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Petition to City of Casey
of details following a dog attack. It's not fair that I can be stopped at a red light and if someone hits my rear bumper it's illegal for them to flee the scene without exchanging details but this completely irresponsible dog owner can flee and drive off without exchanging details, offering anyRead more

Shani FrancisMelbourne, Australia
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Created July 24, 2020
Petition to FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Professor Isa Ali Pantami, Muhammadu Buhari
widely publish the details of any such agreement. We, the undersigned, also want Alhaji Lai Mohammed widely publish the agreement and details of the conditions upon which the suspension of Twitter IncRead more

SERAP NigeriaNigeria
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Created February 7, 2022
Petition to Donald J. Trump
midnight of October 23, 2019, the government of Abiy tried to remove his security details to have him responsible for it. And most importantly, the US government should provide security details forRead more

muko komufinfine, Ethiopia
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Created October 26, 2019
Petition to Hon'ble Telecom Minister Mr. Manoj Sinha
fallen from the balcony of her apartment on 9th Floor. Thus, "Call Details" are main evidence in this arrested but Call Details which is main evidence could not be collected in spite of requesting individual has right to get his Call Details. There is no provision or act or medium through which we can get our own individual Call Details. Either Investigative Agency or through Court Order only the Call Details can be taken out. There should be some law like RTI through which we can get our ownRead more

Aman RajChennai, भारत
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Created February 12, 2017
Petition to Frank magazine
Frank magazine has released audio footage from the shooting in Portapique in April 2020.  These clips include a victim describing her husband passing, right before she passed as well as her child in shock detailing his parents deaths.    This is not okay at all. This isn't how we treat these families or Nova scotians at all.  Frank magazine has posted disgusting and disturbing content regarding the events thst happened last April and needs to be stopped.  These clips need to be removed and Frank needs to be banned from reporting anything regarding these events moving forward.Read more

Samantha NickersonLower Sackville, Canada
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Created June 2, 2021
Petition to Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), United Nations, Chief Justice of India, President of India, Election Commission of INDIA
Expose the EVM tampering, Expose the Election Fraud. For now, ask for VVPATs and ask for ballot paper voting. Spread the word, sign this petition. The election results and the information obtained from the Election Commission of India (ECI), firms involved BEL, ECIL, and the manufacturer NXP (USA) prove that 2019 General Election was fixed. The micro-controllers (computer chips) used in the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are not OTP (one time password) type. The Election Commission or the court is not even answering appropriately the demand made for 100% verification of VVPATs against the votes displayed on the EVM. The ECI is always giving us the tentative data. Why? Be vigilant citizen! Just expressing our misgiving is not enough!! We must take action!!!  "Live the Revolution, Live the Republic." "Love the Republic, Save the Republic." "Protest Peacefully, Save Democracy, Save the Constitution."  India has been stripped of her democracy. illegitimacy rules India now. This is a wake up call: We appeal to the newly elected members of the Parliament to take a conscience decision and resign because the people and you know that it's the EVM (and those who count) gave you victory, not the voters. Please print this whole message and the petition to submit it to the Collector Office and the Superitendent of Police (of each and every district of India). Make them take a cognizance of this fraud. Arrest Modi, Shah and other involved from the ECI, Courts under the treason. Do the right, fight for the right. And most importantly, reject the right-wing fascist politics.  ..... Please read this petition and sign .......  