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Petition to Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, Western Australian State Government
landmark petition TODAY to: ·         Secure a progressive and exciting future for our capital city that renowned for. So, say ‘Yes!’ to an exciting new Scarborough and to a vibrant future for our state capital!Read more

John StamatiouAustralia
574 supporters
Created Dec 10, 2017
Petition to National Hockey League, International Olympic Committee, Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations
appreciate hockey as a great sport, and would certainly make other people live it as well. Sign and help us make hockey exciting!Read more

Mikel StevensUnited States
4 supporters
Created Aug 13, 2016
Petition to Chris Dickerson, Horizon Hobby
denied.  1. Please make more exciting and fun airplanes or even bring back what you already had withRead more

Mcslappy HappySan Diego, CA, United States
186 supporters
Created Jul 21, 2021
Petition to UK Parliament, RSPCA
I love the sight of the beautiful fireworks but the incredibly loud bangs scare most dogs to distraction, upset farm animals and scare horses. I think if we could move forward and still have the beautiful but silent fireworks New Years Eve and Bonfire week ! Could be transformed foe millions of animals and owners.Read more

Tracy CapperWarringtom, ENG, United Kingdom
392 supporters
Created Jul 3, 2018
Petition to The Globe
reinvigorated a traditional space into something new and exciting - a theatre with the potential toRead more

Zack PolanskiLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
356 supporters
Created Oct 25, 2016
Petition to Waltham Forest Council & local community
friends, family and networks. We started this petition because… EVERYONE on BOARDS is an excitingRead more

Aga EVERYONE on BOARDSUnited Kingdom
645 supporters
Created Sep 25, 2020
Petition to TSN
Canadian Women’s Hockey is an exciting sport that is on par with Men’s Canadian Hockey. The U18 are perennial rivals.  Despite the exciting game, the Canadian sport channels did not broadcast anyRead more

Donna LeybourneKingston, Canada
72,193 supporters
Created Jan 4, 2020
Petition to Corporate Executives
Many of us are loyal Aldi shoppers who appreciate the grocery chain’s quality, low-priced foods, commitment to sustainability, and desire to serve its customers in meaningful ways. That’s why it is especially disheartening to learn that unlike almost every other major grocer in the U.S., Aldi still has not committed to stopping its pork suppliers from locking up mother pigs in tiny “gestation crates” for virtually their entire life. Please sign our petition. Urge Aldi to take the responsible road like so many other retailers and commit to a 100% gestation crate free supply chain by 2022. Gestation crates are widely recognized as cruel and inhumane. They confine a mother pig throughout her 4-month pregnancy in a space so tiny it’s roughly the same size as her body, so narrow she can’t even turn around. The mother pig is subsequently transferred into another crate to give birth, re-impregnated, and then put back into a gestation crate. This inhumane cycle repeats, pregnancy after pregnancy, for virtually their entire lives, adding up to years of immobilization. Almost every leading company in the food industry has listened to public opinion and committed to a timeline to phase out purchasing from operators using gestation crates —from restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Cracker Barrel, and Quiznos to other cost-conscious retailers such as Target, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Kroger. As one of the largest grocers in the U.S., it is time for Aldi to do the same and acknowledge that animals ought to be allowed to move. Aldi says it cares about what its customers want. Please sign and share this petition and let Aldi know that you care about the animal welfare practices of their pork suppliers. Ask them to commit to phasing out the use of gestation crates for a mother pig’s entire pregnancy from its supply chain within a specified timeframe.Read more

Crate Free IllinoisIllinois, United States
357,062 supporters
Created Jun 16, 2019
Petition to Town of Fishkill Supervisor, Town of Fishkill Trustees, Town of Fishkill Planning Board Members
I’m lucky to live near one of the most exciting Revolutionary war sites in our country’s historyRead more

