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A MKent, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 28, 2018
Petition to National People's Congress (NPC), WHO, OIE, UNEP
Français русский  Please take action to support a complete ban on captive breeding of wildlife for all commercial purposes, wildlife markets, eating of wild animals and trade in wild animals and derivatives in China.  The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has raised great concern for wild animal protection and biodiversity. On 17 February the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature, announced that they will review a draft decision on banning the illegal wildlife trade, as a move to stop the eating of wild animals and protect the health and safety of China’s people. We applaud the NPC of China for taking urgent steps to address the wildlife trade, but we urgently need your help to support a further amendment to the Wildlife Protection Law in China. Please show the support of the international community for a complete ban by the NPC on the captive breeding of wildlife for all commercial purposes, and the permanent closure of all wildlife markets and trade, as well as eating of wild animals in China. We are urging China to extend the recent ban on eating wildlife to include all 54 species on their list currently exempt from protection for food, fur, Traditional Chinese Medicine, derivative products and entertainment. Please take action now to stop the commercial exploitation of wild animals in China. Thank you for participating and helping to create a more compassionate world by Caring for Life!Read more

ACTAsia EducationUnited Kingdom
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Created Feb 20, 2020
Petition to President, Secretary of Education, United Nations
the most remote place to the most populated, have a quality education that allows them to have good job opportunities, as well as free education and that everyone can access it. Reasons to support the cause: 1-The education improves people's lives:With a higher level of education, a person manages to obtain a higher level of income than if they did not have that training. 2- The education is economic growth, development and social progress. 3- Education has always been important for developmentRead more

Juan Felipe Guevara HoyosBogota, Colombia
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Created Feb 26, 2021
Petition to Province of Ontario
Genocide Education Week Act introduced by MPP Vijay Thanigasalam. We also thank the City of Toronto on May 16th. The recognition of the Tamil genocide and education about it will allow for Tamils toRead more

Tamils In OntarioCanada
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Created May 9, 2019
Petition to APSACS Secretariat
Dear reader, Education and the search for knowledge has been in motion since the dawn of time. Even our religion has enlightened us about the importance of education. However today, There are over improvement in the education sector in recent years. Yet, the students are not content with the review these aforementioned points and build on the already well established education system to aid Petition to help shed light on the APS system of education in Pakistan and help improve it further! - Group of Concerned StudentsRead more

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Created Jan 24, 2019
Petition to Skolverket, Universitets- och Högskolerådet, Riksdagen, Regeringen, antidiskrimineringsbyrån , Högskoleverket
, even entire groups', opportunities for work, education, health care, financial status and social status. Today, the history and imprint of racism is almost unheard of in our education system, and yet to. Anti-racism education might enable further progress, major needed and important changes in our introducing anti-racism education as a mandatory subject & course in Sweden's education system. In all of Sweden's elementary schools, upper secondary schools and post-secondary education, anti-racismRead more

Sabrine ArfaouiVästerås, Sweden
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Created Jun 16, 2020
Petition to President, Ministry of Education
This request is with the intention of making education much more accessible to all and to some a good education. Now a list of aspects to improve in Colombian education:1- Improve the education more equitable between public schools and private schools, as there is a large gap of differences, since most public schools have very poor education topics and progress and only privateRead more

Juan SaboyaColombia
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Created Feb 27, 2021
Petition to Everyone be together
Library Activities for all area: -To improve Reading culture -To change from single person be better for communityRead more

Vorleak KeoCambodia
929 supporters
Created Mar 29, 2019
Petition to All schools in Jeddah
Jeddah, whether public or private,to include education for people with Trisomy 21 in their school with Trisomy 21 the right to have a good education and showcase their abilities . We have a special special needs education in its school system. We believe Nobles International School is a suitableRead more

Naya AslanJeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Created Mar 31, 2018
Petition to Pakatan harapan
On the 18th May, Dr Maszlee Malik has been announced as the Education Minister by the Prime esteemed candidate for the Education Minister. His vast experience in academia and leadership in us gather our support for Dr Maszlee to lead our Education Ministry. With reforms in education driving his main agenda, this man is setting the change in education we all have been waiting for.Read more

Nurul Fitrah MaricanKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
310,009 supporters
Created May 18, 2018
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