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Petition to humans
It’s my first birthday!! Celebrate with me by signing this petition. The greatest threat to the planet is: someone else will save it. So for my first birthday, we are making 5 pledges, Join me! and together we make our planet, Earth, a better place to live in. 1. Talk more, exist more! We pledge to read and talk about climate change and actions that can be taken at our individual and community levels. We have used the books mentioned below extensively; major recommended books to talk climate change with your little ones! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBC5jGbFE4R/ 2. Sustainable Fashion The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry. Recognizing that, we pledge to: Buy less - For one year, we pledge to buy only 1 dress for every 2 that we grow out of.Mend & Recycle: Blessed with such a rockstar granny, most of our clothes are from the leftovers or old clothes.3. Eat Green. Go Vegan. The meat production industry is the third most polluting industry; vegetarian from generations, this year we are trying our level best to go vegan! It’s hard to go completely vegan for me; but we are going vegan "Once a week" Yayy! 4. Watch your waste We tried this ourselves! Start counting the number of waste bags that you are disposing off -  be it office or home. Be conscious about it & within weeks you will reduce the waste secretion to half. 5. Ditch single-use plastic Small changes in everyday habits can also have a big impact, showing supermarkets that plastic is old news. Make the decision to ditch plastic bags, single-use cups and plastic bottles and use canvas bags, reusable coffee cups and water bottles. Say no to plastic straws and disposable cutlery, and avoid excessive plastic packaging as much as you can by buying loose items and using refill stations. Come join me, so that for many first birthdays to come, kids can enjoy their planet - just the way our ancestors did!   Read more

Adira SuchantiJapan
65 supporters
Created Jul 1, 2020
Petition to Department of Education
We want to use the computer room of the school everytime we need it, especially for doing our activities, projects, and assignments..  But only if we are having a hard time on doing this things, and also for the good of our study. We create this petition because our school is not always allowing us to use the computer room at our ICT subject especially when we have an activity to do. We have a lot of activities on this subject just like creating website using jimdo,  creating our blog on Word Press, making infographics using pictochart, and etc.  We are having a hard time to do our project because we dont have a laptop and also internet connection. But in order for us to do the activities that our teacher told us to do, we use our mobile phone to create this activities just to pass our project at the right and exact time that she told us to do.  And also for compilation. But using our mobile phone for creating this things is sometimes difficult because we only use the mobile data of our phone in order for us to connect to the internet. Therefore we want them to allow us to use the computer room so that were not having a hard time to make those activities. And to make our task fast.Read more

Jee Ann VillenaPhilippines
79 supporters
Created Sep 14, 2017
Petition to U​.​S. Senate Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
. Trash is one of the largest problems facing the environment. Junk mail is the easiest to fixRead more

Bryan SmithHouston, TX, United States
81,328 supporters
Created Nov 25, 2020
Petition to Verizon government relations
of the easiest ways to help - texting to give by mobile - actually isn't the help it sounds likeRead more

Masaya UchinoSan Francisco, CA, United States
65,706 supporters
Created Mar 14, 2011
Petition to V. S. Sampath
democracy, we should not tolerate this situation for a day more.  Lastly, this is one of the easiestRead more

Rajeev ChandrasekharBangalore, KA, India
68,888 supporters
Created Jan 14, 2014
Petition to Washington County Sheriff, Oregon
, place it in a sanctuary or seek help from specialists, however they chose the easiest way, they choseRead more

Juan Pablo Vega RamirezLos Angeles, CA, United States
98,197 supporters
Created Jun 19, 2019
Petition to dan.hare@mail.house.gov
homelessness, then our situation as foster youth is the very easiest situation in the nation to addressRead more

Lisa DicksonWesterville, OH, United States
55,365 supporters
Created Jul 20, 2018
Petition to Me the people in my surroundings and civilians, The Goverment
. Wherever you live, the easiest and most direct way that you can get started is by reducing your own use of. The easiest way for you to save the environment in even the slightest way, is keeping up to date easiest way to make a difference. You can help by wanting to help yourself and the people after you, and most importantly, the oceans. So why give up when you can take the easiest step by agreeing andRead more

Rehma KhanKarachi, Pakistan
37,038 supporters
Created Mar 21, 2021
Petition to Empire State Development, Empire State Develop, Robert Duffy
Riding off-road motorcycles and ATVs is a source of recreation for tens of thousands of NY State citizens and families.  It is also a source of income for a number of private businesses and not-for-profit clubs in NY State.  It also happens to be the recreational activity or sport most likely to be able to follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC, WHO and local authorities.  This sport requires participants to wear helmets, distancing is a natural by-product of the activity, and there is no need for human contact at the facilities themselves.  Of all recreational activities available to NY state residents, off-road vehicles at private facilities would pose the least risk to spreading the Covid-19 to participants.  We ask that these facilities be allowed to open under strict conditions of social distancing, contact-less registration and the closing of any public gathering areas at the facilities. Some of the businesses that are negatively impacted by the closure of these facilities include: Powersports Dealerships, Gas Station, Private Track Owners, Non-Profit Riding Clubs, Powersports Service Shops, Riding Accessory Shops and more.Read more

Jay ShermanVictor, NY, United States
21,613 supporters
Created Apr 20, 2020
Petition to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Sonny Perdue, Paul Kiecker, Ben Harrison, Dr. Mindy Brashears
easiest way you can protect chickens, and all animals, from this abuse is to try healthy and delicious vegan eating. Click here to get started!Read more

Erica MeierWashington, DC, United States
128,737 supporters
Created Nov 16, 2018
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