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Petition to Universal Pictures
Adding environmental education to The Lorax movie website is important because this is the message movie website that Dr. Seuss would be proud of. We recommend a “Lorax Tips” button shaped like a Truffula seed sharing ways people can help the planet. Maybe a Truffula Tree overflowing with tips and perfectly with the hopeful end to the story. Also, could you put green tips into your television and adding a “Lorax Tips” button. Universal, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’sRead more

Park School Paper ClubBrookline, MA, United States
56,513 supporters
Created Dec 16, 2011
Petition to Joko Widodo
tips and street vendors, they may carry diseases, become aggressive, and looked at as pests. Hundreds also have no idea if the animals are pets or strays.  What is needed is better education, theRead more

Nicola WilliamsManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
67,096 supporters
Created Feb 1, 2017
Petition to Adam Crozier
work frequently depicts real-life harassment of women and in his new show he offers dating tips to well as entertainment and education to millions of viewers both in the UK and abroad.   ITV is anRead more

Tom ZephyrLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 7, 2014
Petition to Shri Aaditya Thackarey, Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra
our mental health. In fact, psychologists have expressed concern and are constantly sharing tips for be released and repopulate the wild, a small hospital for urban wildlife, an education centre forRead more

Ambika HiranandaniMumbai, India
56,926 supporters
Created Oct 25, 2020
Petition to Secretary of the Interior, House Committee on Natural Resources, Chief of the United States Forest Service, Director State Of Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, Congress, Raul Grijalva
enough to solicit tips, or to act as a deterrent to other, future poachers.  We are asking the federal recovery area. savetheyellowstonegrizzly.org Yaak Valley Forest Council - works for a wild Yaak through science, education, and bold action. yaakvalley.orgRead more

Chuck IrestoneMontana, United States
85,397 supporters
Created Dec 24, 2020
Petition to Narendra Modi Prime Minister, Mahesh Sharma, Peta india, Pinaryi Vijayan, Justice P. Sathasivam, Shri.K. Raju
for them?  The elephant’s care and welfare are in the hands of a mahout whose education skills are average a mahout salary is $200 US dollars a month (the only incentive is to earn tips) in order to doRead more

Anika SleemMississauga, Canada
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Created Mar 14, 2018
Petition to KPM , Dr Maszlee Malik
Ministry of Education to introduce their brands to a new generation of consumers. This exploitation of from fast food branded CSR marketing campaigns. CREATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION MODULES: Rather than focusing on traditional health education, we are looking to develop creative & fun learning modules creative school campaigns to cultivate health education among students and schools. ONLINE OBESITY get advice on nutrition, weight management and other FAQ. WEB PORTAL - VIDEOS, TIPS, DATABASERead more

Kevin ZahriKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Created Jan 29, 2019
Petition to Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, Government of Manitoba
End the inhumane practice of declawing cats.  How would you feel if someone cut off the tips of with the surgery, the toll it takes on the animal, and teach people ways to safely train cats not to scratch. Education and understanding is key. Read more

Heather ThomasBrandon, Canada
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Created May 10, 2018
Petition to Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources
is likely to see while snorkeling, and helpful tips and information for avoiding damage to the reef Hanauma Bay each day. Please sign this petition to encourage Hanauma Bay Management and EducationRead more

Alexander SmithKailua, HI, United States
9,391 supporters
Created May 28, 2016
Petition to John O'Grady, Marilyn Brown, Kay Dickson, Kevin Boyce
adopters to introduce "Before Bringing Adopted Dog Home" and "30 Days After Adoption" tips. If screenings are not possible, provide mandatory education before pets are adopted that goes over the basics of dog decompression, and tips, tricks and resources for common dog behaviors. 2. Do not label dogs aRead more

Monica MosureColumbus, OH, United States
7,502 supporters
Created Dec 18, 2015
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