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Petition to Scottish Government, Local Council, Nicola Sturgeon
Rebecca Wolfe is a person who likes to visit places and hunt the wildlife for fun and for trophy pics, She then posts these pictures to social media gloating about the kills whilst her face covered in blood laughing. Her recent trip was to Scotland where she was hunting the Highland Stag and has pictures posted of her standing over the dead animal and it's blood over her face. This is sickening to the people of Scotland. and we deserve much better than this person being allowed to do this and also to publicly post about setting up other hunts within Scotland for her friends. This needs stopped and the powers that be should ban her from hunting the Scottish wildlife for pleasure, we do not condone this and neither should the powers that be. We want it to be officially known that she will no longer be welcome hunt defenceless animals in our country.    Read more

Brian WeirKilmarnock, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created January 23, 2020
This petition is to urge the government to temporarily stop Chinese nationals and travellers from China from arriving on our shores. Philippines is a small city, which makes us even more vulnerable to the spread of this epidemic throughout the whole country, and we do not need to wait for severe cases before we take action. In crucial times like this, our health and our loved ones' health are what should be prioritized the most.  A simple tap on the screen allows all of us to play our part to stop the Wuhan coronavirus from knocking on our doors and making our lives miserable.  Like and share our page for daily update of the virus: click the Link below: https://www.facebook.com/Coronavirus-News-and-Update-100446718188672/Read more

jonathan IbanezTarlac, Philippines
52,308 supporters
Created January 27, 2020
Petition to Government of Jamaica
Mr. Steven Anderson is an American hate preacher who has been banned from several countries, including Canada, UK, Botswana and South Africa. He is scheduled to arrive on the island on January 29, 2018 Pastor Anderson is infamous of 5 things:  1.       In April 2016, Steven Anderson praised the mass shooting of 49 people in Orlando, Florida USA, stating that there are “50 less pedophiles in the world”. www.winningdemocrates.com/watch-conservative-christian-pastor-calls-for-executing-more-ga-people-after-orlando-mass-shooting/ 2.       Pastor Steven Anderson has also attacked women asserting that women should not: work, lead in church; be independent; vote; read books of their choice and dress how they want, emphasizing that “men shouldn’t be under the tyranny of women”. Link at www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFaoOKk16lQ 3.       In his 2014 sermon, Steven Anderson called for the “execution of gay people by stoning” before Christmas Day. 4.       In 2016 he went on air in Botswana stating that gay people should be stoned to death. He was subsequently deported from the country for his hate speech, 5.       Steven Anderson also spoke strongly against the use of prescription medication, suggesting that it is wrong and referring to Medical Doctors as sorcerers  These are the messages that Pastor Anderson is bringing to Jamaica. He approves of terrorism, the action that the Government of Jamaica condemned in response to the Orlando Massacre.   Clearly the Pastor has no respect for humanity and his messages go against our democratic ideals and our motto, "Out of many, one people" Pastor Anderson’s messages attack and demean women, seeing women as second class citizens, unequal to men, discrediting them as holistic beings who are workers, academics and leaders. The Pastor refers to women as “home keepers and not office keepers” and sees women who work as having loose morals. These assertions erase the achievements that the women’s movement in Botswana has made over the years. By calling for the killing of gay people, Pastor Andersons’ messages are homophobic and condone violence against fellow human beings and a group that is already marginalized. .We the People, are asking the Jamaican Government to show leadership and stand as an example to fellow Caribbean countries to denounce terrorism.and violence against marginalized groups. .  Read more

Jay JohnJamaica
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Created December 30, 2017
Petition to lee hsien loong, HENG Swee Keat, Gan Kim Yong, vivian balakrishnan
The Singapore Government must act now to ban travellers from any parts of China from reaching the shores of Singapore by any means of transportation. At least until an anti-vaccine or cure is found.  It is imperative that the Government be steadfast with protecting its people and assets before it is too late. The current preventive measures (taking temperature) are insufficient as not everyone infected with the Corona virus displays signs of fever. We should not be wasting time and resources, preparing to fire fight when we can still act to prevent the fire. I urge everyone who read this petition to sign and share. Read more

Stacy KimSingapore
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Created January 26, 2020
Petition to Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia, Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Kementerian Dalam Negeri
This petition is to push the government to bar Chinese people from entering our beloved countryRead more

