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Petition to Department of Education
Students nowadays doesn't get their quality education they deserve they are just given some projects and they are on their own. Students that are having a hard time understanding or catching up should be given attention in order for them to learn effectively. The one to be blame is not the teacher's or the school's of this country but the "EDUCATION SYSTEM". The system doesn't effectively give information or education to those students that are struggling in catching up on their lesson. Also the system only benefit those students that have the capability to catch up on their current lesson. Students often get low grades because of this system and also it seems unfair for them because not all of the students has the same attributes and the same skill and knowledge. Every students has different capabilities in academical concern that's why some of the students struggles in coping in the educational system and some students can easily catch up on the lesson that they are taking. My suggestion to the Department of Education is that they should change the Educational System in order to produce a new generation of students with high capabilities and also to improve their weaknesses and also to give them a bright future.Read more

Giancarlo EpresPhilippines
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Created Sep 11, 2019
Petition to INEC, Nigerian Senate
A day prior to his death, Daniel Usman had shared a post on Facebook asking his friends to be careful not to get involved in any act of destructiveness. Sadly, he came to be at the receiving end. Experiencing an election that is free of chaos is a shared desire ahead of the polls, but it went on to become a dream that is hard to fulfill. Daniel Usman was only 19 (he represents youths ages 17-35 years who make up over 51% of the total number of registered voters) and was on his third year in a University. This is just an instance out of other tragic cases during the last general elections held February 23, 2019. Elections in Nigeria over the years have been filled with violence and malpractice ranging from ballot snatching, vote buying, killings, rigging, disenfranchisement, thereby making a FREE AND FARE ELECTION always a dream that never comes through.  In 2023, there will be another general election. We don't want to lose another promising youth like Daniel Usman. We don't want to lose any voter to gunshot at a Ballot-snatching attempt. We don't want delayed and controversial collation. We don't want N189 Billion Naira spent on chosing someone into an office. We want every vote to count indeed. We want results to be announced on time. We want a more economical, safe, and forensically auditable electoral process.  Last year, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, ruled out the possibility of implementing all the provisions of the amended Electoral Act towards 2019 elections on the basis of time. 2023 is four years away, I herewith appeal to the INEC to implement the provisions of the amended Electoral Act especially as it relates to electronic voting for future elections.  CHANGE THE ELECTORAL METHOD, BIRTH A FREE, FARE AND SAFE ELECTION EXERCISE. Read more

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Created Feb 24, 2019
Petition to Instagram
Dear Netizens,  Technology has been our way of life for the last couple of months. But as a virtual network provider, it becomes very important to not compromise on privacy and protection of the consumer. Instagram has failed us once again. A bunch of our friends have been let down when their images have been screenshot and morphed in porn sites. Can you imagine the pain and betrayal they have felt? Can something be done about this? Of course! It is time to add a new feature in which Instagram doesn't allow people to screenshot the pictures of others unless the user is okay with the screenshotting of pictures. It should be more user choice and their right to privacy.  While we fight for a larger cause like safety in public spaces, an immediate action from Instagram can assure millions of us. It is not time to quit social media, it is time to demand social accountability! Today, we will start asking for this change by taking that first step to sign the petition. The petition is launched by Durga India, a women safety initiative based out of Bangalore who works with women, girls, men and boys to equip them to take control over their safety in collaboration with VOICE and VOICE out, campus and online youth initiatives of Durga who are democratic student communities working towards the creation of a safe, gender-equitable space. With your support, we can lobby with Instagram for this feature. Please sign this petition because you matter and your voice matters! Read more

Monika RajashekarIndia
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Created Jul 29, 2020
Hello, my name is Angelina and I am a concerned resident of Pinole. My daughter attends St. Joseph’s School on Plum St. and we are fortunate enough to be able to walk to and from school every day. On our walk we have to cross Tennent Ave., sometimes at Plum or Pear St., but at both intersections we have nearly been hit by on coming traffic multiple times. I have to step half way into the crosswalk as my daughter stands on the corner until the car notices me, which sometimes it takes me flailing my arms about to get that attention. People are constantly speeding down Tennent with disregard to any and all pedestrian signs. Actually, there was a collision between a car and pedestrian today, 7/19/2022, and that woman has sadly passed away. My deepest Condolences to her family and friends. ❤️ I am hoping this petition will be our voice to get the city of Pinole to address this issue and make walking to school, church, the store or post office safe for all our residents. **To make a strong case, I am focused on collecting signatures within Pinole and the surrounding cities as well as people directly affected. Thanks to all others for your interest, and keep up the fight!Read more