2019 Election Fraud in India: Tyrrant and Apartheid-Like State in the Making Addressee: Secretary-General of the United Nations (Mr. António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres), UN, CJI - Supreme Court of India, Election Commission, Office of the President (of the Republic of India). Dear all,  I, the undersigned, am alarmed at the prospect of the Indian democracy being taken over by the power-greedy and dishonest politicians by way of (1) election Fraud, EVM rigging, (2) fake "exit poll" by manipulative media, (3) denial of the election commission to consider VVPATs, etc. The people's mandate should be respected, not robbed.. I quote (Lokmanya) Bal Gangadhar Tilak : "Swaraj (Self-Rule) is our birthRight and we must have it. “स्वराज हमारा जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार है, और हम इसे लेकर ही रहेंगे." The crook, criminal, corrupt and communal people are doing politics in the name of religion and nationalism. Due to their words and actions, they are besmirching Hinduism as a religion (or as a way of life), whatever you name it. They are also defaming historic figures who contributed during India’s struggle for independence (from Great Britain) and they are defaming those who took part actively in nation building after the birth of the free India on 15 August 1947. These politicians in power now are mostly autocratic or dictatorial and they are misusing the power-structure, bureacracy or the system for their own selfishness. They are disrespecting constitution and degrading the constitutional institutions of democracy (including Election Commission, Courts, Police, etc) and, we - the people of India - are not getting equal access and assistance from any of the Governmental authorities. They are controlling media; media has become their puppet or pierrot. They are trying to diminish plurality from the people and parliament. They are engaged in legal terrorism against those who speak out. They and their vitriolic assaults on the real sons of India are scaring the hell out of us; and they are calling themselves nationalists by making others “subservient.” Sooner or later, the people will find out their real face and so they are hiding behind the beautiful words of "nationalism" and "populism"...they are trying to “make many others be like them,” like-them means mainly “violent and low.” Those who have progressive views are being termed as of non-indian value or urban-naxals or are being advised to leave the country. Those who foresee or suffer from crony-capitalism are being termed as neighbouring country’s communist sponsored people. Those who are muslims or are sympathesising persecuted muslims are being asked to leave India and go to Pakistan. They are using the names of the neighbouring nations more than those countries use India's name in their newspapers. These creators of one-religion-nation or Hindu Rashtra are defaming Hinduism with their actions. We should not let such politicians spoil our incredible India, we should not let them besmirch us, terrorise us, subject us to degrading treatment, atrocities and mobb lynching. Surrendering to tyranny is humiliating humanity. And we have a history of good values; the people of India don't need their advice on patriotism, protecting religion, languages or the culture of nation, etc. The self-declared voluntary organization remained friends with the rulers (of India) before independece and now they are preaching us patriotism. After the birth of India's freedom, they assasinated Mahatma Gandhi and then slowly-slowly established some political outfits to take over the Indian republic. Religion or race-based right-wing fundamentalists organisations all over the world must be dissolved. Religion is not for State, politics, hypocrisy and (excuse of) wars: Religion is for God and your personal relationship with God for seeking the right path, morality, serenity, symbiotic society, success and salvation. Israel has already become an apartheid state due to such parochial or narrow-minded outlook on race and religion. We don't want India to be the second apartheid state or nation discriminating her own people based on castes, religion, race, aryan-dravid or north or south indian ethnicity, bengali-assami, etc. The so-called populists or right-wing fundamentalist parties or voluntary organizations are the basic reason for inciting hatred, insecurity, and self-supremacy and even terrorism (in the minds of the people). We must raise our voice against the one-religion based, politically-motivated fanatic ideology (called Hindutva not Hinduism) of these various right-wing self-declared nationalists.The outsiders do not now need to attack us from the borders, but our own people have oppressed us for centuries in the name of caste-hierarchy. These people also seed the beans of hatred among ourselves now to seek power. Internal security and intelligence is a total failure in India because those who work for most of these authorities are only the chosen, not from all sections of the society. Just one example: Indian people will never forgive such extremists and also the politicians for being responsible of the death of the Shri Hemant Karkare, the Anti-terrorist Squad chief and other police officers in a false-flag attack! By now, we all know that Karkare was not killed by Pakistani terrorists!!  