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Petition to DEPED, Cebu Doctors' University, CHED
We have all experienced online learning amidst this pandemic, and have had direct encounters with the additional stress it puts on ourselves. Together we can prompt change. By suspending online classes, universities and internet providers are given an opportunity to gather themselves and prompt a permanent solution to integrated online learning. CDU CeLo+ was a rushed project which has shown major flaws. Let's not make this mistake again. Many underprivileged students are facing immense pressure with the lack of stable WiFi and electronics. Let's stand with the students, and leave no student behind. Read more

Students For Equal OpportunitiesPhilippines
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Created Jul 9, 2020
Petition to Elaine Murray, Steve Rogers head of Economy and Development, Dumfries and Galloway Council
, a remote Scottish valley is home to the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Europe. Established in valley, home to the largest Buddhist Temple in Europe, with its long-established community, a rangeRead more

Hanna CasementLangholm, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 3, 2021
Petition to President of the United States
harassment is not as physically harsh as sexual assault, that there does not need to be an establishedRead more

Tori HartFort Hood, TX, United States
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Created Mar 18, 2021
Petition to Aetna
through an established infusion medication, for almost a year. I have been an Aetna member sinceRead more

Sally OwensCanon City, CO, United States
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Created Oct 1, 2017
Petition to Bheki Cele
Gender based violence including sexual assault as well as domestic violence is the scourge of South African society.  This petition seeks to create a specialized crime unit dedicated to solving crimes against women and children with special attention being given to convicting rapists as well as those who physically, verbally, mentally or emotionally abuse women and children.  Up to 76% of Police stations do not have rape kits and very often victims of sexual abuse have to explain their story multiple times which causes undue stress on the victims.  The specialized unit within the South African Police Service seeks to modernise and synchronize reporting of GBV crimes so as to create an adequate data base and avoid the painful reality facing victims, of having to retell and relive their traumatic experience by having to repeat their trauma to multiple personnel, throughout the criminal justice process. Empowered with specialized functionaries within all facets of the criminal justice system allows for better procedural success in order to ensure more arrests result in convictions and correct sentencing.  Bearing in mind that less than 9% of rape cases actually result in conviction, the GBV specialized unit will streamline reporting and develop a catalogue of offenders, and allow victims to report their crimes as a high priority so as to protect the social fabric of our South African society.  This petition is done in the spirit of Ubuntu with the principles of Batho Pele. Read more

Jaco HoltzhausenJohannesburg, South Africa
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Created Sep 5, 2019
Many residents of Arrowtown oppose the removal and spraying of Larch trees, and other established to protect the established look and feel of Arrowtown, and in particular the backdrop to the historic campaigns around the world.   It's what many of our visitors come here to see. Removing establishedRead more

Arrowtown BeautyNew Zealand
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Created Nov 26, 2022
Petition to Australian federal government
In the past 12 months the Central Highlands region has had a concerning number of  suicides. We are asking you to help us to petition to the Federal Government to provide a Headspace centre in Emerald, for the young people of the Central Highlands to access when needed. Headspace support centres provide help for issues relating to mental health impacting young people aged between 12 and 25 years of age. In the Central Highlands, approximately 20% of the population fits this age group.Having a headspace in the Central Highlands will strengthen the services offered in a region currently devastated by suicide.  We must let the Government know that young people, their families and the community are crying out for help. To show your support for the youth of the Central Highlands, sign this petition for a headspace office in Emerald, to service the Central Highlands. This petition will be presented to local Federal Member, Ken O'Dowd.Read more

