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Petition to House of Representatives, Senate of the Philippines, Senate Committee on Rules
increase the age to determine statutory rape in the Philippines from 12 to at least 16 years old. ForRead more

Child Rights Network PhilippinesPhilippines
317,811 supporters
Created Jul 17, 2018
Petition to Theresa May MP
‘We are calling on the government to review and change the guidelines that determine sentencing of calling on the government to review and change the guidelines that determine the sentencing of aRead more

Ceinwen BriddonLlandysul, Ceredigion. West Wales, WLS, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 8, 2016
Petition to United Nations Security Council, US State Department, The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), United Nations Commission for Human Rights
The sovereignty of the federating regions has been subverted and hijacked by an illicit Federal Government now exclusively controlled by a small minority section, the Fulani via the instrumentality of the imposed Unitary Constitution of 1999 in a supposed federation. That illicit federal government, controlled by the Fulani, took the secular state of Nigeria into the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and condoned the imposition of SHARIA in the 12 contiguous states of the far North. SHARIA is mutually exclusive with democracy and constitutionalism and endangers the predominantly Christian South and Middle Belt as the adherents of SHARIA owe it a duty of faith to kill all others who they consider infidels.  The imposed Constitution contains a 68-item federal exclusive list by which the illicit federal government owns and controls all economic assets and governmental power resulting in a situation worse than Apartheid South Africa for the indigenous peoples of Nigeria. So grave is this situation of Nigeria under this illicit constitution that the UN Special Rapporteur to Nigeria, Agnes Callamard, reported in 2019 that the constitutional arrangement of Nigeria is like a pressure cooker for injustice and this has become a threat to global security and peace considering the 200 million people that would be in distress should Nigeria snap. In December of 2020, the US Secretary of State added Nigerian to the list of countries of particular concern (Blacklist of Worst Religious Freedom Violators) for egregious violations of religious freedoms under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA).  Similarly, the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, announced that her Office has concluded that there is a reasonable basis to believe that members of Boko Haram and its splinter groups and the Nigerian Security Forces have committed acts constituting crimes against humanity and war crimes: murder; rape, sexual slavery, including forced pregnancy and forced marriage; enslavement; torture; cruel treatment; outrages upon personal dignity; taking of hostages; intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities; intentionally directing attacks against personnel, installations, material, units or vehicles involved in a humanitarian assistance; intentionally directing attacks against buildings dedicated to education and to places of worship and similar institutions; conscripting and enlisting children under the age of fifteen years into armed groups and using them to participate actively in hostilities; persecution on gender and religious grounds; and other inhumane acts. On account of the illicit 1999 Constitution, Nigeria has become the poverty capital of the world and the most dangerous place for Christians with the ongoing Genocide that has resulted in over 100,000 killed, over 3 million displaced from their lands and livelihood and over 300,000 made refugees.  Worse still, the sovereignty of the constituent components of Nigeria has been fundamentally compromised by the open borders policy of the minority controlled illicit federal government of Nigeria, in which Fulani from all over Africa are being brought over and forcefully resettled in what has been established to be an ethnic cleansing campaign by the minority against the indigenous nationalities of Nigeria.  The over centralized system has become an existential threat to the peoples of the South and Middle Belt numbering over 150 million people. As pointed out by the Special Rapporteur, if nothing is done very urgently about this fast degenerating situation in Nigeria, it is only a matter of time for Nigeria to descend into chaos and precipitate an unprecedented refugee crisis on the rest of the world involving over 200 million people and destabilizing the whole of Africa by providing a fertile launch pad for the global terror network led by ISIS and Al Qeeda which already made a juncture with Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and ISWAP in Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin. We incorporate and adopt the December 16, 2020 joint multi-regional proclamation by Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) http://bit.ly/3pckbKX as the wider articulation of what the problems are and the solution propositions to which we are inviting the global community at this time.Read more