John GroenFishkill, NY, United States
68,956 supporters
Created Dec 18, 2016
Petition to Kim Andersen, Gary Jobson
Windsurfing is once again in danger of being removed from the Olympic Games.  Currently, a committee in World Sailing has placed the RS:X class under review.  This means windsurfing is again in competition with kiteboarding as an Olympic event. The voting process has begun this month, January 2018.  We need your support and energy to be sure there is an Olympic future for our sport!  Sign here if you support windsurfing as an Olympic class, and be sure to contact your sailing federation, the World Sailing Olympic Events Committee, and the World Sailing Council, all of whom have a vote in this matter, and may not come from a position of understanding what a great sport windsurfing is!  (Emails below). World Sailing Council Mohamed Atbi (ALG):  m.atbi@yahoo.fr Cary Lee Byerley (ANT):  director@bigboatseries.com Pablo Masseroni (ARG):  pmasseroni@gmail.com Sarah Kenny (AUS):  Sarah.Kenny@hsf.com Torben Grael (BRA):   torben@torben-grael.com Kamen Fillyov (BUL):  kamen.fillyov@gmail.com  Peter Hall (CAN):  hall.w.peter@gmail.com Quanhai Li (CHN):  chnsailing@sina.cn John Tierney (COK):  john@jta.co.ck Totos Theodossiou (CYP):  totos@totoheo.com.cv Hans Natrop (DEN):  hans@natrop.dk Kim Andersen (DEN):  kim.andersen@sailing.org Hector Duval (DOM):  duvalhector@gmail.com Jean-Luc Denecheau (FRA):  jeanluc.denecheau@wanadoo.fr Dick Batt (GBR):  dick@battsails.com Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel (GER):  regatta@dsv.org Nadine Stegenwalner (GER):  Nadine.stegenwalner@dsv.org Warwick Downes (HKG):  warwick@sailing.org.hk Georgy Wossala (HUN):  gyorgy.wossala@ramadabalaton.hu Marcus Spillane (IRL):  marcusspillane@gmail.com Ulfur Hrobjartsson (ISL):  ulfurh@simnet.is Walter Cavallucci (ITA):  w.cavallucci@federvela.it Takao Otani (JPN):  otani@psjpn.co.jp Jan Dawson (NZL):  jan@jandawson.co.nz Tomasz Chamera (POL):  tom.chamera@gmail.com Philip Baum (RSA):  philipb@sailing.org.za Oleg Ilyin (RUS):  olegilyin@mail.ru Sheikh Khaled Zayed S Alnehayan (UAE):  khaled@binzayed.ae Scott Perry (URU):  scott.uru@gmail.com Cory Sertl (USA):  corysertl@gmail.com Gary Bodie (USA):  garybodie@gmail.com Gary Jobson (USA):  garyjobson1@comcast.net Yann Rocherieux (FRA Athletes Committee):  yrocherieux@gmail.com Markus Schwendtner (GER Classes’ Representative):  markus@markusschwendtner.com Olympic Events Committee Sarah Kenny (AUS): Sarah.Kenny@hsf.comGuillaume Chiellino (FRA): guillaume.chiellino@ffvoile.fr David Abercrombie (NZL): dabercrombie@yachtingnz.org.nzOzlem Akdurak (TUR): iletisim@yelkendeguvenligelecek.comPhilip Baum (RSA): philipb@sailing.org.zaGary Bodie (USA): garybodie@gmail.comJohn Derbyshire (GBR): john.derbyshire@rya.org.ukPolina Golovina (BLR): info@yachting.byFiona Kidd (CAN): sec_gen@optiworld.orgFerran Muniesa (ESP): fmuniesa@cnarenal.comTakao Otani (JPN): otani@cityfujisawa.ne.jpStefan Rahm (SWE): stefan@ksss.seBen Remocker (CAN): benremocker@hotmail.comRiccardo Simoneschi (ITA): simon@simass.itSofia Tedin (ARG): yca@yca.org.arChangCheng Zhou (CHN): chinasailing@sina.comSofia Bekatorou (GRE): sofia@bekatorou.comRead more

Olympic WindsurfingBrest, MD, France
23,203 supporters
Created Jan 8, 2018
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