Politicians in Gujarat did stage the drama of death in 2002 Gujarat Muslim Massacre to seek the "hate mandate" from public. Bajrang Dal leader accepted his role in killing on camera but was set-free by Modi government on bail. Narendra Modi himself accepted his role in these killings on AAP KI ADALAT - a TV prog but then courts acquitted him. Now he is still India's prime minister. Those who are in the power have no basic empathy or sympathy for such incidents (forget regret and repentence). People of India gave 2014 mandate to get rid of UPA 2.0 corruption but the Walya (robber in Ramayana) cannot be Valmiki (who wrote Ramayana), instead he became Bhasmasur (by incinerating people and democracy who gave him the post of PM). PM Modi is incredible liar and self-contradictory. And he sometimes talks about him having a life-threat in India and say that "all is well" due to his govenment. Nobody wants to see murderer as a martyr. But in fact, he should stop watching the drama of death: mob lynching, attacks and persecution of muslims, dalits, etc. No dirty politics now. No preaching of patriotism now. We are more nationalists than those who sit in the parliament. And stop giving people's money to industrialists to invest in other countries or hold residency abroad.  The voluntary organisations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu MahaSabha, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Abhinav Bharat, Hindu Yuva Vahini, etc are transforming India into a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation) in collaboration with business tycoons, bankers, crony-capitalists, intelligence services and military complexes of the so-called "world supremacists (specially Israel, USA and UK)" and in return they have no problem if the outsiders get foot-hold in the internal and external affairs of India. As for as the internal societal matter is concerned, there is this cancerous caste-hierarchy among Hindus from centuries. Either they are trying to bring all hindus together by posing minorities as their common enemy or they are doing so to bring all the power and parliament under the full control of self-declared upper castes. The changes are being made in history books to present their narrative by ignoring the facts and contributions of all people in India's independence struggle irrespective of their caste, religion, language, race, etc. They cannot justify the mob lynching in the name of cow while they themselves are exporting beef abroad. Kashmir is a border issue, but by speaking on pandits' persecution, they are making Pakistan's work easy. Kashmiries are actively taking part in the democratic process of India and excess militiarising within the state is not required, when it is needed at the borders. By speaking a lot about Article 370, 35-a, they are inviting conflicts and giving Kashmiris a feel of slavery and a reason for them to take this Kashmir issue to international scene. Pakistan cannot afford a war with India. But just to show how brave we are (and how big PM Modi's chest is), the so-called Hindu nationalists are making provocative statements on war due to Kashmir and relevant issues in the region. 2017 Doklam stand-off was a great success but then India could not capitalize on it and succumbed to China's ambitious road project and compromised with her borders. When they got too scared of China, they started false-flag attacks and created a war-like situation in the wake of elections. (Pakistani politicians and military rulers used to do the same thing during elections in their country). We have now the leaders who resort to lies and deception, and all must not only accept but also live those lies. They are trying to control the democracy by fear. This model can work in middle-east but not in India. And so they started implementing social-cultural-economic transformation by which (1) "rich gets richer" and "poor-gets-poorer" (2) there will be polarization in the society, and all will think "we" versus "them" and by which (3) whatever they do, they will have no unified voice to raise concerns or challenge them. The Hindu Nation creators are spreading hate-speech and even giving knives / weapons at their local branches (Hindu Mahasabha shakhas) to teenagers (youth) at the occassion of Savarkar's birth anniversary. They came into power because of the corrupt system in the previous government. But after coming in parliament, they started bragging about "hindutva ideology" as the reason of their win. The idea of creating (or making India) a Hindu Nation is in conflict with the very being of (Mother) India and her constitution, and so I/we protest against the wrong. Power greedy and materialistic people from the self-declared upper or superior Hindu caste have always had hold on governments and they are the ones who want to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra (Nation); the historical records show that such psychopaths and Hindu Nation terrorists have murdered Mahatma (M. K.) Gandhi and are still continuing their tradition of control of fear and death. The self-declared voluntary organization remained friends with the rulers (of India) before independece and after the birth of India's freedom, assasinated Mahatma Gandhi and then slowly-slowly established some political outfits to take over the Indian republic. Most of them are now more interested in employing the policies of Israel than being compassionate with their own countrymen.  