Muhammad Zaim Yusran Mohd ZaidyKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Created January 24, 2020
Petition to Donald J. Trump, U​.​S. Department of State, Department of Homeland Security
#LiftTheTravelBan 1 - Travel ban on Europe was imposed on March 13th when it was declared the epicenter of the pandemic, and was suggested to last 30 days. It has been over 60 days, Europe isn’t the epicenter anymore, the numbers are declining, the virus is contained and countries are opening back up. 2 - It is affecting much more than just tourists. US-EU family members and visa holder families are still separated (the exemptions are only for some specific family members). Some parents still haven’t met their new grandchild for those who delivered during the pandemic. Some couple are separated. Some mothers or fathers haven’t seen their children during all this time. International students have to choose between staying in the US without seeing their family or leaving the US without any certainty of getting back in time for school. Many European who resides in the US but didn’t come back before the ban now don’t know how they’ll be able to get the belongings they left behind. 3 - All these categories of people are participating to the US economy, investing, spending money, paying taxes. This ban, that might have been justified at the time now seem like a futility, and is actually going against America. The economy and especially the airlines are unnecessarily affected. To get back to a great economy, resuming traveling with proper screenings is a must. We demand a lift of the Europe ban, while maintaining the safety of the American people, with new requirements such as quarantine and testing if need be. Read more

Stella MarguliesLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created May 19, 2020
Petition to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya
DID YOU KNOW that the Indian government is gearing up to allow Genetically Modified (GM) foods despite studies showing adverse impacts on health and food safety? SIGN THE PETITION In different studies, GM foods were found to cause health problems like allergies, immune system impairment, stunted growth and development, organ damage, reproductive health impacts and even pre-cancerous growths etc.  A majority of countries around the world have not accepted GM crop cultivation, and GM food crops are not allowed to be grown in India also precisely because they are not deemed to be safe for environment and health. Bt Brinjal, GM mustard etc haven't been allowed due to strong concerns and evidence presented by citizens and scientists, despite a big push by MNCs like Monsanto. Why then is the government moving to allow (import of) GM foods by framing weak new regulations by FSSAI? The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the apex food safety regulator, is trying to allow GM foods through the backdoor by putting out draft regulations that are absolutely weak, and are not worth the name! The Food Authority has not specified any testing regime that will allow the regulator to know whether some food is safe or not. It has not specified how it will keep out industry interests and other conflict of interest elements from creeping into decision-making. It has not even specified who will take decisions, and how.  We need to stand up, SIGN HERE to protect our own health and that of unaware Indians who will be made into laboratory animals in an irresponsible and irreversible experiment on us, with these GM foods. Further, let us make sure that there is adequate time provided to all citizens who want to engage with this issue. This is about our health and the health of our children. Help us in letting the Food Authority know that their draft regulations will simply not do, and we want our food chain to be free of GM foods.    Sincerely,Ananthoo, Rajesh Krishnan and Usha Soolapani Sustainable Agriculture & Safe Food Enthusiasts =========================== LETTER TEXT TO THE AUTHORITY To:Chief Executive Officer,Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI),FDA Bhawan, New Delhi.Dear Sir, For decades now, Indian citizens have been struggling to ensure that our food and farming systems are free of genetically modified organisms and products thereof (GMOs and GM products). Where regulators have failed miserably, by putting pressure on elected governments, citizens have been able to ensure through their public campaigns and citizen movements, that hazardous GMOs like Bt brinjal and GM mustard did not get approved for commercial cultivation in the country.  With FSSAI too, we have struggled to make sure that the regulator fulfills its main mandate and duty of ensuring safe and wholesome food for all citizens. FSSAI did not ensure that clandestine GM food imports did not take place, until citizen pressure finally forced it to issue some interim notification making GM-Free Certification mandatory for some 24 crops. Even now, processed GM foods are not being regulated by FSSAI, despite the Authority submitting in the Supreme Court that in the absence of regulations, such food is not permitted in the country. The institutional mechanisms set up by FSSAI to look into GM foods are laden with conflict of interest and civil society groups have pointed this out in the past. What FSSAI has done and has not done so far on the GM foods regulation front is dismal and does not inspire any confidence. Now, FSSAI has come out with draft regulations that clearly pave way for easy entry of unsafe, unwanted and unneeded GM foods onto citizen’s plates. What is more, industry was asked to give its views before citizens were asked to provide their feedback! This is clearly dangerous, especially for the malnourished in India, apart from other vulnerable populations. These draft regulations have been created without any attention paid to citizen preferences in the country.  We now write to you to state the following unambiguously: Citizens of the country do not want GM foods, labeled or unlabeled - FSSAI’s regulations should ensure this; Nearly all state governments are against GM foods in particular, and GMO cultivation in general - FSSAI’s regulations should ensure that such policy positions are respected;Labeling at 1% threshold level is a violation of the citizen’s right to know and right to informed choices, and mandatory labeling should kick in at 0.01% adventitious presence;FSSAI should make sure that regulation from its side should basically prevent clandestine imports of GM foods into India, and take stringent action against violators. The only regulatory regime that we would like to see in place is FSSAI having rigorous surveillance over GM foods - which are all unauthorised as of now as FSSAI itself admitted in the Supreme Court of India, and which is how it ought to be in future too - and ensuring that no GM foods are present in our food chain. FSSAI’s regulations should allow citizen complaints to be looked into and ascertained about illegal GM foods, and grievance redressal should be prompt and time bound. We also demand that the timeline for collecting feedback from citizens be extended,  and ensure that all citizens who want to engage with this issue get an opportunity to do so in a reasonable fashion. We conclude by saying that FSSAI should put into place regulations that will ensure that Indians are not made into laboratory rats in any irresponsible and irreversible experiment with GM foods by way of domestic production or imports of GM foods. Sincerely, Citizen NameRead more

