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Petition to Avenija MB
In the past four years the company "Avenue MB" from Novo Selo near Vrnjačka Banja is monopolizing the business of the catching of stray dogs. Animal protection organizations claim that this firm uses cruel methods to "care" for their animals, and the institutions do not react or make any statement about it. By hiring this private company, local government massively violates laws and depletes its own cash for tens of millions of dinars, according to animal rights activists from Vojvodina research and analysis center (VOICE). You can translate and read the article here: http://voice.org.rs/voice-avenija-mb-zlostavljanje-zivotinja-o-trosku-gradana/ We had previously made a petition also targeting Avenija MB where you can read more about this situation and spread the word: https://www.change.org/p/avenija-mb-stop-the-illegal-actions-and-killing-of-dogs-in-serbia Please sign and share both petitions. Animal lives depend on us. Thank you!Read more

Andrea SreiberSubotica, Serbia
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Created Nov 13, 2017
Petition to Maria Miller MP
either pay back the £45,000 fraudulent expense claims or resign.Read more

Matthew LawrenceReading, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 4, 2014
Petition to Boris Johnson
Richard Branson wants a bailout of over 7 billion GBP for his airline. Absurd. His personal wealth is over 5 billion GBP. 12 Apr Manchester airport is supporting him. He has over 30 companies and many registered in tax havens. a Day ago he shifted ownership of Virgin Galactic to tax haven. Because of the structure of the setup of his businesses, he practically pays no income tax to the UK. Done around 5 years ago, an analysis by Richard Murphy, a chartered accountant at Tax Research UK, has found 13 holding companies, some of them offshore, between Virgin Care and its ultimate parent company, based in the British Virgin Islands. He has lucrative NHS deals, runs about 230 odd NHS and Social care services. It is alleged that he is avoiding to pay tax. 2000 odd airlines in the world are sailing in the same boat. Why should he be singled out by the UK taxpayer? No way this should be allowed or granted. Let him sell his companies and assets to sort his finances. Please sign the petition and that this should not be allowed to happen.Read more

Surjeet SinghCoventry, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 13, 2020
Petition to Government
Whilst others are struggling to make ends meet, MPs have been offered £10,000 for working from home. In a time when they should be standing with their constituents in a time of crisis why are they not managing on their hefty salaries that they already earn better?   Please don’t let them get away with this it’s an insult to the British public. And darn right hurtful when they can’t even cover the safety of all frontline workers  by providing the basic PPE and, refuse to help new business owners who do not qualify for the government help. They haven’t helped parents who are struggling to feed & provide resources for children at home but they feel that they can justify taking £10,000 each to provide laptops which they already have. If you have ever attend a surgery many already have these laptops that they are talking about. Many people will not have noticed because we have been focusing on the immediate crisis, they have sneakingly motion this, blindsiding the British public. Please help to divert these payments where there really needs and not to member of society who should have take a 20% pay cut in solidarity of the British constituents. Thank you in advance for your help Source bbc.co.ukRead more

Joanne BarrettManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 9, 2020
As nursing students, we understand the struggles due to staffing shortages in long term care facilities throughout Nova Scotia. Semester 4 and 5 nursing students at DAL received an email at 7:30pm on January 26th entailing that effective February 7th all classes would be cancelled, including our acute care clinical placement scheduled for March. We understand we are needed and are willing to provide support, that being said our voices in this decision are being overlooked. As students we have many factors living that are being overlooked and undermined. The government has generously presented us a $1000 incentive, however many of us need to pay rent, tuition and multiple bills that would not be covered with this amount especially with such short notice of this happening. As we did the math we realized that this incentive will equal $6.25/hr. Many of us live pay check to pay check and not being paid even close to minimum wage is not manageable, as we know previous clinical placements have been unpaid as the hours worked counted towards our nursing degree. As of now they have stated these hours will not go towards our nursing degree and we are still required to pay this semesters tuition. Our education is also being effected by this happening, as we know LTC has many things to offer although we have already learned and practiced these skills. We are concerned our education is being overlooked and they have not provided any compensation strategies to receive the education our acute care clinical would have provided. This semester 5 clinical was going to be many students first time in an actual hospital, as last semester many of us were placed in daycares. The skills acute care provides is a major factor not only in essential nursing skills, but as well as the education we need to be competent nurses and be prepared for the NCLEX that is soon arriving. Every aspect of our semester has been changed and we are expected to complete midterms and finish our classes that are solely suited towards acute care settings without the education from clinical practice, which is how many of us learn. We as students are concerned about the education we will lack and how that is going to effect our future career as nurses. OUR VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD! - DAL nursing studentRead more