Angelina GutierrezPinole, CA, United States
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Created Jul 19, 2022
Petition to Instituto de Empresa, IE
IE, On February 27, 2017, Sara AlTaweel, a fellow MRCB student’s computer was stolen IN class. Sara arrived on time ready to present for a final group presentation. However after a few minutes arriving to class, she noticed that her computer was no longer on her desk. At the time, other students noticed a strange man walking around the building whom they perceived to be a professor dressed in all black. This is disturbing as similar stories like this one has been going around repeatedly and without much action done. Currently there is a security guard in the front of the MM 11-13 gate, however this clearly does not stop outsiders coming in and out from our campus. Personally, I have never seen a security guard stop or ask questions to people from securing that they have access to our campus. The lack of proper security is unacceptable. IE does not have the proper security procedures to avoid these situations and protect our safety. As a student, I do not feel safe entering campus knowing that any stranger can come in and out as pleases and consequently, as what happened earlier today, taking personal belongings and necessary school supplies needed to succeed in the IE programs. Moving forward, IE should implicate the same scanners like the ones in MM31 to accurately identify each person that enters the campus. This will reduce theft and will make us feel safer. Additionally, I would like to request on behalf of myself and the rest of the MRCB student body that IE reimburse Sara with a new computer. Thank you, Melissa and the MRCB Student BodyRead more

Melissa SerjeSpain
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Created Feb 27, 2017
Petition to Department of Education and Skills, Health Service Executive
buildings are a long way off, but in the interim lets enhance the protective measures for schools inRead more

Irish 6thClassTeacherIreland
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Created Oct 15, 2020
Petition to Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Division of Food Safety
In a truly free and fair market system, the ability to afford a commercial kitchen space to obtain an income should not be the determining factor in providing a livable wage for families. We are moving to petition that the state amend the cottage law provisions. In exchange for more lenient provisions outlined below, the cottage food operation will obtain a state licensure for a fee, on a yearly basis, provided that the business can provide proof of Serv Safe Certification, LLC status and Liability Insurance. The provisions we would like amended are  1. The ability to utilize butter and dairy in frostings and finishings. 2. The ability to earn an unlimited income from a cottage food operation or an increased cap of $150,000 in gross sales to provide means of livable wage. 3. The ability to ship shelf stable goods. 4. The ability to wholesale goods, provided that the agreement between the cottage food operator and the purchaser includes, explicitly, that the product is made under cottage food law.  All product labeling provisions shall remain the same, such that the consumer will know this product was produced in a cottage food operation. Refrigeration labeling shall be required under new provisions when providing products with buttercream frosting and finishings. Please help the dedicated and hardworking cottage food bakers in this state to provide a means to safely and beneficially profit and thrive in the food service industry. Read more

Brittany CavicchiaFort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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Created Jan 31, 2021
Petition to City of Gaithersburg Planning Staff, City of Gaithersburg Planning Commission, City of Gaithersburg Council Members
Dear Mayor Ashman, Members of City Council, and Planning Commission. We hope you’ve had a chance to read our letter written on behalf of the following organizations: DPZ, KCA, LCA, KDWG, KHT and the Villages.  We hope the impact of our collective voice is taken seriously as it required effort to reach consensus, speaks volumes to the community’s dedication and to our faith in the public process.  This is the first time in our recollection that so many different organizations agree wholeheartedly on recommendations moving forward. We’ve always understood that our shared downtown would redevelop and evolve to become a denser, more vibrant, mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly place. That is the principal reason we support Kimco’s building that will boost our long-term economic and social viability.   At the same time, we are deeply committed to the realization of an excellent built environment that continues to foster community and pride.  As the first large-scale redevelopment project, this 6-story building will have a lasting impact and will set the standard for future development in our downtown.  There is much we support in Kimco’s application.  We support a mixed-use, courtyard building, the general massing and density, the retail facing the new paseo, the beautification of the alley, the redesigned entry street and a LEED certified building. It is our intention to contribute to the successful redevelopment of this parcel and it is in that spirit that we provide these following comments.  There are three important changes we believe are necessary and for which, our support of this application is wholly contingent on you requiring these reasonable modifications in exchange for your approval to move forward. Redesign the south-facing elevation along Center Point Way to shield the parking garage entirely and line the elevation with active uses.  This building elevation that directly faces our community was designated by Kimco, in their Sketch Plan as a “primary circulation type”  that should be held to the highest pedestrian standard.    Decorative screens proposed over garage openings are insufficient and will not disguise the fact that an unlined garage, without active uses faces one of our most important downtown streets.  Screening should not replace what deserves to be a street with active uses along the majority of its length. Like your request of Kimco, we too support lining Kentlands Boulevard for the majority of its length with uses and this building should ideally have three active sides. However, context matters and if asked to prioritize residential units along Kentlands Boulevard in this location, or Center Point Way, we firmly encourage you to reconsider and designate Center Point Way as the more desirable, pedestrian-friendly one as it is the most direct connection to the east side. Redesign the south-facing elevation along Center Point Way to combine the parking access and loading access and make it less automobile-dominated. Most zoning codes state that if an alley is provided, all services should be accessed from it, including parking and loading.  We cannot support a 40-50 foot opening in the building and sidewalk in that configuration.   There are solutions that may be a reluctant compromise that combines both access into one, yes one that prioritizes pedestrians over cars. Revise the building architecture to support Kentland’s authenticity. We understand that architecture is not reviewed until the FSP stage but we do not want to miss the opportunity to provide architectural guidelines that would preclude addressing these points at a later stage in the process.  It is a start but not sufficient to guarantee a good design of course. We do not advocate for a particular style of architecture, but we do advocate for a building fitting of its place and supportive of our identity.  The architecture will surely require more discussion.  As new buildings tend to be larger than the old, they have an exaggerated impact on their context. Read more

