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Petition to DeKUT Administration
ruined. We will not sit for enhanced cats. Dear admin, we know that we are a university of technologyRead more

Concerned ComradeDekutince, Serbia
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Created August 24, 2020
Petition to Premier Heather Stefanson, Doctor Brent Roussin, Education Minister Cliff Cullen
people do not feel safe coming back to in person learning with the lack of enhanced safety measurementsRead more

Manitoba Students For COVID SafetyCanada
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Created January 15, 2022
Petition to Tom Mulcair, Ronald N. Young
. When a documented gang member commits a crime, they receive an enhanced sentence called a "Gang Enhancement".  When a trusted Peace Officer commits a crime, they should also face an enhanced American people, demand enhanced sentences for crimes committed by Peace Officers who are sworn toRead more

R MaCalifornia, United States
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Created June 4, 2020
Petition to Delegate Eric Luedke, Senator Gail Bates, Let Them See Clearly
/frmMain.aspx?pid=billpage&stab=01&id=hb0798&tab=subject3&ys=2018RS Enhanced visionRead more

Cat CarterAlabama, United States
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Created January 31, 2018
Petition to U​.​S. Senate
Enhanced unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of July which will leave millions ofRead more

Taelor BrownAtlanta, GA, United States
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Created June 23, 2020
Petition to Niagara Falls City School District Board of Education
School is a place to learn and should be a distraction-free environment. Despite this, many students are faced with hardships in and out of Niagara Falls High School. These problems inside of Niagara Falls High School are solvable, have been verbally addressed, yet have been ignored time and time again. For the common benefit of students, these hardships should be addressed with care and consideration. Daily, students of Niagara Falls High School are faced with unclean bathrooms, non-functioning bathroom stall locks, non-functioning hot water on sinks, and a demonstrated lack of care for the replenishment of feminine products. These concerns are not only of safety but of dignity and privacy. In addition to a lack of replenishment of feminine products, students are forced to use uncomfortable cardboard applicators. These products have been verbally addressed by students multiple times and were met with no action. Many students rely on the free running water and toiletries provided by Niagara Falls High School, and it is unacceptable to give students anything but respect and dignity rather than neglect. To produce a more conducive environment for success, our demands are simple. We demand clean bathrooms with functioning locks on all doors to protect student privacy. We demand better-quality feminine products provided via dispensers in all student bathrooms to ensure inclusion and comfortability. Finally, to further enhance the safety of students and reduce the teen pregnancy rate at Niagara Falls High School, we demand that condoms be provided in all student bathrooms via a dispenser. Clean and functioning bathrooms are a preexisting expectation for a school that promises the safety and health of students. As of 2018, New York law mandates that High Schools provide free and accessible menstrual products. As of 2019, the Condom Availability Program funded the access of condoms in schools free of charge for all parties involved. In short, these things should be expectations given the voice of students are heard. These changes are a net positive and would provide students with a healthy and safe environment to learn. In short, we demand dignity.Read more

Manny MejiaNiagara falls, NY, United States
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Created November 4, 2021
Petition to U​.​S. Governors, Joseph R. Biden
likely to create an enhanced potential pandemic pathogen,” or ePPP. The law, Florida Statues of the law: 381.875 Enhanced potential pandemic pathogen research prohibited.— (1) As used in this section, the term: (a) "Enhanced potential pandemic pathogen" means a potential pandemic pathogen potential. (b) "Enhanced potential pandemic pathogen research" means research that may be reasonably an enhanced potential pandemic pathogen or that has been determined by the United States DepartmentRead more