Some people believe that such hidden agendas or suspicious activities by foreign hands have had assasinated Shri Rajiv Gandhi ji- a former PM of India. Such elements themselves do not respect the constitution, but preach others patriotism. Their ascension to power (in 2014 general elections) was mainly due to corruption and the change factor people were expecting from the incumbent; but these cheap crooks started boasting about the win of Hinduism or the so-called "saffronisation of the nation." They are defaming Hinduism (they say: a way of life not a religion), damaging the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb and also destroying the right of the soil and fraternity among diversity, symbiotic living in one nation with peace. Dirty politics polluted the Republic! The network/groups formed by the history figures "to oust the then EVIL or OCCUPIERS" ; good governance and the good kings (or even the concept of Ram Rajya) had never sidelined quintessential human(e) nature and never let the POWER INTOXICATION ruin justice and fraternity among the people/their subjects. This is true especially after the demolition of Babri Mosque, Gujarat riots killing muslims, RSS-staged Ajmer dargah blasts, rapid conversion of Hinduism-based voluntary organizations like RSS, Hindu Yuva Wahini into terror and also the false-flag murder of Hemant Karkare. Hemant Karkare who unearthed the truth behind Hindu terrorists' role in Malegon blasts was therefore killed. The present-day parliament - the most unfortunate & worst-kind of rebound - which is not due to the wave of Hinduism but due to the replacement of previous corrupt Governments. Intelligent film-makers are only trying to spread hatred through cinema and taking people backwards by depicting bad experiences from history. And the bad is gaining support on religious grounds! I still don't understand how and why even the authorities became so insensitive and injust while tackling anti-social incidents and the systematic and why the organized hate-campaign against muslims, dalits, non-aryan race, etc are being sustained! Now there is this ambitious agreements are signed between India and Israel to make thought-provoking Bollywood films. ​Many who identify their genetic links/affiliation to the blood-line of Aaron (Harun - brother of Prophet Moses) behave more like Israeli than Indian. Some Hindu-caste supremacists who want India to be "Golwalkar's Hindu Nation" back India "to be like Israel" - a state based on religion and race. And to achieve this, the evil elements need to destroy Ambedkar's thoughts and Indian constitution; which is against the real idea of Republic of India and in favour of what the evil (not hindus) perceive as Hindu Rashtra (Nation)! (Please see: Hinduism is different than Hindutva politics).  Problem with caste-system and discrimination. And such thoughts are transpired to the authorities so that persecutation takes place with the help of institutions and or the FAKE-ENCOUNTERS are staged. Today India is building temple of murderer. Can’t people live ...symbiotically with respect for each-other's opinions and also religions? The world and the attitude of the world towards a religion of peace have changed due to "9/11 false flag"...and so similarly if do not act now, the political & religion-based fanaticism (they call it nationalism & Hindu Nation Creation), biased media & conspiracy theories will consume & destroy our constitutional foundation of a secular nation. Divisive mind-set is working hard to fabricate the Indian value system, freedom of religion & expression, and also the very idea of Republic of India. The institutions of governance and civilization are already living the darkest period of India after independence. I don't say that only the upper-caste politicians are responsible for this problem but some bad voluntary organizations or network of people are enslaving India by "controlling and manipulating BrahMani(a)c, North-Indians, Gujarati, business tycoons' interests, etc. The culprits try to justify their politics by saying that the dynasty "Gandhi" rule is not advisable in a democracy, they also say that Hinduism is in danger (even though hindus are majority and the minorities are being persecuted and lynched). The denial and manipulation of people's mandate is not a good way of bringing India under "new order". And for securing power in the parliament, they played foul. International media, specially from the weapon-supplying nations such as USA, UK, Israel helped their cause. "We" verses "them" type divisive politics has weakened the "secular social fabric of india." They are defaming real Hinduism by spreading so called hindutva based violence and hate crimes against dalits and minorities. International strategists want to imbibe upon the people of India that India is a continent not a country and was never a country. Though this appears true, we should stand united, not divided. Otherwise all will feel "minority" and "alienated" in this society and we will one day lose the "concept of being Indians." There is also this room to suspect that the elements behind the idea of "new world order" made India give away her "gold"...and other collateral agreements, etc. There is also this room to suspect that the elements behind the assassination of Shri Rajiv Gandhi ji are behind the Hindu nationalists’ rise (during Gujarat riots and