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Petition to Smt. Samriti Zubin Irani
responsibility of procuring birth registration documents and orphan certificates rests with the children. Providing them the necessary documents should be the responsibility of the Government of India andRead more

Vishalmridul MandalIndia
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Created Oct 11, 2022
Petition to Marco Mendicino, Dane Lloyd, Justin Trudeau, Francois-Philippe Champagne, Bill Blair
Sarah Wallace is a Canadian Citizen, born and raised in the Parkland County of Alberta.  She is 6.5 months pregnant and needs to urgently get back to Canada to deal with some medical concerns.  Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, her two adoptive children, whose adoptions are in the final stages but not complete, are not eligible to enter Canada at this time and therefore their application for temporary visas is not being processed. While Sarah, her American husband, Jean-Pierre, and their biological son, Jean-Jacques, would be able to leave Haiti and enter Canada, they will not leave their adoptive children, Eva-Maria (2 years old) and Jean-Moise (4 years old).   For 12 years Sarah has been working through the organization she founded, Olive Tree Projects, to keep families together in Haiti.  Now it’s our turn to help her keep her family together.  In January 2017 Sarah and her husband, Jean-Pierre (JP), took in a very sick, abandoned, baby boy and after a few months decided to start the process of adopting Jean-Moise.  Their biological son, Jean-Jacque was born in September of 2017.  And then in March 2018 social services dropped off a new born girl who was found thrown away in a cement bag, the placenta was still attached.  When social services hadn’t found a home for this little girl Sarah and JP made the decision to start the formal adoption process for her too.  Sarah and JP now have legal guardianship of Jean-Moise and Eva-Maria and for the past 2 years have continually been working at formalizing the adoptions. All necessary documentation is complete and the remainder of the adoption process is in the hands of the Haitian authorities.  This process cannot be expedited and may take longer than expected to complete because the staff of the Haitian adoption authority are working in shifts in order to reduce the number of people in their office and reduce their risk of exposure to Covid-19.   Haiti has been riddled with power and fuel shortages, kidnappings, protests, increased violence and country-wide roadblocks that caused a "country lockdown" for much of last year.  She has not been back to Canada for a break since February 2018.  The stressful environment is affecting her mental and physical health.  Sarah is now expecting their 4th child (2nd biological) in October.  She has had some hypoglycemic attacks, and when she had an ultrasound done the doctor said he was unable to confirm if the baby's heart was properly formed.  For these reasons Sarah needs to get to Canada to get proper medical help and to deliver her baby safely.  Their son Jean-Jacques was born in Haiti in 2017.  Sarah had to have an emergency C-Section due to fetal distress.  Fortunately one of the midwives was there to resuscitate Jean-Jacques, as the private hospital did not have staff equipped and skilled to handle the resuscitation.  That same hospital was recently closed at night because there was no power and no fuel available to run a generator.   Last Saturday Sarah received a letter from the IRCC stating that under Canada’s Covid19 regulations the children do not qualify under the definition of Immediate Family Members as they are not fully adopted.  Legal guardianship does not count.    However, under the IRCC's Covid-19 Travel Restrictions, exemptions CAN be made for guardians or tutors of foreign nationals who are residing in Canada.  It seems unbalanced for the IRCC to allow foreign national minors residing in Canada to bring their foreign national guardians or tutors into Canada, but the foreign national children of whom Sarah (a Canadian Citizen born and raised) is the guardian of, are not exempt from the same restrictions.  What we are asking for is immediate assistance to allow Sarah to bring Jean-Moise and Eva-Maria to Canada Note:  Donations made to this site do not go to Sarah's family. Read more

Patricia BaileyParkland County, Canada
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Created Aug 19, 2020
Petition to UNESCO
" documents in the Memory of the World Register. Memory of the World Programme is an international Imperialists. Japan is using all its power to exclude the “Comfort Women" documents. Fairness demands goodRead more

Comfort Women Justice CoalitionSan Francisco, CA, United States
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Created Dec 17, 2018
Petition to Priti Patel MP
Essex Police: Release All Documents Withheld under Public Interest Immunity (PII) to Jeremy place, there is no beneficial reason for withholding the documents and photographs by refusingRead more

