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Petition to Management team of G​.​D.Goenka Public School
a difficult time due to Global impact of Coronavirus and the global economy has already started the school fees hike. Also, we expect you to stand with the parents in this difficult time andRead more

Nishu JainIndia
10,420 supporters
Created Mar 26, 2020
Petition to CBSE board
2 AND SET 3 was very difficult especially q 24  of both the papers it is not easy to learn all theRead more

Fellow MehtaIndia
10,534 supporters
Created Mar 29, 2019
Petition to Minister of Commerce and Commercial Affairs
on New Zealand's small business owners who will find it increasingly difficult to raise capitalRead more

John BoltonAuckland, New Zealand
9,737 supporters
Created Dec 11, 2021
Petition to CBSE
It was very difficult  for children  to solve  the cbse 10 science board exam all the sets were very difficult  the students of class 10 were enable to solve it the students wants for linent checking Read more

Preety RoshaIndia
237 supporters
Created Mar 8, 2020
Petition to MOON ACTIVE LTD, Stephen A Martin
To Stop Moon Active Ltd Making the Coin Master Game Difficult To Play  "Stop Changing It To MakeRead more

Stephen A MartinUnited Kingdom
6,753 supporters
Created Oct 11, 2019
Petition to Donald J. Trump, U​.​S. Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives
Many of us have personally been negatively impacted by Covid-19 or know someone who has been. We were promised at the start of the lock downs that if we did our part to help stop the spread or "flatten the curve", the Government would do their part to provide us relief during these unprecedented times. Many of us lost our jobs, put our own lives at risk as Frontline workers, and had to stay home to teach our children as schools closed. We gave up Graduations, prom, birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, vacations, and so much more. Congress acted quickly to provide us with quick, temporary relief while they worked on a more comprehensive package that would support us through the lock downs and throughout the Pandemic. The people have yet to see the full Government support they were promised. Instead, Congress continues to put their own Political agenda's ahead of the people and the peoples needs. Families that once had well stocked cupboards, fridges, and freezers are now going hungry. Individuals who had anywhere from months to years of savings built up are now staring at $0 balance bank accounts. Congress must fulfill their end of the promises made. Congress must act now in a way that addresses finishing what they started as well as takes us through the remainder of the Pandemic.  We need 6 months retroactive checks at $2,000 for all Adults and $1,200 for child dependents 17 and under up to a family of 5 (3 children).  We need a minimum of $450 per week in FPUC retroactive to at least August 1st 2020, through January 31st and then reexamined for potential extension. We need an additional minimum of 13 week extension on State UI benefits.  We need Hazard Pay for Frontline workers somewhere between $5,000-$10,000 per Individual who has worked at least 2 months (consecutive or not) during the Pandemic. Employees shall be responsible for applying on their own behalf and responsible for providing any documentation required.    Congress needs to do better. Congress needs to be better. We are also calling for all members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to have paychecks withheld until they can fulfill their duty to the people and provide the relief we are entitled to and deserve. We did our part. It is time for them to do theirs.  #PurplePowerCaucus #PURPLEPOWER #LALATE #PurplePowerFamily #PurplePowerCheck #PurplePowerFPUC #PurplePowerHazardPay    We are all in this together. Let our voices be heard. ���Read more

Alisha CoxGlencoe, MN, United States
121,695 supporters
Created Oct 27, 2020
Petition to Hulu, Netflix, Randy Freer
Difficult People brightened up my day and made me laugh in these uncertain times that we live. We. Please renew Difficult People for Season 4! Hulu please take notice!!!!   Please Sign & SHARE!!!!Read more

Nathaniel NowakGroton, CT, United States
137 supporters
Created Nov 15, 2017
Petition to The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, The Honourable Filomena Tassi, The Honourable Mélanie Joy, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Government of Canada, Bill Morneau
For the last year, I have had an Instagram account dedicated to my love of Air Canada and I have gotten to know hundreds of amazing Air Canada employees. But now, many of the employees I know and 20,000 others at Air Canada are being laid-off due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world begins to reopen and as restrictions loosen, airlines are in need of the Federal Government’s help. With flight routes limited, fleets grounded and demand at an all time low, Canadian airlines are suffering and on the verge of going under.  From the start of the pandemic until now, the Canadian Federal Government has been tightlipped about helping Canadian Airlines through this pandemic. According to CBC News, Air Canada alone has had to cut its workforce by at least half, laying-off 20,000 of their employees. The airline is only is only currently flying at about 5 percent of their capacity, and the airline is also losing $22 million a day. And this is just one airline. There are so many more Canadian Airlines suffering and in need of more support. Support for our Canadian airlines has been limited. The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy is not enough to keep our planes in the sky. More must be done by the Federal Government to protect the airline industry and their employees. Air travel is an essential service, and I am calling on the federal government to give more support to the Canadian Airlines in order for them to survive this pandemic. Please sign and share this petition. Your support is much appreciated. If you have the time, please share this with your member of Parliament or a Minister who may be able to solve this issue. Thank you!Read more

Zoe The Air Canada FangirlCanada
24,573 supporters
Created May 17, 2020
Petition to Andrea Horwath, Kathleen Wynne, Doug Ford, Brian Patterson, Merrilee Fullerton, Stephanie Rea, Tanya Blazina, Lisa Gretzky, Philip Welford, Stephanie Re, Paul Newcombe, Lillian Seixas, Rebecca Bozz...
difficult to qualify for OSAP and terminating the much needed 6-month interest-free grace period afterRead more

Marianne KantatiWindsor, Canada
354,572 supporters
Created Jan 17, 2019
Petition to CM of Karnataka, Narendra Modi, B​.​S.Yadiyurappa , Ajay Bhalla, T M Vijay Bhaskar, Madhuswamy
online gambling websites are looting money & making lives more difficult as a result so many people very difficult to get out! Online gambling is illegal in India.However there's a provision inRead more

Sharada DiamondBangalore, India
1,364 supporters
Created Sep 16, 2020
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