after), helping BJP through international social-media, and again helping them continuing power by winning 2019 elections by way of EVM tampering and by way of systematic media propaganda through BJP favoring “exit poll results.” BJP did this in the past UP elections to get their own president, and they did it again now on a major scale in Gujarat and the north-indian states: UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, MP, etc. The discrepancies have already started surfacing! On international level, they are trying to use Aryans' racial identity to start collaborating with "fascist" white supremacists abroad. I am not racist or regionalist or parochial, but the power-greedy north-indians cannot even learn their own language properly and now they are trying to form alliance with "colour" supremacists outside India to seek help for remaining in business, power and send Indian money abroad and buy second citizenship or residency abroad. And those who are brought-up not in their homes (by parents) but in extremist organizations (by pracharaks) are ruling the nation. They lack the basic human attitude. When they themselves cannot earn knowledge and good education, they name "the most progressive people in India" as the "nursery of terrorism." They have already started to change study curriculum in schools and universities. They don't want some people get good education and come in nation's main-stream. They cannot see leadership development in woomen and some specific (caste and colour) sections of society. BJP could not do any good to India for the last five years and PM Narendra Damodardas Modi was trying to save face by giving no press conference during his whole tenure. He renamed some institutions and schemes. The government remind us of Tuqlaq. This government broke economy by demonetisation, worsened unemployment and agrarian crisis. No dialogue or discussions... PM was a monologue during his whole (first) tenure. Then he scripted one non-political interview with canadian citizen Bollywood actor (Akshay Kumar) and then with the real press by answering to any of the three-straight questions and sat like a spectator. The EVM manipulation was on the card, they avoided every suspicion, and the home ministry instead warned people of riots (if BJP lose) and also some false-flag rumours were spread after the Sri Lanka church blasts or mishap. "Modi-favouring media" was speaking nothing until elections and after the last phase was done, manipulative media published & released FAKE "exit poll" results to "favour the BJP propaganda of forming the next government all alone..." They kept talking a lot about Shri RAJIV GANDHI ji to keep Gandhi family under constant threat during the election campaign. Rajiv ji was assassinated by an international conspiracy with the help of extremists groups from ChandraSwami India, LTTE and also from Sri Lanka - controlled by UK embassy SriLanka, Mossad (intelligence ISRAEL), MI-6 (UK), etc. Rajiv ji's assasination on 21 May 1991 was due to his (India) government catching weapons and the suppliers (through Singapore port to different extreme-separatist groups (damaging peace) to fight with each other in India and Sri Lanka. These groups (who were fighting with each other and also against their respective countries) were trained by MOSSAD. Rajiv was pretty vocal about it, and the international conspiracy and a (Hindu swami) god-man took his life....Subramanian Swamy is one of the evidence! Those powers were always in touch with some businessmen and politicians from Gujarat, and from 2001-02 onwards, they got good hold of indian politics (and also in touch with RSS) to take control of the republic (back-door) from their embassies and firms in India.  If this continues, there will be no need for India to have future elections. The same PM and the new Governor General (sitting in the apartheid state's embassy in India) will rule the incredible India. Under this government, India is already surrendering to "world" supremacists by being "too scared of China." I am not favouring any dynasty but people's mandate should give India the next government, not EVMs. Unemployment, lack of opportunities and support from authorities, intolerance, bigotry, caste-ism (caste based discrimination/hierarchy) and anti-intellectualism have reached the top. Self-declared nationalists/populist, supremacists and crony-capitalists want to own government, banking and parliamentary affairs. lnstitutions of democracy are being destroyed by the power greedy politicians. Militiarising of the region, making citizens stateless and persecution of those who protest, no room for dissent, and even killing minority on streets prevail in the name of cow or religion or nationalism. A person with charges of offense cannot even apply properly for a job but a terror-accused can easily be a member of parliament. Indoctrination is named as education and those who don't follow the tyranny, are being labelled as anti-nationals. False-flag conspiracies or self-staged attacks are on rise. And now the electronic voting machines' rigging and the fake "exit poll" reports by the manipulative media is