Biosafety Now!East Brunswick, NJ, United States
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Created June 2, 2023
My name is Sheena Mitchell, I am an Irish community Pharmacist with a special interest in family health.  I own and love Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6.  Ten years ago I launched www.wonderbaba.ie to enable parents in Ireland to access safe healthcare information online and I continue to do that to this day with the recent addition of A WonderCare Podcast.  You can find me on Instagram @wonderbabacare or over on facebook and twitter too! This petition is to support my ambition of the introduction of Patient Group Directives and Minor Ailment's Scheme or any form of advanced pharmacy services in community pharmacies across the Republic of Ireland.  This is explained fully below in the letter I wrote to An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and our health minister Stephen Donnelly on Dec 16th 2022 to which urgent action is needed. Please support this petition to show our government that the people of Ireland deserve access to healthcare in a timely and appropriate manner.   LETTER TO LEO – 16th December 2022   Dear Taoiseach, It’s not often I’m embarrassed to be Irish, but as a pharmacist working within the confines of the Irishsystem today, I am. I spent five years in university developing my medical expertise in pharmacy.Despite this training my skills and those of my pharmacy colleagues, are being chronicallyunderutilised in an Irish healthcare system at breaking point. I find this very frustrating, as my time spent working as a pharmacist in Scotland has shown me thatthere is a very simple answer to quickly alleviate the massive pressure frontline doctors are currentlyfacing. We are in the eye of the storm, and you are a doctor in a position of leadership and legislativepower. You know that the daily figures counting the infection of influenza, RSV, coronavirus, andStrep A will only continue in an upward trajectory, as these viruses always do in late Winter and earlySpring. Let us help. The community pharmacist is your biggest ally, we are open from early morning until lateat night, and in many cases 7-days a week. A patient does not require an appointment to see apharmacist, and almost half of the population live within 1km of a pharmacy. You led us through apandemic, the healthcare system can’t take any more, and the patient always has to come first.Instead of making promises, chairing working groups, and discussing policy, now is the time to act. Pharmacists want to help, we are qualified, our range of services has so much potential tosignificantly improve access to patient healthcare. What is more, this model of patient care is alreadyworking successfully in Scotland and further afield. Every day I see patients suffering who cannotaccess a doctor due to the extreme pressure that the healthcare system is under. Together we canmake a big impact to improve this situation. Today, I am asking you for urgent action on both the implementation of a Minor Ailments Scheme and the introduction of Patient Group Directives (PGDs). 1. Minor Ailments Scheme: Save GPs time. Let us prescribe approved items for medical card patients. Private patientscan buy these items over the counter, but medical card holders need a prescription from theirGP.It makes no sense in the current climate to be sending medical card holders into GP surgeriesfor over the counter items. This at a time when we need to free up accessibility to GP forurgent patient assessment and diagnosis.It started as a cost issue, I know. However, it is costing more money sending them into a GP,and it’s potentially costing lives by removing that appointment from an urgent sick patient.Figures from Scotland already show us it could remove 1 in 7 GP visits, here it could be evenmore.2. Patient Group Directives:Pharmacists could work to carefully developed Patient Group Directives (PGDs) to assess and supplymedicines to treat the following conditions: Bacterial Skin Infections – using oral antibioticsConjunctivitis (eye infections) – using antibioticsCystitis – uncomplicated – treated with antibioticsImpetigo – using local antibioticsShingles – using antiviral medicines.As a newly qualified pharmacist working in Scotland in 2006, I was able to supply antibiotic eye dropsfor conjunctivitis. Sixteen years later and Ireland still hasn’t caught up, it’s insulting to our professionand injurious to patient care. Taoiseach, surely you can see how important this is. You have an important job to do, going back toyour GP role once a week was admirable during the pandemic but not a long term solution. Now weneed you to lead this country and act to swiftly to ease the pressure on doctors. Introducing a PGDdoes not need to be difficult, we have a roadmap from Scotland. We can’t afford years of planningand preparation by people who don’t work in community pharmacy. We need cooperation betweenhealthcare professionals, their governing bodies, the HSE and the Government, so that patients canget the care they need now. Pharmacists go into the profession because they are passionate about health and their communities.Pharmacists are skilled, and caring healthcare professionals who are more than capable ofimplementing PGDs and working within the boundaries of them. There is no legislation to support the supply by pharmacists of prescription medicines without receiptof a prescription. By law we can administer certain medications in certain circumstances, howeverthe administration and the supply of routine treatment are two very different things. We need an exception put into the Medicines Act that allows for the provision of certain prescriptiononly medicines, approved as part of a Patient Group Directive. This requires emergency legislation,to avoid further delays to accessible healthcare. Every PGD would be developed, assessed, and signed off by a senior doctor. This will facilitatepharmacists to use their existing skills to treat common, uncomplicated ailments in patients, withoutany contraindications to treatment. This is in the best interest of patient care and is well within thescope of community pharmacists. Pharmacists are NOT seeking to be doctors, but we ARE looking to be able to improve patient accessto medicines and healthcare in predefined, safe, and approved settings. Sincerely,Sheena Mitchell MPSIRead more

Sheena MitchellIreland
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Created January 4, 2023
Petition to Honourable Heather Stefanson Minister of Families Manitoba, Honourable Brian Pallister Premier of Manitoba, Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care
END Enhanced Nursery School Operating Grants, and END the $5/day Child Care Fee for Manitoba - please help by signing this Petition, and sharing this on social media! The Enhanced Nursery!  Enhanced Nursery School is a CRUCIAL part of Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Framework that weRead more

Laura BurlaWinnipeg, Canada
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Created July 26, 2020
Petition to mailto:senatorbiscoelee@guamlegislature.org , mailto:marycamachotorres@gmail.commarycamachotorres@gmail.com , mailto:aguon4guam@gmail.com , mailto:senatorlouise@gmail.com , mailto:senatordrodriguez...
part of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact states (currently 30 states strong), would also protectRead more

Lynnette FiresBarrigada, Guam
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Created July 23, 2018
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