Anonymous DALCanada
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Created Jan 28, 2022
Petition to parents and carers of pupils attending redhill academy, head master at redhill academy
This petition is a cry from all parents and carers to the board of Redhill acedemy in Arnold, Nottingham. Although we want our children to look smart and conform to uniform rules, we feel as though the new rule for having the logo on school trousers and skirts that we can only purchase from one retailer is beyond ridiculous.  No opinion was considered from the parents when the govening bodies made this decision and goes against government guidelines. Not all children will conform to the sizes but most importantly the price is extortionate. Children, especially in the lower years will have a lot of wear and tear. Surely one or two pairs over the course of a year will end up looking bedraggled and untidy. That verses a cheaper option of 4 or 5 pairs will help the children to look smart and tidy over the course of the school year. Lower income families currently struggle with uniform costs. The board can not expect these families to pay more, just for a logo. Read more

Kerri Nashnottingham, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 14, 2016
Petition to I am just dismayed at the cost to a USA citizen
I am not against the Royal Family and love The Queen I am dismayed at the money that Meghan Markle is spending. I thought they be helping people not spending it like water. There are families that have worked all their lives and still struggling. I would like a question to be asked and answered in Parliament as to her cost, please what is been funded from taxpayers money and what is coming from the RF which is still taxpayers money. Let’s make her expenses transparent. I have noticed that newspapers are not allowed to report on the cost of her clothing anymore. The average person can’t afford to copy her outfits unlike The Cambridges that understands ordinary people and don’t rub BRF wealth in our faces. You can see Duchess of Cambridge  buy from Zara and British High Street brands.  Duchess of Excess only wears and not well designer outfits on our money. £1million on maternity wear. Read more

Lily HarrisLondon, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 22, 2018
Petition to John Kelly, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, chuck schumer
detailed data transparency on who is traveling at taxpayer expense; the purpose, duration and cost of theRead more

Curtis KalinUnited States
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Created Oct 30, 2017
Petition to Human Rights Campaign, Unione Europea, Council of the European Union, Donald J. Trump, Amnesty International Australia, United Nations, President of the United States, United Nations Security Council
On the 25th nov 2019, exactly nine months ago, the people of Iran took to the streets across the country to protest against the high price of gasoline and the consequent increase in the price of goods, in order to chant slogans against high prices. But what was the reaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran? First, cut off the Internet so that the voice of the oppressed of Iran would not be heard, and then, in the most brutal way possible, suppressed the people with firearms and killed 1,500 people. Today, the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran ordered the execution of three other people. If you hear our voice, do something for us. If you see that we are alive, it means that it is not yet time for us to die. Stand in front of the Islamic government and do not leave us alone. The names of the three victims are: Saeed Tamjidi Amir Hossein Moradi Mohammad RajabiRead more

Mirza MelkomkhanUnited States
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Created Jun 24, 2020
Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, David Cameron MP, John Bercow MP, Jason.Beattie, Vince Cable MP
The People of this country are sick of watching MP's avoid prosecution, when a person off the street would be jailed. MP's make the rules, they should be bound by the rules like everyone else. Parliament is elected by the people for everyone, not to exempt a select few. Over many years we have watched MP's defraud, steal and get away with slaps on the wrist just because they are MP's, and "the need to avoid a scandal";   The process of self governance on fraud has failed entirely, and the stench of it has become to much.  The time has come to completely start again, and end the culture of self interest that MPs of all parties and houses are used to.  There needs to be a drastic change in policy to prevent further incedences of fraud being covered over by MPs.  As soon as the I.P.S.A suspect an MP is obtaining money by irregular methods, the Police should automatically be brought in to investigate and it should be up to them and following that The Crown Prosecution Service to decide if prosecution is needed no one else.  It is time to bring them inline with everyone else, and make them as  vulnerable to prosecution as the rest of us.  And if they are found guilty they should jailed and never be allowed to hold public office again, and no party should be allowed to take them on in any "Advisory or Consultative" postions.    Read more

Paul TulkBromsgrove, ENG, United Kingdom
8,803 supporters
Created Apr 9, 2014
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