Michael WeichGaithersburg, MD, United States
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Created Jun 18, 2019
We all love Nairn and the beach front. Staying active and healthy is a big part of my life and my family. We are members of the local Leisure centre run by  highlifehigland. The facility is outdated,  small for fast growing community and doesn't offer enough of indoor space for classes eg. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, spin etc.  To my understanding there is a plan for redevelopment of this facility to extend into already existing carpark providing studio with amazing views overlooking Moray Firth and possibly a cafeteria.  I would like local community to support this petition and for Highland council and Highlifehigland to review and make this vision reality for the benefit of local community. I believe this would be beneficial to many families, schools and community groups that could use this space to support and develop physical and mental health. Read more

Jana PetriePoplar, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 16, 2022
We are alumni of IIMA. Having understood through reliable sources that IIMA has decided to change the logo of the Institute we are writing this letter to you. We do hope you will receive it in the right spirit and review the decision. World around us has been evolving quite swiftly and all of us are trying to keep up with the pace of change. We all need an anchor now more than ever before to stay centered and deal with all the change around us. Family, Home town and Campus are 3 things that give us this necessary stability and centeredness. They hold us up, remind us who we are and rekindle us when we feel beaten down.  Logo is an integral part of what the campus means to us. We are writing to appeal to the institute to not change the logo and allow us, the alumni, the privilege of this rare constant in our lives. The brand IIMA and the logo “Tree of life” means a lot to us. The logo makes us feel oneness with the Country’s heritage through the  Sidi Saiyyed jali. The motto “Vidyaviniyogadvikasa” inspires us to achieve development through application of our knowledge. This is one of the very powerful anchors that helps us navigate through our careers. This motto along with its powerful message is also in Sanskrit like mottos of many other Educational Institutions’ in India. You may refer to the full list of Institutions with Sanskrit Mottos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_educational_institutions_with_Sanskrit_mottos The logo along with the motto reflects our culture and heritage and keeps us tied to our roots.  While there are a few cases of reputed Institutes changing their Logo successfully, it is a fact that the majority of  them have not changed their logos for nearly a Century and are still conducting their activities with full relevance to the changing times. We believe that a logo has a heritage value and it should not be lost in the eagerness to ‘modernize’ the image of the Institute. We believe that the continuing high performance of the graduates and alumni in the changing world outside is a big testimony to the quality of education provided by the Institute and ‘modernizing’ the logo is the last thing that may be attempted. There is still opportunity to invest in enhancing the prestige of the Institute in other areas like research and academics. Changing logo is an unnecessary distraction at this time. Sir you are quite aware that a lot of us work in branding and marketing domains. With respect to the Logo - Who are our primary audience? 1. Alumni, 2. Faculty, 3. Potential and current students and 4. Corporates that recruit from the Institute. Has there been any primary survey to understand their level of bonding with the Brand IIMA? If so, has there been any expressed concern on the lack of global feel about the logo? We do understand that the brand needs a new avatar sometimes. More so when there is a new competitor challenging the position of the entity, when the target audience changes drastically or when the brand’s values and mission changes. To the extent of our knowledge, none of these changed for IIMA. This leaves us wondering what is the real purpose of the proposed change in the logo? We would all like to not allow any political agendas to have a say in the current proposal.  We are of the opinion that the process of taking such a major decision should have included tapping into the wisdom, experience and opinions of different stakeholders including the alumni. It is also very unusual to change logo to attract global students or for International image purposes. Having two logos is also a very impractical way of tackling the issue. There are many better ways of attracting International students or talent. Please note that this correspondence is sprouting out of anguish that the proposed logo change might lead to brand dilution and loss of critical elements of our identity. Hope this appeal communicates our underlying emotion about the proposed changes. Hope it provides you an additional perspective about how one stakeholder segment thinks about this proposal. This segment, IIMA Alumni, is  an integral part of IIMA ecosystem. We continue to contribute to the development of the institute in many ways. We hire and mentor IIMA graduates, we donate funds for the Institutes' development, we are always eager to share our knowledge and support various initiatives of the Institute. Above all some of the alumni have actually outperformed their own alma mater bringing in International fame and name to the Institute. We all are proud stakeholders of Brand IIMA.   We would like to conclude by saying that no successful brand has ever changed brand logos in the past. Even if they did, they did minor tweaks in an incremental manner. A dramatic change in the Logo is a huge business risk in terms of recognizability, affinity, emotional connectedness among TG and might lead to loss of business.  We reiterate our request and pray that you reconsider the proposal of changing the Institutes logo. We will be happy to further share our perspective over a virtual call and hope to hear from you.Read more

Sowjanya BondaIndia
3,128 supporters
Created Apr 1, 2022
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