making people lose faith in the Republic.The courts are also not serving the justice and not demanding transparency in the bureaucratic processes. EVMs are changed to favour further enslaving indian Republic by outsiders and putting people and the parliament at the mercy of crook, manics at the helm. So this petition is being made to the United Nations and other relevant authorities. And I am sure that I can prove what I wrote above. If we don't resist now, we and the Republic will be at the mercy of any maniac that comes along by "by-passing the people's real mandate." This petition is not just a protest; it's a people's movement which we want all take a note of and respond appropriately. We need a fair and just society based on democratic values. I want you all (to) be on-board. We cannot accept this election and the result. We cannot accept this Government Modi version 2.0 (2019-2024). I hope that the concerned national and international authorities serve us the right. There will not be equal distribution of power under these people as they are mainly polarizing people and power. The BJP, RSS and other Sanatan Dharma outfits are successfully trying to seed hatred and fear among the people’s heart and mind. All know that there is some sort of corruption which is being practiced by diversified strata but the corruption that involves the Election Commission, the Courts and all the institutions of democracy are being systematically destroyed and this election result actually nullified the people’s mandate by way of misusing EVMs. This is not the first of its kind in Indian history. They did try earlier to take over the Indian republic by using military, but they failed. Now they used manipulated media to spread their fascist propaganda before their actually declare gaining power. Remember, what happened after Shah/dynasty of Afghanistan was killed…similarly the outsiders are trying to keep no Gandhi family or any other people’s leader alive so that there will be no one to speak about nation’s interests. Now India has no leader, there is not a single person – someone people will look up to and will listen to. This is the strategy employed by foreigners who want to take over India and the Modi-Shah duo, BJP, RSS, and other Hindu Nation dreamers are actually helping their cause. They are systematically trying to make India forget the great history we as a nation have, by politically blaming previous leaders for today’s problems. The independence of India was earned with lot of sacrifices, pain and bloodshed. The Hindu Nation creators want us to forget this, and they are trying to bring some bad history figures get credits who only thought of the so-called majoritarian rule based on some religion they themselves never practise propertly. The people carrying weapons are being chosen over social-reformers, intellectuals and philosophers. Days are not far, when India will lose its image of being an incredible land of spirituality, culture and ancient knowledge. The complete bench of the honourable Supreme Court of India cannot justify this election fraud by simply ignoring people’s outcry against the results of this general elections. The Court being an independent institution of democracy, it must put a STAY ORDER on the Government on the basis of “the doctrine of State necessity” and the Supreme Court should not simply allow BJP or NDA’s unscrupulous takeover of the Indian parliament/Government. The EVM rigging and election fraud is very much visible and it is disturbing. The fact is that the Election Commission and the Supreme Court did not intervene when lakhs of EVMs were found missing, or transported from place-to-place illegally during the polling and even after the fake “MEDIA EXIT POLL RESULTS.” This was actually necessary to stop the administration of corruption and unlawful taking over the Republic. “Dissolving the Lok Sabha” is the “absolute necessity in the interest of the State.” The United Nations, the international community or the governments of different nations will have to take well-researched steps while dealing with India now because these are real villains who have forcibly taken over the Republic and they don't really represent the people of India. Mere honesty of international relations will not serve the purpose. The outsiders should not try to take advantage of inflammatory impact on the politics of the subcontinent for just selling the weapons to a Government which has not been chosen by the people of India. The international community should actually impose sanctions against India until a free-and-fair elections are organised by using ballot paper, not EVMs. Pakistan is one neighbouring country India has whose military has governed their land either directly or indirectly since its indepence in 1947 from UK of Great Britain. In India now, these self-declared Hindu nationalists, their voluntary organisations and terrorists would like to do the same thing. This is to hereby request the United Nations and its secretary-general to take a careful note of what is happening in India, including the attacks on freedom of speech, human rights violations, mob lynching, killing