Jeremy Bamber Campaign JB Campaign LtdJersey, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 6, 2015
Petition to Madison CT Police Department
My name is Madison Hamburg and I'm the son of Barbara Hamburg. On March 3rd, 2010, my mother was brutally murdered in Madison, Connecticut. Her case has remained unsolved for ten years, and four years ago it went cold. My family and I live with my mother’s absence every day and we are desperate to find justice for her murder. The Madison Police Department has denied my requests to view or make copies of my mother's case files, and although the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was willing to release my mother's autopsy records, the State's Attorney's Office has issued a court order sealing those records. I now turn to the public for help.   The goal of this petition is to: Urge the Madison Police Department to share their files on Barbara Hamburg's homicide investigation with the public. Pressure the State's Attorney's Office to lift the court order sealing her autopsy records.  My hope is that the release of these decade-old case files may spur new leads in the case, which will bring my family one step closer to finding justice. Please consider lending me your help by signing this petition. Thank you.Read more

Madison HamburgUnited States
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Created Feb 24, 2020
Petition to Sean Fraser, Iqwinder Gaheer, Marci Ien, Marie-France Lalonde, Salma Zahid
. But unless Canada immediately issues her travel documents, her risk increases from the bitterly cold standby to purchase an airline ticket. All Zahra needs are Canadian travel documents.  Every moment Canada delays this simple issuance of travel documents increases Zahra’s risk. On February 9-free, and life saving: issue travel documents to her immediately. There is no reason to delay in her complete and just awaiting the final issuance of travel documents.Read more

Matthew BehrensOttawa, Canada
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Created Feb 14, 2023
Petition to Xavier Becerra, Ben Allen, Al Muratsuchi, Ajit Pai
current law and preventing the disclosure of medical documents (such as autopsy reports) of the should have access to autopsy reports and other medical documents of the deceased. Thank you.Read more

Ashleigh GreenawayBangor, NIR, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 9, 2017
Petition to Judge Loretta Preska
unseal documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s rape and sexual violence accusations. We believe this implicated, including President Donald Trump. The documents would seem to implicate President Trump and the side of justice, public safety, and transparency by allowing these documents to come to light. We say enough is enough.Read more

The FFLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created Dec 18, 2019
Petition to Department of International Relations and Cooperation, South African Qualifications Authority
I am Nwabisa Ngezana and since 2020 I have been on the journey of trying to get my documents its doors to desperate unemployed graduates who seek to get their documents apostilled as part of the submit documents on behalf of applicants who they charge anything from R1000 to over R3000 for the had their documents rejected because they are said to be fraudulent and fake by the countries theyRead more

Nwabisa NgezanaDurban, South Africa
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Created Aug 16, 2022
Petition to South African police services
The petition it's going to make a huge difference within the community of Moletjie Moshate including the neighboring communities, since we are currently in the middle of a national lockdown. We call on South African Police Services to bring back the document certification service to our community. It's one of the route of practicing social distancing because in Seshego and Polokwane Police are always overcrowded with people from Moletjie and other communities. Moletjie Moshate is one of the biggest and oldest communities in the Capricorn district with more than 100 villages. Villages like Ga-Rankhuwe, Piet, Monyoaneng, Kobo, Mashits, Chokwe, Mashobohleng, Mabitsela, Mahwibitswane, Matlou, Ramphele, Mmakgabo, Madikoti, Mabokelele, Leokama, Motinti, Moeti, Nong, Setlogong, Seshigo high, Komape, Masedibu etc. Those villages are in need of document certification services on a daily basis and also students desperately need it since they are trying to apply for tertiary institutions for the coming academic year of 2021. Students need this document certification service more than anyone in our community since they are far behind with syllabus and they also attend school even during the weekends. South African Police Services should take this into consideration and hopefully make it happen ASAP.  PLEASE LET'S SIGN THE PETITION THE PEOPLE OF MOLETJIE.   Read more

Condar Dope-MatrixSouth Africa
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Created Aug 28, 2020
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