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efficiency standards. This has resulted in us becoming the dumping ground for inefficient cars that price hikes. This is why I am calling on the Federal Government to implement Fuel Efficiency Standards fleets meet certain efficiency criteria. This will incentivise vehicle companies to increase their saved if fuel efficiency standards were put in place back in 2016. Please sign this petition to callRead more

Deborah ThorntonSydney, Australia
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Created June 17, 2022
services, negatively impacting local businesses' efficiency.4. Diverted Police Resources:Enforcing a solutions that prioritize both safety and efficiency. Let us work together towards creating a saferRead more

Alan JonesUnited Kingdom
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Created July 17, 2023
Petition to AIS SCHOOL
Grade 9s feel like PE is a class that is overworking us and it should be a class consisting of physical education, which is not benefiting our physical health. please try to take our situations into account, since we are already stuck at home for a long period of time. Physical lessons will be majorly beneficial for our health in our circumstances.Read more

Grade 9 StudentsKuwait
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Created March 24, 2020
Petition to RCTCBC
Can we overturn the Councils decision to Stop the School Bus from Trehafod to Porth County? In September, the children of Trehafod will no longer be entitled to a School bus, as the council deem the route 'Suitable to walk' and within a 2 mile distance.  This is putting children's lives at risk, having to cross many busy roads on the journey to and from the school. Throughout the Autumn/Winter they will be faced with many cold, rainy days where they will then have to sit in wet clothes and be expected to perform to their best ability. Many parents are worried about the impact on not just the safety but the well being of their children and the impact it could have on their school performance and are therefore trying to get this decision overturned. Parents would be willing to pay for their children to travel to school, knowing that they arrive safely and on time. Please sign this petition to overturn the councils decision as Safety is paramount over cost savings.Read more

Joey JonesPontypridd, WLS, United Kingdom
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Created July 8, 2018
Petition to FIS Dammam administration
اولياء الأمور الأعزاء، كولي أمر ، أود أن يحصل أبنائي على أفضل تعليم متاح. يبدو هذا صعب التحقيق مع العدد الحالي للطلاب في الفصل ، خاصة أنه لا يوجد مساعدين لمعلمي الصفوف. يصعب على المعلمين الحفاظ على النظام وتوصيل المعلومة في وجود 25 طالبًا(مختلفي المستوى) بكل فصل، و هو الحد الأقصى المسموح به من وزارة التعليم. هذه عريضة تطلب من إدارة مدارس الفرسان بالدمام تخفيض هذا العدد حتى لا يتجاوز 20 طالبا في مستوى متقارب. يرجى تسجيل إسمك و صف أبنائكم بهذه القائمة إذا كنت تتفق مع هذا المطلب.عندما يكون لدينا عدد كاف من التوقيعات ، سوف نرفع هذا الالتماس إلى الدكتور سمير العمران ونطالب بهذا التغيير. Dear parents, As a parent, I would like my children to have the best quality education. This seems hard to achieve with the current number of students per class, specially that there are no teacher assistants. It is harder for teachers to maintain order and deliver quality education with 25 students (with different academic levels) per class. This is a petition asking FIS-Dammam administration to decrease this number to be at most 20 students with similar level. Kindly write down your name and your child's class if you agree. When we have enough signatures we will take this petition to Dr Samir and request such change.Read more

Yasmeen HashishSaudi Arabia
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Created September 10, 2019
Petition to Provincial Government of Albay
Establishing an Energy Management Program in the Province of Albay to promote energy efficiency as a and environment. The Philippine Government has long supported the promotion of Energy Efficiency and launching of the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (NEECP), the government aims to make enercy efficiency and conservation a way of life for every Filipino by raising awareness Republic Act (RA) No. 11285 or the Energy Efficiency and Conversation (EEC) Act likewiseRead more

The Solon ProjectPhilippines
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Created September 14, 2020
Petition to Alberta Political Leaders
We urge all political leaders in Alberta to support energy efficiency as a strategy to help grow competitive. Why? Because, energy efficiency is Alberta’s lowest cost fuel source, costing just $0.024 to economic sectors, including key sectors such as oil and gas.  Because, Alberta’s energy efficiency shows that ramping up towards more aggressive energy efficiency in Alberta would create 8,600 annual, Alberta was the last jurisdiction in North America to develop an energy efficiency programRead more

Corey DiamondCanada
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Created March 16, 2019
Environmental pollution caused by the intensive mixing of foreign substances that adversely affect the life flow of living elements of our environment, create structural deterioration on inanimate elements and disrupt their qualities in air, water and soil is one of the important problems of today's society. The rapidly increasing human population increases the needs, and the extent of the damage caused to nature by man-made pollution is increasing day by day. The purpose of this signature campaign was created to start a cleaning activity in our country. Volunteers together to clean up public places and places, so you can support them.Read more

Yunus Emre BitkayTürkiye
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Created June 5, 2022
Petition to John Cornyn
Companies now days have found better ways to increase their efficiency, now relying more on work (by product of increased efficiency). Since less people are needed to create the same amount ofRead more

Ennis SalamAustin, TX, United States
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Created December 2, 2019
Petition to Railroad Managers, The Association of American Railroads
                       Petition to the Association of American Railroads The greatest challenge to the American railroad infrastructure is capacity: lack of it. While main line capacity is easily quantified, rail terminal and yard capacity are as vital, if not more so. Most yards and terminals were constructed at a time when the vast majority of freight cars were forty feet in length.  Today, most cars on our rail infrastructure are greater than 60 feet; more than 50 per cent longer. Also, most rail freight yards are land-locked, with little or no room to expand. This will require the building of many new yards, at tremendous expense, unless a less-expensive solution can be found.  Fortunately, a remedy has already been found, and it is based on older, already existing technology. The answer is “The Robotic Yard™”, a patented rearrangement of apparatuses that most railroaders are already familiar with.    To see how “The Robotic Yard™” can add capacity, reduce costs of labor, rail car damage and lading, go to Youtube and view this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te8w6uT8_R4&feature=youtu.be The most important aspect of this innovation is safer operations with a reduction in fatalities and injuries, but there are other important features as well. ·         Less detention time of rail cars in yard and terminals ·         Guaranteed coupling speeds of three miles per hour or less ·         Reduced supervisory cost ·         For major railroads, hundreds of millions of dollars in annual operating cost reduction To interest the Association of American Railroad in investing in this patented technology, we are publishing a petition to all knowledgeable and concerned railroaders who want the best for the railroad industry. By signing our petition, you will keep our industry growing, alive and well. Please sign the attached petition and display your thanks for all that our industry does.Read more

Thomas ChaseWinnsboro, SC, United States
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Created February 27, 2019
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