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Petition to United Nations Environment Program, Council of the European Union, United Nations, United States Department of Health and Human Services, European Parliament
Lebanon is one of the most polluted country in the world with 10,452 km2 only. Fathers, mothers, kids are dying from cancer caused by the fumes of cars, buses, factories. The Lebanese government is silent and not caring of its citizens. Pollution by the transportation sector is causing a bad smell, cancer, unpleasant view, black and white smoke covering all of Lebanon especially Beirut area & Stress. We need help from civilized advanced countries to help us fight against this, it is causing stress and families are losing their loved ones because the laws are not being implemented. Help us make Lebanon GREEN! Our flag holds in its center the Cedar tree, surrounded by white snow, yet the population is not being financially supported or educated enough about this issue. The government has never taken any action to preserve Lebanon's beauty and nature & are being silent. Read more

Joseph TohmeCalifornia, United States
12,501 supporters
Created November 3, 2018
Petition to UK Parliament
It's a well known fact that hydrogen engines have previously been invented numerous times. Engines perfection of hydrogen engines could happen immediately and quickly replace the destructive fossil fuels that need to be kept in the ground.Read more

Jessica AfterUnited Kingdom
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Created December 20, 2018
Petition to Bill de Blasio, Eric Leroy Adams, Corey Johnson
Loud sports car engines and motorcycles have been disturbing NY residents for years. These cars and engines have abused local residents for long enough. We are calling for them to be made illegal to drive in residential areas. Read more

Z EBrooklyn, NY, United States
135 supporters
Created June 29, 2020
Petition to Ford , Dodge , Chevrolet , Audi , Honda Motor Company, Volkswagen, BWM , Porsche , GM , Hyundai , Nissan , Fiat , Daimler , Joe Biden
emission.   I’m am not saying reduce the restrictions on emissions for Combustion Engines but rather become bland.  I say we continue developing Internal Combustion Engines along side Electric Vehicles for standard 4 Cylinder to the middle ground V6, or the infamous V8... these engines are part of our sharedRead more

Nolan ScherrHENRICO, VA, United States
1,065 supporters
Created March 24, 2021
Petition to Government of India
engines so that such situations can be avoided as happened in the Surat Coaching centre.Read more

Mahendra KeshriNepanagar, भारत
6,586 supporters
Created May 25, 2019
Petition to Congress, Federal Trade Commission
protection regarding their sensitive data on search engines. Visit https://Right2Remove.us for more of data aggregators, extortionists, and online mobs. Search engines have emerged as the gatekeepers individuals’ personal information shouldn’t be available on search engines because it violates their searchable on search engines under an individual’s name.
This right applies only to private citizens andRead more

Paolo CirioUnited States
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Created March 28, 2016
! Let's face it, Mortal Engines was ahead of its time and people simply weren't ready to appreciateRead more

Breanne SteinPhoenix, AZ, United States
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Created November 13, 2022
Petition to Gavin Newsom
as to how vehicles/engines run. Now keep in mind the grand scheme of a plan on paper yes it looksRead more

Isa RCalifornia, United States
43 supporters
Created August 29, 2021
Petition to U​.​S. Senate, President of the United States, U​.​S. House of Representatives
Banning V8 engines will make no impact reducing emissions/global warming.  Instead, focus on big etc. will make V8 engines again.  And I mean every single engine that has 8 cylinders.  They have this, and that it is anti- American.  V8 engines are the engines of America.  That is what matters.  Read more

Giancarlo IannuzziUnited States
28 supporters
Created November 25, 2021
Petition to Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO FedEx Corporation
Every day thousands of FedEx delivery vehicles leave their engines idling.  I also see UPS trucks on a daily basis, and every single one has turned off their engines. I have approached these UPS drivers to thank them for turning off their engines, because:  a: It cuts down on noise pollution b. It, “company policy”, as a safety precaution, to turn off their engines while making deliveries.  Not only isRead more

Amy TaiNewton, MA, United States
263 supporters
Created June 20, 2019
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