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Petition to Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Charles E. Schumer
are not able to speak out and have their voices and cases heard effectively.. I urge you toRead more

Monet JacksonNew York, NY, United States
282 supporters
Created Mar 31, 2019
Petition to Donald J. Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel (CDU), Justin Trudeau, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Pedro Sánchez
As demonstrated by the past few days after the lockdown, contagion and mortality due to Covid-19 dropped significantly. It is essential (in every single country!) to declare the lockdown as soon as possible. This apparently exaggerated measure is essential to prevent your nation's healthcare system to fall. At this critical moment in history, healthcare is playing such a vital role that it must be supported and preserved in all ways possible. The lockdown will impact the economy of every country, yes, but imagine a contagion that does not stop, imagine nations struggling to recover and then falling back again in other waves of contagion coming from other countries. Help million of  citizens being under lockdown to enjoy everyday's life as before, again. Help them to leave their house and get out freely, again. Let's raise our voice and suggest our countries how to help each other in such a terrible time!Read more

Alon Gregory RutiglianoItalia
1,591 supporters
Created Mar 12, 2020
Every single person in the UK depends upon the NHS. Sadly, it can no longer deliver the standard of care that we all expect. It's not a matter of spending more money. It's a matter of changing the perception that it's free and world-class.Through tax we pay a lot for the NHS but have a second rate service in terms of availability and outcomes compared with other similar European countries.The solution is to completely re-organise how healthcare is funded and administered, taking it out of central political control.Please join our petition to instigate a commission to fundamentally re-organise health and social care in the United Kingdom.We would appreciate if you would spread the word by sharing this petition to your friends and family. To find out more about our possible solutions please visit our website (RIHP.INFO)Read more

Dai DaviesLondon, United Kingdom
919 supporters
Created Sep 14, 2022
Petition to Honorable Minister of Health - Dr Joe Paahla, minister@health​.​gov​.​za;DG@health​.​gov​.​za
to the CMS To effectively and efficiently fulfil it’s responsibilities to medical scheme membersRead more

Kelly Du PlessisJohannesburg, South Africa
2,333 supporters
Created Jul 6, 2022
Petition to Anchorage School Board and Superintendent
to effectively educate our children. We need help to adequately serve as our kids' teachers because choose EITHER to keep schools and the community safe OR to effectively educate children. We canRead more

Kelly TshibakaAnchorage, AK, United States
1,533 supporters
Created Aug 2, 2020
Petition to Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Sacramento City Council
This petition is created to address the ongoing problem of mass shootings and the ability to control and monitor the purchasing of firearms. We as a people have become numb to these occurrences, it’s almost predictable and a “ norm “ in society. Huge retailers such as office max/depot are selling bulletproof backpacks for children, and it’s disgusting that parents should even have to consider purchasing it, not as disgusting as retailers profiting off the inhumane acts. I propose that ALL gun stores, guns shows, and/or any retailers for firearms MUST register the purchaser and the amount of guns purchased at the specific time and date into a state registry available to the public. It will not be registering firearms or background checks as those are prohibited federally. In order to prevent these terrorist acts, if an unreasonable amount of weapons are purchased at the time of registry an Amber alert liked message would be sent out to all schools, shopping centers, etc with a description of the purchaser such as race, height, weight, and amount of weapons purchased as well an attached memo to be on high alert. In order to protect purchasers privacy personal information such as names and addresses will not be given out. We BELIEVE this will not completely hault mass shootings completely but will help to prevent the amounts of deaths caused and families torn apart because of terrorist being able to purchase this weapons so easily! We’re getting  signatures to show the support of a bill we’re proposing to put this obligation on firearm retailers.Read more

John DanielsRiverside, CA, United States
31 supporters
Created Aug 4, 2019
Petition to Harding Charter Preparatory High School
I couldn't believe when I read that students at a school here in Oklahoma were videotaped dancing with dead cats -- in the classroom! Video recently surfaced of this horrifying incident, and now I want your help on my petition asking Harding Charter Preparatory High School to stop using cats and other animals for dissections. As People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) puts it, "Studies show that classroom animal dissection fosters insensitivity toward animals, and this troubling situation is a case in point. Cats used for classroom dissection are often someone's lost or stolen animal companion -- and in science classrooms, they're treated like disposable laboratory tools." Principal Justin Hunt told the media that he agrees "animals should be treated and handled with respect and dignity." If the citizens of Oklahoma and the general public are to believe Principal Hunt, he should ensure cats and other animals are no longer killed for and disrespected in classrooms. In this day and age, there are many technologically advanced alternatives to outdated use of cats and other animals to learn about anatomy. Please sign my petition asking Harding Charter Preparatory High School to stop using animals when so many humane options already exist and are used in schools around the world!Read more

Debbie BohlingTulsa, OK, United States
55,681 supporters
Created May 15, 2015
Petition to Government of India
We see lot of floods in rivers in Northern India, while in Southern states of India, drought situation prevails, this is seen over so many years. If canals are built on rivers in north India, and excess water is moved to southern states, flooding can be avoided at the same time water will be available to states like MP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra especially Vidarbha region, Karnataka etc. Moreover, vast land which is barren and not used for agriculture purposes can be utilised and food grains be produced.Read more

Ashok Joshiभारत
31 supporters
Created Apr 30, 2016
Children living in poverty are four times more likely to be unable to read effectively than theirRead more

jennifer mcfadyenUnited Kingdom
604 supporters
Created Aug 18, 2021
Petition to Parliament of Australia, Scott Morrison, Federal Parliament, ACCC, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, Australian House of Representatives
proposed legislation which, if enacted, will enable large news publishers to effectively suppress any and large news publishers, then Parliament would effectively be enabling these large news publishers to, large news corporations would effectively be able to suppress articles, videos, opinions, ideas, andRead more

Michael from EEAustralia
80,113 supporters
Created Aug 22, 2020
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