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Petition to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Prof M​.​V. Rajeev Gowda, Arvind Kejriwal, Thackeray Uddhav, Nitin Gadkari
Action Plan for making India a Developed Country Infrastructure:  - Interstate Highways, State HWYRead more

Parag RaneMaharashtra, India
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Created Jan 30, 2019
The Ford Government is looking at opening up greenbelt land in Ontario in Pickering, Vaughn, Richmond Hill, King Township, Stouffville, Markham, Ajax and Clarington. We need to protect all greenbelt land.   The Ontario government announced a 30-day consultation on removing 2995 hectares across 10 municipalities in the Greenbelt which were created to be permanently protected as of 2005. This needs to be stopped immediately and we need to protect our land. I am starting this Petition that Ontarians care about their Greenbelt land and that this needs to be protected as was done as of 2005 please join me in signing off on this petitionRead more

M CossidenteToronto, Canada
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Created Nov 11, 2022
Petition to The Government of Canada
to undergo mandatory risk assessment and treatment developed specifically to target animal abuseRead more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created Jan 11, 2015
Petition to Gina M. Raimondo, Rhode Island State House
developed and fully viable, up to the point of birth.  There will always be disagreements between those who not argue that a fully developed child, even still in the womb, is alive. This petition is not aboutRead more

Jeremy BrousseauWarwick, RI, United States
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Created Jan 31, 2019
Petition to Prime Minister of Pakistan
PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Pakistani Citizens including overseas Pakistanis appeal GOP to  develop 30 yrs stalled sectors including E-12/1-4 and handover them to their owners for construction. Due to Islamabad High Court’s order, and after PTI came in power, work started 9 months ago but it is at turtle speed and with naps; 2. Hurdles are not cleared by Capital Development Authority to carry out the work on north Service Road. If the progress remains same, it will take decades to complete this work. CDA acquired Sector E-12 in 1985.1600 Plot Owners of out of 4500 have unfortunately died w/o constructing their own shelter for which they paid full development charges in 1989. Delenma  is that  old-age allottees, widows and orphan children are living in rented houses. We don't want development of E-12 in bits and pieces. CDA should take immediate actions for tendering/procurement following essential development activities on fast track basis in parallel not in bits and pieces:1. Development of E-12/1 & 42. Development of E-12 Markaz3. E-12 Major Roads (4), Service Roads East, West and South4. Provision of basic utilities like Electricity, Sui Gas and Telephone/Internet 5. Lightning of roads and streets6. Asphalt/Carpeting of Roads and Streets7. Establishment of schools, colleges, hospital, shopping centers, footpaths, parks, play grounds and plantation CDA top management should select a dedicated team of competent professionals who are honest and efficient and productive to ensure fast track completion of high quality development works in-line with state-of-the-art infrastructure standards and modern-day living requirements with a view to make E-12 a Model Sector of the Federal Capital in a record time.Thank you.Read more

Amira IqbalVienna, VA, United States
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Created Jul 8, 2020
Petition to Government of Canada
If you’ve seen the Netflix series Tiger King, you will already know that animals are often treated horribly. Just because you’re Canadian, though, don’t think that we’re not complicit. Cruel zoos à la Joe Exotic are numerous in Canada (Marineland, Jungle Cat World, and African Lion Safari to name a few), and our animal anti-cruelty laws are archaic. For starters, our laws: Don’t prevent the sale of dog and cat fur, Don’t recognize animals as sentient, Don’t offer protection to animals being used in scientific research, Don’t ban fur farms, Don’t ban the use of cruel trapping tools like snares, Don’t ban zoos or private citizens from keeping exotic animals (like tigers!) In short, Canada’s laws don’t do a lot of things to protect animal welfare. On top of that, animals are treated as property under the Criminal Code, so it’s next to impossible to bring people who commit crimes against animals to justice.  Currently, Canada laws fail Canadian animals. Let’s make parliament enshrine animal welfare in law, like the failed Bill C-246 from 2016 should have done, or Quebec’s Animal Welfare and Safety Act, which protects animals against many of the shortcomings in federal laws. I, and fellow animal rights advocates, urge Ottawa to do something about our antiquated animal welfare laws, and protect the rights of all living things in this country.Read more

