jul 28, 2017
Petition to Jason Nixon, Rachel Notley, Paul Frame, Rob Siemieritsch, Matt Besko, Travis Ripley
Government has experience with rehabbing 19 bear cubs in the past, successfully releasing them without harmRead more

Lisa MadsenCalgary, Canada
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Created Aug 28, 2018
Petition to Mayor, STATE'S ATTORNEY, chief of police, State Representatives, Congressman, City Officials, Kane County Sheriff's Department
is to better the Aurora community and improve so that everyone has the #AURORASTRONG experience. WeRead more

Sharonda RobersonAurora, IL, United States
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Created Jun 5, 2020
Petition to O Publico
he just needs to be itRead more

Arthur OLIVIBrasil
4,749 supporters
Created May 26, 2020
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