Ananthoo, Rajesh Krishnan and Usha SoolapaniIndia
22,108 supporters
Created December 30, 2021
Petition to NSW Police
Supporters of known 'legal rape' advocate and 'neo-masculinist' misogynist creator of 'Return of the Kings' Roosh V will congregate for the first time in Sydney this Saturday. According to the Australian - "Women, transgender men and homosexual men are banned from the meeting of “neomasculinist” supporters, who have been urged to travel in pairs or groups using indirect routes to avoid “green-haired female activists or male feminists” following them." The "tribal meetings" will occur on February 6 in Sydney as well as Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, as well as in 43 other countries. Australia already has a widespread problem with rape, abuse and violence against women and does not need any more encouragement to harm women from people like Roosh V and his followers. What these men are advocating is, and should legally be considered, a hate-crime. Not only should the police stop this event from occurring - they also need to inspect the men attending this event. 1 in 5 women will get raped in their lifetime and the large majority of the perpetrators will be men that they know.  We need to send the message that rape is not ok, that supporting a misogynist like Roosh V is not ok and that violence against women is not ok! Sign the petition to let the NSW Police Force know that we are absolutely livid that this sort of misogynistic form of terrorism will occur this Saturday. It should not be allowed or acceptable in Sydney or Australia in general. We want this event to be cancelled.Read more

Blair WilliamsAustralia
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Created January 31, 2016
Petition to President of the Republic of the Maldives, People's Majlis (Parliament of the Republic of the Maldives)
What we want to achieve:-  1- If there’s No freedom of movement for Palestinians in Gaza, then there’s no entry to Maldives for Israelis 2- No expulsions of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah ( no colonial settlements)  3- Stop the occupation of East Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque respect international law . Gaza is home to a population of approximately 1.9 million people, including some 1.4 million Palestine refugees. For the last decade, the socioeconomic situation in Gaza has been in steady decline. The blockade on land, air and sea imposed by Israel in 2007 entered its 12th year in June 2018 and continues to have a devastating effect as access to markets and people’s movement to and from the Gaza Strip remain severely restricted. Israel’s ongoing  bombardment of  residential areas of Gaza, Palestine has forced over 10,000 Palestinians out of their homes. The death toll from Israeli strikes on the enclave has reached over 135, including 31 children . The latest escalation in violence followed weeks of tensions in occupied East Jerusalem over a now-postponed court hearing relating to the forced expulsion of several Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to make way for Israeli settlers.East Jerusalem under international law is Palestinian Territory . Israel continues to violate international law by occupying and building settler colonies in East Jerusalem. Sheikh Jarrah is a neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah became refugees when Israel was established in the historic Palestine.  Forty-three Palestinians were forced out of Sheikh Jarrah in 2002 and others again in 2008 and 2017, their homes taken over by Israeli settlers.  Read more

MaldivesForPalestine MovementMaldives
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Created May 14, 2021
Petition to Amber Rudd MP, UK Parliament, Theresa May MP
upon the UK Government to ban Sheikh Ekrima Sabri from entering the UK and not be allowed to attend entering France in 2012. Here is an example of some of his hate speech: In 2001, Sabri stated in a must BAN Sheikh Ekrima Sabri from entering the UK and NOT allow him to attend Parliament as plannedRead more

CUFI UKUnited Kingdom
17,942 supporters
Created August 31, 2017
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