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Petition to Kailua neighbors
In Kailua, we have the well known wetlands of Kawainui and Kaelepulu. There are also smaller, less known wetlands such as Hamakua.  One of these smaller wetlands has been the target of developers for well over a decade and is located at the end of Akumu Street in Enchanted lake, adjacent to the Kaelepulu wetland. It is located approximately 400 feet north from the baseball field at Keolu Elementary. This 4.9 acre wetland is home to many wetland birds like the ‘alae ‘ula (mud hen), ‘ae’o (stilt), and the ‘auku’u (night heron). The developer wants to change all of this and build 38 homes instead. We understand that housing is important, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of destroying wetlands. About half of the site is wetland while the other half is on a hill, and would be a very nice location for houses.  In the 1970s, this area was designated as wetlands by the Army Corps of Engineers, and therefore received federal protection. In January of 2015, the Army COE changed this designation to non-wetlands based upon an engineer report that was ordered and paid for by the developer. To the common eye, anyone can see that the area has wetland characteristics like standing water, wetland birds, and common vegetation of wetlands. Photos capture the images of standing water for 9 months of the year. The only difference with this area between 1970 and today is that there is renewed motivation to sell Kailua homes for over $800,000 each. The land hasn’t changed. The birds haven’t changed. The water certainly hasn’t changed. Help us to save this wetland from destruction. Help us to correct the misinformation that the Army COE accepted as truth. Help us to keep development in Kailua under control so that it will still feel and look like our beloved Kailua for many more generations. If we lose anymore of our natural resources like birds, trees, beaches, mountains or the ocean, we will lose our beautiful Kailua and become just like the other overdeveloped areas on Oahu.  Mahalo for your support!Read more

Alika FerreiraKailua, HI, United States
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Created May 24, 2019
Petition to Electronic Arts, PopCap
To Electronic Arts and the developers of the mobile game, Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes As a community, we would like to thank you for creating Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, which is indisputably the best mobile Collectible Card Game we have ever played. It captures the charm of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, while delivering a fun, creative and deeply strategic experience. The game’s interface is particularly mobile friendly, and the game is accessible to casual and competitive players alike, which sets it apart from almost all other Collectible Card Games. Plants vs. Zombies is a widely recognized and loved franchise, but most gamers have never even heard of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. We are confident that with minor changes to the game and the way it is marketed, that PvZ Heroes has the potential to become a great success, and reach a much larger audience without excessive investment in advertising.  Successful Collectible Card Games, such as Hearthstone, reached a wide audience using virtually free advertising. They accomplished this by creating broadcasted tournaments, and by encouraging highly skilled content creators to create streams and videos of the game on Twitch and YouTube. This also caused players to become more invested in the game, as the average player wanted to use the same cards and accomplish as much as the streamers and tournament champions. Another important aspect to Collectible Card Games is a competitive “ladder” for the highest level players to compete. A competitive ELO system could be easily implemented in to PvZ Heroes once players have reached “Ultimate League”. This would make competitive players more invested in the game, build a platform on which content creators can compete, and would be a built in system for selecting tournament qualifiers.  We hope you will recognize what a great opportunity PvZ Heroes is, and that you will continue to create new cards to collect, and develop the game to its highest potential. Signed,  The Plants vs. Zombies Heroes CommunityRead more

Fry Em UpToronto, Canada
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Created Jul 25, 2019
Petition to The U.S. Senate
developing countries, these poverty-fighting priorities were sharply cut by the House of Representatives. That's right, just 1% of the federal budget goes to life-saving programs in the developingRead more

Andrea WoodOakland, CA, United States
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Created Mar 10, 2011
Petition to Sec. Leonor Briones, Comm. Virgilio Almario, President Rodrigo Duterte
Philippines and the international community, organizations committed to developing Ilokano language Philippine languages to take and maintain the lead in developing their own writing systems where noneRead more

J. RamSan Pedro, Philippines
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Created Jun 29, 2018
Petition to Sussex County Council
DAC has been running public art events in Sussex County since 2015, and this year we have a brand new location in West Rehoboth right near our main facilities! Fully supported by The Delaware Department of Public Health, this weekly outdoor arts market will feature local handmade goods, live entertainment, beer from Revelation Brewery and local food trucks!  We have been approved for the initial events, starting on May 24, but are striving to obtain a conditional permit to keep this event going without a hitch for months and years to come in its current location. We need your help showing Sussex County that this is a public amenity that our community wants. The more support we can get from you, our wonderful community members, the better!  DAC is dedicated to advancing the careers of local artists, but also dedicated to building a grassroots art community in Sussex County for years to come. If you're passionate about supporting this amazing public event, please sign our petition. Every signature gained shows that we have the backing of our community to continue accomplishing our missions as a local arts non-profit. Thank you, and see you at Creative Market! More information about DAC can be found on our website.Read more