Hayley HoganAustralia
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Created Feb 22, 2019
Petition to Tate County Board of Supervisors
     Arkabutla Rescue Rehabilitation and Foster (ARRF) is a 501c3 non-profit home based and family run all breed rescue in Arkabutla, MS with emphasis on dogs that have been severely neglected or abused, need rehabilitation or those that would be destroyed, dogs that otherwise would not have a chance at their forever homes.  Since founding ARRF Pat Hissong and her team have successfully rehabilitated countless dogs and placed them in loving homes.  This rescue works with many other shelters, rescues and Law Enforcement agencies such as Tate County Sherrif's Department to get these animals the help needed to become adopted.      The Hissong's (ARRF) applied for a "conditional special use" permit and attended a hearing on June 21, 2017.  At this hearing the planning commission allowed testimony from those for and against this permit.  At that time it was stated that there were no Tate County ordinances against allowing this rescue to continue in this location and suggested a continuance until July 19, 2017 be taken in order for a site plan addressing actions takes to address concerns of neighbors.  The site plan would be what was needed for approval.  On July 19, 2017 ARRF presented their site plan as well as a statement of changes already made.  Opposition was allowed to render previously stated testimony.  ARRF addressed concerns of neighbors with changes to the property to insure extra precautions above and beyond those previously in place.  No further inspection was made of property and changes made before commission voted.  Had they gone over site plan and made a site inspection they would have seen for themselves that this rescue is safe and well run.  The planning commission turned down the Hissong's (ARRF) request for this permit.  They were directed to file an appeal with the Tate County Board of Supervisors.  This was done immediately following the meeting.       Pat Hissong, her family and volunteers do something for these abused, mistreated animals that is sorely lacking in this county and state.  In the words of Pat "Animals and me, we just have this weird connection.  I understand them, I feel their pain, their loneliness, their fears.  When a dog leans their body into mine and trusts me it is the greatest accomplishment in the world." Some in this community would like you to believe that this rescue only cares about the dogs.  That could not be further from the truth.  The people running ARRF have a huge calling for community service and seek to fight all injustice.  ARRF looks forward to working with their community to overcome breed bias and fear.     Please sign this petition asking the Tate County Board of Supervisors to approve this "Conditional Special Use" permit and allow ARRF to continue doing their good work.  Read more

Patti KetchumColdwater, MS, United States
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Created Jul 27, 2017
Petition to Majlis Perbandaran Taiping, Veterinary Department Service Taiping & Perak, Perak State Government, YB Teh Kok Lin
During the rabies outbreak in Taiping early this year, a huge number of stray animals were killed. As of 11 February 2019, 677 dogs and 8 cats on record were culled in the affected areas. Furthermore, it's not known how many more were unaccounted for before the outbreak of the disease manifested since the culling of strays has been going on for years. As animal lovers and advocates of animal rights, we do not agree with the act of culling, especially healthy docile stray animals that did no harm but exist as one of God’s beautiful creation. Furthermore, they didn’t choose the life of a stray, but were either dumped by humans to begin with, that led to newborns being added to the population, this after being thrown away. There are always better and more effective solutions to solving the stray problem in a more humane, non cruel and non-lethal way. TAG would like to offer that alternative by carrying out TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Release/Rehome and Manage) policy, to not just control the stray animal population, but in hopes, make Taiping a safer environment for both people and animals. Recently also, cruelty cases of defenseless abandoned puppies and kittens have been on the rise here in Taiping. Seven puppies abandoned, followed by 10 more barely a week old. And now a poor helpless kitten too. Although TAG is a newly born organisation and without a shelter, our more active members can't just ignore the plight of these poor, helpless little bundles of fur. Foster parents endure sleepless nights trying to provide their infant foster cases with all the care, comfort and compassion to keep them alive and growing. Sadly, we lost the little kitten.  Most people of Taiping today are still unaware of the existence of animal welfare societies and shelters which operate to save, protect, rescue, rehabilitate, adopt out stray animals, and educate on the importance of these tasks. As a result, this lack of knowledge and understanding regarding the respect for, treatment of, and proper care of animals also persists as an issue. We suspect the cause to be an absence of such a shelter to begin with, hence our organization believes we can help solve these issues and want to be the first recognized shelter in Taiping to do so. Only with your help by signing this petition, maybe the state government will agree to our appeal for an animal sanctuary and kick off our TNRM policy in Taiping. To those who are signing, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for being a guardian to the stray furs.  TAG-Taiping Animal GuardiansPPM-012-08-22042019(Persatuan Pelindung Haiwan Terbiar Taiping, 太平守护流浪动物组织, தைப்பிங் விலங்குகள் காப்பு அறவாரியம)  Read more

Taiping Animal GuardiansTaiping, Malaysia
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Created May 30, 2019
Petition to Mike Savage, Steve Craig, Paul Russell, halifax city council
corner of Sackville Drive. This is an area with an established subdivision of residential housing. WhereRead more

Danielle IrvineCanada
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Created Jun 13, 2020
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