Sherwin NasserniaCanada
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Created Apr 9, 2020
Petition to Shri Hardeep S Puri, Hon'ble Minister, Shri B S Yedyurappa, Shri Pradeep Singh Kharola
Dear sir I am writing from Belagavi, Karnataka, The Land of Freedom Fighters. We request you to support us to develop Belagavi Airport into an International Airport which will help develop North Karnataka, South Maharastra & Goa. Belagavi is strategically located between Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Goa. It is a melting pot of various cultures, food & traditions. Belagavi Entrepreneurs have created a niche on the global map in the Hydraulics, foundries and Aerospace. Belagavi is also the sugar bowl of Karnataka and has many Sugar Industries located in the District. Belagavi is an Educational Hub & has 3 Universities, 2 Medical Colleges and number of Engineering and other colleges. It attracts International Students and Students from North India and neighboring states. The Government of Karnataka after understanding its potential also plans to shift many Government Departments to Belagavi's Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, It is developing as the second power centre of the State. people from South Maharastra, Goa & northern Karnataka prefer to use the present Belagavi airport to travel to other parts of the country. Many people from this region are in the middle east, it will really benefit this people. Developing Belagavi Airport as an International Airport will be a game changer for this region and will improve trade & commerce, connectivity, promote tourism, Health & Education. Belagavi has various factors which helps it to qualify as an international Airport: 1) Belagavi is border city and regional headquarters of NW Karnataka with amalgamation and fusion of three states namely Karnataka Maharashtra and Goa, best blend of culture food and economy 2) In just one year of inclusion in UDAN  3.0 scheme  attracted the highest number of routes in bidding most of the routes are operational3) Belagavi has 4 flights to Bangalore and 3 flights to Hyderabad and 2 flights to Mumbai and it has second largest passenger load to all three destinations after mangalore in the state of Karnataka, and to Bangalore the passengers have immensely increased every month 4) Belagavi is the most connected tires 2 city to cities like Inodre, Kadappa, Tirupati Pune and Mysore. 5) Belagavi is most accessible airport for international destinations in and around 100 KM radius. 6) Belagavi airport has emerged and rated as most successful airport under UDAN scheme introduced by Hon P M Narendra Modiji 7) Belagavi airport passengers surge is on upward growth trajectory and have manifold increase in passenger load started with 5000 passengers per month last year to 40000 passengers as on date The Ministry of Civil Aviation should at least  consider to have a trial run of some popular destinations like middle east or south east Asia initially and after seeing the response consider other routes.Read more

Raj Tभारत
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Created Feb 22, 2020
Petition to Environmental Protection Agency
planted in the US). This particular herbicide was created to combat weeds that have already developedRead more

Demarcus AndrewsDurham, NC, United States
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Created Oct 18, 2018
Petition to Merck
developed country that still experiments on chimpanzees. Lots of studies have shown that research onRead more

Brandon & Deanna WoodKissimmee, FL, United States
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Created Mar 7, 2013
Petition to @Pradeep yadav IAS
Meera is a 13-year-old student at a government school of Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. She has been nicknamed ‘water-tap’ by her classmates. They continuously made fun of her for urinating inside the classroom, everyday. "Neither Meera nor her family knew, what she is going through is a mental illness.” When I came to know about this from her teacher, I was curious to know whether she did this on purpose. I had a face to face meeting with Meera. After a long conversation she broke down. She mustered up the courage to speak about how her step-brother sexually harassed her every night. This came as a rude shock to me. She did not feel safe in her own home, did not know whom to talk to, and felt helpless and broken. “Why did Meera keep silent? Did Meera not trust her teachers to seek help and share this with them? What kind of a support system would be appropriate for this?” I kept thinking about these questions, and looked into this issue further. Would recruiting a psychiatrist for every school help many children like Meera? A psychiatrist could provide a temporary solution but what about the problems that she is going to face as she grows up? If not addressed in time, the scars of this can remain with these children for life. Nothing can be a better option that to equip these children with skills to protect themselves. An “effective mental health literacy" module, through art based therapy, in Government Schools would help the students. Starting with a pilot project, the module would consist of two hours of class per week for 8th-12th standard children. An effective mental health module would be a way to equip Meera with all that she needs to fight on her own, in all kind of circumstances, incase if she fails to get an external support. Meera eventually spoke up. There could be so many other Meeras who are silent because they don’t have an idea of whom to reach out for help! Sign my petition asking to introduce ‘effective’ mental health modules for students & teachers in 200 government schools of Pudukkottai. Support our Meeras! Your signatures will help them get a safe and brighter future. #MentalHealthMatters #BreakTheSilence #LetOurGirlsSpeakPicture courtesy : IndiaGlitzRead more

Sujitha SChennai, भारत
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Created Nov 27, 2018
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