Developing Artist CollaborationRehoboth Beach, DE, United States
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Created May 3, 2021
The State of Hawaiʻi gave OHA 30 acres of property scattered across nine parcels in Kaka‘ako Makai in 2012. Now called Hakuone, the land was a partial settlement of decades of unpaid Public Land Trust funds due for the use of ceded Hawaiian land. The $200 million valuation of that land, however, was based on the potential to build residential properties in the future. However, a 2016 law—passed after outcry over a separate developer’s resort plan for the shoreline—now prohibits residential development in the area. This restriction is outdated, and unjust. In effect, the law singles out land owned and stewarded by Hawaiians, even though our culture demands a long-term view of protecting the land, Meanwhile, condo towers have sprouted up right across the street, and luxury development continues unabated. The heart of any community is its people. To realize the full “live, work, play” vision of Hakuone, people have to be able to live there. All of Hawaiʻi agrees on the need for more housing for local residents, and native Hawaiians disproportionately suffer from homelessness in their homeland. The law that bans residential development in Kakaʻako makai must be repealed. By offering a full spectrum of housing options, including workforce and affordable housing, Hakuone can become a thriving local community in the heart of Honolulu. It will also create a sustainable economic engine that will allow OHA to continue to fulfill its mission of uplifting native Hawaiians everywhere. Hakuone WILL: Include a Native Hawaiian Cultural Center, shops featuring native Hawaiian and local makers and creators, local amenities like farmers markets and day care for keiki and kupuna, a shoreline promenade, 10 acres park space, and parking. Be a welcoming kīpuka for all of Hawaiʻi to enjoy, while celebrating and perpetuating Native Hawaiian culture and values, including sustainable agriculture, fishing, surfing, hula, kanikapila, and more. Serve as a sustainable economic engine that supports OHA’s work on behalf of native Hawaiians across the entire state. Hakuone WILL NOT: Build condos on all nine parcels. OHA seeks residential development on three mauka parcels. Prohibit or unduly restrict access to the shoreline. Public access is a priority. Subvert or violate environmental protection laws. Cleanup is part of the plan. Interfere with other landowners or tenants. Hakuone’s 30 acres and 10 parcels are only 14 percent of all the land that makes up Kaka‘ako Makai.   It is time for Native Hawaiians to be honored for who they are and their fundamental contributions to these islands. The Hawaiian people deserve the right to create a community that’s rooted in their culture and supports their people. The state owes it to the Hawaiian people to finally do right by them.Let Hawaiians build housing on Hawaiian Lands in Kakaʻako Makai.Read more

Hakuone By HawaiiansHonolulu, HI, United States
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Created Feb 7, 2023
Petition to World Wildlife Fund, Justin Trudeau, Greenpeace USA, United Nations Environment Program, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Justin Bieber, Environmental Protection Agency, City of ...
The Situation. North Bay City Council has requested the Province of Ontario to exempt North Bay from the Endangered Species Act and to allow the City to open up Provincially Significant Wetlands for commercial development. Why These Specific Wetlands Matter. These wetlands are currently home to an endangered species, the Blandings Turtle, not to mention a valuable asset to the surrounding ecosystem and a historically significant waterway travelled by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Ecologically, these important wetlands are classified as Provincially Significant, which means that this specific area provides invaluable services to our community including carbon sequestration, flood protection, ground water storage, pollution filter, storm buffer, and habitat for plants and animals, including the Blanding's Turtle. This significant area is an ecologically-defined area by scientific criteria. Not an area for land developers or politicans to redraw. Alternatives. There are several viable locations that would be suitable for development. Many citizens want to see the City of North Bay grow, but not at the expense of scientifically-proven significant ecosystems. Surrounding North Bay, there are countless locations that would be suitable for urban development, provided that appropriate sustainable development practices are followed. How to Act Please sign your name to tell the City of North Bay that endangered species and Provincially Significant Wetlands matter to you!  Contact your Member of Parliament. Click here for a Canadian Directory Share this petition on Facebook! Resources Read more here CBC Endangered Species Act What does a Provincially Significant Wetland mean? Learn more here!  Read more

Katyryna HirchakNorth Bay, Canada
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Created Jan 31, 2019
Petition to European Parliament, European Commission
explained by one main reason: popular beliefs and religion. Many developing countries today do not dare to community in developing countries, especially in Africa and the Middle East. We also invite you toRead more

Naima SANCHEZFrance
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Created Aug 21, 2018
Petition to Lagos state government
Inequality persists in several communities globally. Here in Lagos, the rich-poor gap not only seems to exist, but is growing exponentially each year. The affluent carry on with rather flamboyant lives oblivious to the suffering going on even in the immediate community. The Makoko Community is a coastal community across the third mainland bridge in Lagos. In comparison to urban life in the state, conditions there are unbearable - showcasing one example of the great inequality that is present in the community. Our cause is simple: To call on the Lagos State Government to do something about this huge floating city. Some people are unlucky to be in such a community, and whilst we should be happy for our privileges, it is only fair that we do our best to extend these opportunities to people that don't have them. Read more

Daniel EtaNigeria
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Created Apr 28, 2019
Petition to Noosa Council-Tony Wellington, Arcare
Help Save the Koala! Stop Arcare from building (another!!) aged care facility in scarce Koala Habitat, Noosa. Help to save the Koala in the Noosa region!! Please sign & share today!Read more

Caroline MorrisAustralia
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Created Dec 12, 2016
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