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Petition to Leave.EU
politicians are claiming excessive expenses. So in line with what is happening in the United Kingdom I propose a cap on expenses of £25,000 for politicians and high earners of all parties including devolved countries.Read more

Stephen FrostHull, ENG, United Kingdom
72 supporters
Created December 9, 2016
Petition to Members of Parliament
Last night, Tory MPs overwhelmingly voted against offering children in poverty free school meals, during the global pandemic. I would like as many people to sign this petition, asking MPs to give up their food expense allowances. If they can't feed children in poverty, then tax-payers money shouldn't be used to feed them, when they can afford their own meals. Read more

Vittoria gallagherSouthampton, ENG, United Kingdom
96,496 supporters
Created October 22, 2020
Petition to UK Parliament
state. These same MPs rely on expenses (paid for by the state) to feed themselves while working, even themselves and should STOP being reliant on expenses (which are basically benefits for MPs.)Read more

Rachel ToddManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
20,638 supporters
Created October 22, 2020
Petition to Theresa May MP
Abolish MPs expenses for sustenance and plough this money into reducing inequalities in health andRead more

Carolyn GillLisburn, NIR, United Kingdom
2,945 supporters
Created March 15, 2018
Petition to Government of India, Mr. Anurag Thakur
expenses to procure supplies and services which the government ought to have provided, that have still be done, and, in fact, ought to have been done already. And that is making medical expenses 50,000, and under Section 80D(2)(b) and (d), the insurance premium and medical expenses incurred on the any cap on the deduction of medical expenses? Fellow citizens, by way of contrast, a donation made fair?  Please sign my petition asking the Government to ensure that medical expenses are allowed as aRead more

Nizam PashaIndia
52,942 supporters
Created May 26, 2021
Petition to U.S. Senate, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren
The U.S. taxpayer is paying an exorbitant amount of money to protect the First Lady in Trump Tower, located in New York City. As to help relieve the national debt, this expense yields no positive results for the nation and should be cut from being funded.Read more

Doug CaruanaColorado Springs, CO, United States
562,055 supporters
Created March 18, 2017
Petition to Members of Parliament
Members of Parliament currently receive a generous meal allowance for their Dining. They are petitioning to INCREASE the already large sum.  Those of us working in most business sectors buy our own food from our comparatively paltry salaries. To have MPs campaigning for not only a huge increase in annual salary pay, but also food allowance, in the face of the financially crippling times the rest of us are facing, is an offence to everything for which these  individuals SHOULD stand. They are supposed to be our representatives, not skimming the absolute maximum from their position of power.Read more

Jem HawkesBodicote, ENG, United Kingdom
1,213 supporters
Created June 22, 2020
Petition to Boris Johnson MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP
The U.K. government has made a mockery of the democratic vote that was cast by the people of the U.K. in 2016, which was that our country should leave the EU.  As elected members of parliament, many MP’s have failed in their job description as public servants, arrogantly disregarding the result of the vote, seeking all manner of opportunities and excuses to avoid fulfilling the will of the people.  Irrespective of whether you voted to remain or leave, our MPs are employed to do a job... and they aren’t doing it satisfactorily.  MP’s with objections to a No Deal arrangement are not to be entertained. If the EU can’t put something decent on the table then we need to have the negotiation leverage that No Deal provides. Otherwise we’re just asking nicely for the best deal the EU can offer. Keeping ‘No Deal’ as an option gives Boris Johnson strength in negotiations - something every single person, irrespective of political preference or standing, should be supporting.  Many MP’s have shown complete disregard for democracy, seeking all manner of methods to delay Brexit, or water-down the outcome. To quote our exhausted previous PM, ‘Brexit means Brexit’, yet too many MP’s seem to have missed that point, interpreting instead their preferred version of ‘Brexit means not really leaving the EU because that’s not what I personally what I want’.  Even Bercow - who quite frankly should know better - is showing himself as blatantly biased and not worthy of his payslip.  As the employers of these MPs, who are funded by our high tax payments, we demand that their salaries and any expense payments are SUSPENDED until Britain leaves the EU.  The current salary of an MP is £79,468; well above the average salary in this country, so they need to earn it. Their objective is clear: fulfil the democratic vote and get this country out of the EU without further delay.   Read more

Adrian PettittUnited Kingdom
14,839 supporters
Created September 5, 2019
Petition to Politician
Please let's put a stop to MPs receiving up to £10,000 expenses for working at home during theRead more

Sharon GrayAberdeen, SCT, United Kingdom
35,459 supporters
Created April 9, 2020
Petition to Paschal Donohue
Revenue have decided to abolish flat rate expenses for teachers and other professions from January 2020. These flat rate expenses of €518 go towards the already huge amount of money that teachers pay from abolishing flat rate expenses by signing this petition.Read more

Ailish McGowanDublin, Ireland
11,895 supporters
Created November 20, 2019
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