NINAS FFNIllinois, United States
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Created Dec 20, 2020
Petition to Ned Lamont
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, high school seniors everywhere are missing traditional rites of passage like their final sports seasons, senior prom, awards banquets and more.  What should be a time of celebration has instead been dominated by uncertainty and loss.  All school events to date have been postponed, canceled or will be completed virtually.  One hope our seniors have maintained is that they will be allowed to have an in-person graduation ceremony, providing some form of normalcy and closure on a year no one expected. We believe these seniors should be honored with a graduation ceremony in which they can celebrate together, in person, all they’ve accomplished in their thirteen years of school.  The importance of holding a live ceremony, particularly this year, is that it promotes a sense of strength and unity in an otherwise chaotic time. Increasingly, kids are looking to their parents and leaders for guidance on how to navigate adversity. We are in a unique position to show them what can be accomplished with perseverance and teamwork. It will take careful planning, but we are confident we can provide a responsible, socially distant graduation ceremony for these students. We know this will not look like past graduations, but we are willing to make sacrifices if it means we can properly honor the class of 2020. We hope that Governor Lamont will allow individual districts to make decisions about graduation ceremonies, as some towns have been impacted more than others. We believe it is logistically possible to host a live graduation ceremony in Suffield that adheres to social distancing guidelines. Please sign this petition to show your support.Read more

Emily LightleUnited States
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Created May 11, 2020
Petition to David Ige
Please join us in urging the State of Hawaii Governor David Ige to assess the need for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement ("SEIS") for the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope ("TMT") Project. Environmental Impact Statements ("EIS") must assess a particular project at a given location based on an explicit time-frame. The proposed TMT Project Final Environmental Impact Statement ("2010 FEIS") explicitly described the phasing and timing of the action, stating that "construction will begin in 2011 and take approximately seven years to complete." Due to this significant change in timing, the proposed TMT Project is an essentially different action such that the 2010 FEIS may no longer be valid under the Hawai‘i Environmental Policy Act (HEPA). The TMT Project's proposing agency selected its own time-frame; and the 2010 FEIS's scope was limited accordingly. We hereby request that the State of Hawaii Governor David Ige fulfill his mandated duty and assess the need for an SEIS for the proposed TMT project.Read more

Na'au News NowHawaii, United States
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Created Oct 10, 2017
Petition to Senators, Representatives, Diplomats
government of the state of Israel to be able to determine what sort of borders it needs to be able toRead more

Sarah SternWashington, DC, United States
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Created Jul 20, 2020
Petition to Terry McAuliffe, Terry McAuliffe, Superintendent
    I'm writing this to try and have traffic safety assessed and implement safety upgrades along Interstate 81 in the Shenandoah Valley. We deal with accidents daily and many are fatal. For the citizens of our community to literally be terrified to use I81 is unacceptable. Something needs to be done sooner rather than later so we can avoid as many fatalities as possible. For example,many off ramp traffic lights aren't synchronized which causes traffic to back up onto the highway. There's the ongoing debate about the speed limit and if another lane should be added. There's a list of other major safety issues that need to be properly assessed. Can we come together and try to fix what's fixable on this dangerous stretch of highway? Read more

Winchester Fire/Police Chatter Winc. VaWINCHESTER, VA, United States
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Created Sep 4, 2017
Petition to Ron DeSantis
The Florida Legislature has amended section 403.7033 Florida Statutes requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to review and update the 2010 Retail Bags report and to evaluate the need for new or different regulation of plastic bags used by consumers. Presently, The State of Florida prohibits any local governments from banning or charging for plastic bags. We need this decision reversed so that local governments can make decisions that will protect their waterways.    Read more

Michael DeFilippiMiami Beach, FL, United States
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Created Oct 14, 2014
Petition to Juzgado de lo Penal 3 Mostoles, Presidente de Audiencia Provincial de Madrid
tenga antecedentes penales o el juez determine la no suspensión de condena NO INGRESARÁ EN PRISIÓNRead more

Somos MareaMadrid, España
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Created Oct 12, 2017
Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services
caring professionals to determine the right treatments that benefit patients.Read more

Susan SullivanGreenville, SC, United States
91,756 supporters
Created Sep 28, 2019
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