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Petition to DICE/EA
Remove distinct characters from classes. Having specific "operators" or specialists with distinctRead more

Harris StevensKansas, United States
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Created Jun 9, 2021
Petition to Government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, Iain Rankin, Tim Houston, Gary Burrill
I am asking for our government to take a common sense approach to legislation surrounding what requirements must be met to become an agency NSLC. Currently my understanding is that Agency stores must be more than 10kms from an existing corporate store, and 13kms from an existing agency store. Basing which business is able to provide service to customers based on distance from other available outlets doesn’t seem to make much sense. In Pictou County alone corporate stores: NSLC Stellerton to NSLC Westville            4.6 kms NSLC Stellerton to NSLC Aberdeen          3.4 kms NSLC Aberdeen to NSLC Westside           2.2 kms NSLC Westside to NSLC Westville             6.6 kms Which means someone could drive a 16.8 KM loop and stop at 4 NSLC corporate stores. I think that we could agree distance being used as a determining factor should be revisited. Falling in line with the Nova Scotia’s government response to COVID 19 pandemic, we have determined that access to the products at the NSLC are essential. We have also determined that staying in our community will help stop the spread of this virus. Having access to these products in our community would also keep the members of our community and surrounding areas from having to go into the more densely populated areas in the event of another wave or future virus. Small rural businesses have been disappearing, taking with them jobs and services to people in those communities. Legislation that make things fair for all business and create equal opportunity for all is the direction that I would like to see our government follow.Read more

Tyler maclaneNew Glasgow, Canada
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Created Aug 4, 2021
Petition to Dr Robert Jakob, Medical Officer, Solvejg Bang, MD, Medical officer, Dr Naoko Tajima, Professor Emerita, Dr William Ghali, Scientific Director, Mr Ulrich Vogel, Co-Head, WHO-FIC Collaborating Centr...
distinct subtype or profile of ASD.  Both adults and children have received diagnoses of ASD-PDA in the whole must still be recognised as a distinct profile, because the child in which it exists is on the clinically justified giving it it's own name as a compound of two conditions that makes up a distinct.  However, as explained above, because of the distinct differences of PDA to other ASDs, the clinical Demand Avoidance as a distinct subtype under the Autism Spectrum Disorder category in the ICD11 when it is finalised and issued.Read more

Autistic ParentUnited Kingdom
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Created Mar 20, 2018
Petition to UK government and advisors
Until an effective vaccine is widely available for the Covid-19 virus which can be easily transmitted by asymptomatic individuals, intelligent use of large scale virus testing (LSVT) to detect the hidden virus is the only tool known to halt the spread of the disease and thus save many lives. By this means, people who test positive are more likely to isolate, health officials have information to break transmission chains by tracking down positive individuals and their contacts, virus free subjects can be identified and the behaviour of the disease can studied, helping measure the actual no. of cases, identify hotspots, monitor the effect of any measures taken, etc. Thus, the rest of world (countries with the disease or with foresight & the WHO) are strongly advocating, and many are vigorously practicing LSVT. The view is shared by almost all scientists in the UK. S Korea’s successful use of LSVT is being followed by Germany and many smaller countries and it has been used to eradicate the disease in some towns in N Italy. The UK is NOT conducting LSVT. Following criticism for actually reducing the test rate, the Gov promised 25 000 tests per day but have come nowhere near that number. At under 1500 tests per million people (Wikipedia, 27 March), the UK is outside the top 50 countries or regions. Statements that the UK is well placed in virus testing are untrue. Importantly, the millions of tests now promised by the PM are quite different and do not detect the virus but instead the antibodies to the virus which are believed to be detectable only about 2-3 days after symptoms emerge, i.e. as much as 2 weeks after the virus is present and would have been identified by the virus test. An antibody test would be a very useful complement to LSVT but is of no value in identifying those carrying and transmitting the virus without symptoms, or up to 2 weeks before they appear. The virus and antibody tests are not interchangeable. The proposed antibody test shows where the enemy may have been but not where it actually is. We are now an extremely desperate situation with the exponential increase in seriously ill threatening to overwhelm the NHS. The lack of adequate LSVT risks leaving the country fighting a deadly infection blindfold. In simple terms, knowing what the enemy is up to is key to winning the war. If you want the UK gov to join other countries in undertaking large scale virus testing (LSVT) and fully explain their strategy to do this, please sign this petition.Read more

