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Petition to Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Senator Richard Di Natale
seen politicians inciting violence and hatred. We have also seen examples of divisive, bigotedRead more

Mohammad HelmyMelbourne, Australia
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Created Mar 18, 2019
Petition to @Pradeep yadav IAS
Meera is a 13-year-old student at a government school of Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. She has been nicknamed ‘water-tap’ by her classmates. They continuously made fun of her for urinating inside the classroom, everyday. "Neither Meera nor her family knew, what she is going through is a mental illness.” When I came to know about this from her teacher, I was curious to know whether she did this on purpose. I had a face to face meeting with Meera. After a long conversation she broke down. She mustered up the courage to speak about how her step-brother sexually harassed her every night. This came as a rude shock to me. She did not feel safe in her own home, did not know whom to talk to, and felt helpless and broken. “Why did Meera keep silent? Did Meera not trust her teachers to seek help and share this with them? What kind of a support system would be appropriate for this?” I kept thinking about these questions, and looked into this issue further. Would recruiting a psychiatrist for every school help many children like Meera? A psychiatrist could provide a temporary solution but what about the problems that she is going to face as she grows up? If not addressed in time, the scars of this can remain with these children for life. Nothing can be a better option that to equip these children with skills to protect themselves. An “effective mental health literacy" module, through art based therapy, in Government Schools would help the students. Starting with a pilot project, the module would consist of two hours of class per week for 8th-12th standard children. An effective mental health module would be a way to equip Meera with all that she needs to fight on her own, in all kind of circumstances, incase if she fails to get an external support. Meera eventually spoke up. There could be so many other Meeras who are silent because they don’t have an idea of whom to reach out for help! Sign my petition asking to introduce ‘effective’ mental health modules for students & teachers in 200 government schools of Pudukkottai. Support our Meeras! Your signatures will help them get a safe and brighter future. #MentalHealthMatters #BreakTheSilence #LetOurGirlsSpeakPicture courtesy : IndiaGlitzRead more

Sujitha SChennai, भारत
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Created Nov 27, 2018
Petition to Netflix India, Japan Foundation, Aniplex, Anime Labs, Crunchyroll
. Death Note is one of the leading examples of this. An Anime which was released in the Year 2006 isRead more

Epsit GhodkeMumbai, India
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Created Oct 14, 2019
Petition to The OH State Senate
our court system should be making examples of in this way?  Ms. Williams-Bolar's attorneys areRead more

C. LordWestern Mass, MA, United States
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Created Jan 25, 2011
Petition to Bowling Green State University
University in 1965 for $35,000 by the smugglers of cultural artifacts, are clear examples of illicitRead more

Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisi Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisiİstanbul, Türkiye
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Created Apr 11, 2014
Petition to Mr.Siddaramiah , Mr. Kumaraswamy, Mr. B.S. Yediyurappa
all. Is there hope? Today, there are solid examples of cities which have beaten this problem. With the examples of how determination has led to effective waste management. What does it take? StrictRead more

B.PB VITTALBangalore, India
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Created Dec 23, 2014
Petition to Stephen Lecce
, Norway, Finland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and British Columbia offer examples ofRead more

Kelly IggersToronto, Canada
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Created Aug 1, 2020
Petition to George Heyman, Doug Donaldson, Jim Standen, Doug Forsdick
from exposure. These recent acts of severe negligence are only a few examples of the COS’s disregardRead more

Alexandra BrighamVancouver, Canada
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Created Jan 18, 2020
Petition to General Medical Council, Medical Schools Council
include ethnically diverse examples of case presentations - especially in clinically relevant instances are countless other examples, such as in haematology, cardiology and many other aspects of medicalRead more

t kUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 4, 2020
Petition to Minister of Child and Women Welfare, Child and Women Welfare Committee
to be considered sexual abuse. Consider the following examples. An abuser is watching the kid bathe above as examples of child sexual abuse involve ‘touch’. Then why are we exclusively emphasizing onRead more

Ashwini N​.​VBangalore, India
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Created Mar 28, 2018
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