Peter BuchanUnited Kingdom
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Created Mar 27, 2020
Petition to Dr Paul Chrisp, Sir Andrew Dillon, Carol Monaghan MP, Peter Barry, Ilora Finlay, Theo Anbu, Joanne Bond-Kendall, Mike Beadsworth, Susan Watson, Jo Daniels, Luis Nacul (Mr. Not interested in hearing...
Poliomyelitis" should be it's own distinct disease category; which is separate from "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME Pedia page Whitney Dafoe ME Pedia page This condition should have its own distinct set of criteria; which separates the condition from other similar conditions as its own distinct disease entityRead more

Ryan CGorleston-On-Sea, ENG, United Kingdom
791 supporters
Created Apr 8, 2019
Petition to Capcom Co .
Many people have been waiting excitedly for the RE2 Remake to be released and I think we all agree that it turned out to be a great game! The developers actually managed to improve the original in so many ways and we can be glad to have the privilege of playing the modern version of our favorite childhood game.  But there is one thing that leaves many people confused or even totally disappointed: The lack of differences between the campaigns and as a result confusion about the plot of the game! The game events of one character fully contradict the game of the other because it handles it like an alternative universe. This concept of storytelling (that we know from RE1) doesnt work in RE2 because - unlike in RE1 - this game is about two characters that BOTH have their own important sub plots about different support- and side characters that BOTH have to happen according the RE lore! This just cant be achieved the way the campaigns work because leons game contradicts claires and claires game contradicts leons. So, BOTH campaigns cant have happened! There clearly needed to be two different campaings. On the one hand each campaign wants to be a "stand alone", being only loosely connected to the other one, but on the other hand each character has exclusive story parts that you only see if you finish BOTH campaigns. In addition to it there are plenty indications that both characters campaigns/ 2nd runs were initially supposed to exist in parallel (different starts after the crash, being leon the window in the interrogation room is smashed what happens in claires game, different last bossfight etc.) In the end this system is a mix of alternative timelines and partly complementing stories! Thats not a good system! The official canon story about what really happened cant be extracted that way! What we need and what I ask capcom for is a story dlc that introduces minor changes in a way that leon and claire have complementing stories that result in a consistent overall plot! We are all huge fans and we all want the game to be as great as it can be thats why I am asking you for supporting this petition! Sign in and share via twitter, facebook, reddit etc. Thank you very much!            Read more

Patrick WeißDeutschland
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Created Feb 12, 2019
Petition to HHS Secretary, Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Elizabeth Unger, CFSAC , Dr. Walter Koroshetz, Vicky Whittemore
name, define, fund and represent the distinct biomedical disease ME which has been recognized by the Asprusten et al. has shown that the IOM/SEID criteria do not define the distinct neuroimmune disease ME as criteria do not explicitly define the distinct disease ME.  We further object to the reference by HHSRead more

Gabby KleinFlorida, United States
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Created Jul 22, 2018
Petition to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
distinct species and must be protected under the Endangered Species Act. Don't let this beautiful WolfRead more

Radar Dish SoapCharlotte, NC, United States
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Created Jul 20, 2019
Petition to beirutmn@beirut.gov.lb , Beirut Municipality
designs that reflect the historical wealth and distinct identity of our historical city. Till now old beautiful building of distinct significance is threaten to be demolished for the sake of buildingRead more

Hadi El-JundiBeirut, Lebanon
49,419 supporters
Created Nov 8, 2018
Petition to Chair of the Independent Panel of Experts Ingrid Woolard, National Treasury South Africa
women at a distinct financial disadvantage in comparison to men. The effect of the tax on these itemsRead more

Concerned CitizenSouth Africa
92,219 supporters
Created May 11, 2018
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