of minority & lower-caste dalits, social inequality, discrimination, heavy militirisation inside (not just at borders), transfer of money (from India to) outside. The present Government in India engages itself in rumours, false-flag attacks (especially in Kashmir, North India and the North-Eastern states of India) and also using some tragedies to transform geopolitical situations, security policies and also to persecute India's own people and put them in hostility. Instead of focusing on poverty-elevation and socio-economic developing, the BJP, RSS and other such fanatic organisations are attempting to equate terrorism with others' religion and even race in a multi-cultured, multilingual, multi-ethnic India. I believe that the UN plays an important role in the conception and execution of enlightened moderation and sustainability. We have psychopathic self-declared leaders now who I think will not hesitate to harm others and enjoy others' sufferings by inflicting unnecessary wars just to prove themselves brave in the future history books, and I do also believe that it will be very difficult for them maintain nuclear restraint in case a war breaks out...they recently attacked Pakistan when they were scared of China and when they were trying to distract people's attention to seek their mandate for bulding government for the consecutive second time. The aforementioned issues are not speculative or exaggerative. This is the reality. The state sponsored and the parties those who support politicians conducting the present government are mostly fond of resorting to force and violence, and they do also not have minimal empathy, sympathy, and respect for human rights. Until they come clean with the results of the 2019 general elections, the UN as an intergovernmental organisation can impose political, economic sanctions and isolate India on political front as well. Security Council can even black-list individuals like Bajrangi (from Bajrang Dal)/now minister Pratap Sarangi, Amit Shah, Modi (while in-office as Chief Minister of Gujarat), etc and institutions like RSS & relevant networks as terrorist organisations (they have been favoured by the courts but they themselves accepted proudly them killing others). There are increasing number people with criminal background and charges in the parliament than ever before. They want to bring weapons to each and every hindu homes and turn India into the country of gangsters. As the first step, UN can at least condemn the deception in 2019 general elections in India and denounce fraudster's ascension to the power for the second time, and appeal "to dissolve" the lower-house of the parliament (Lok Sabha) as soon as possible. I can add many reasons why I think and many others signing this petitio think that PM Narendra Damodardas Modi and his villainous gang must not steer india. Because in reality, they lost this 2019 General Elections! Some of the reasons apart from widespread polarisation and communalisation, why people of India did not choose BJP this time: (1). Increasing fuel prices and imposing high tax rate (200% tax on petrol and 400% tax on diesel) even though the crude oil price is low; (2). LPG price has been doubled from 2014 (now minimum 800 INR per cylinder); (3). Indian rupees (INR) became the most devalued in Asia; (4). Railway tickets (increased from minimum 5 to 10 INR) and other goods transportation charges increased by 10% (except some lowering the charges for transportation of goods (of industries, all citizens don't have their own industries); (5). Organised loot and legalised plunter in the name of "Demoetisation"...sudden scrapping the currency notes of 500 and 1000 (and bringing in even higher INR 2000 denomination!)..justification: to curb black-money, stopping funds for terrorists, etc but by bringing in 2000 notes, how can one curb this? and 99.3% of notes were returned back to Reserve Bank of India (RBI)...the rest of the currency amount is with Royal Bank of Bhutan, Royal Bank of Nepal and the cooperative sector in India...still hidden...Allahabad cooperative bank exchanged 750 crores rupees worth old notes under Amit Shah's guidanceso how did Tuglaq type (demonetisation) ruling of Modi helped bring black-money...and the Governnor (Urjit Patel) of RBI signed the new 2000 rupees currency notes even before his appointment as the Governor? he did even not have proper Indian citizenship before he got this post...he is the brother-in-law of a Gujarati business tycoon in India and has been born and raised in Kenya...who is responsible for 100+ people died in the queue while exchanging old notes with new currency? This is the biggest fraud in the economic history! At that time, Modi said that he wants only 50 days to prove his decision right, but he did not listen to anyone....not even the wise words from the Nobel Laureate in Economics...he brought economic disaster in India. The non-return currency value is 10720 but the cost of printing new notes was 21000 cr.; (6). Modi scratched off the loans (at least 2.4 lakh crores) taken by industrialists, and merged some State banks to hide the NPA (non-performing-assets raised now upto 10 lakh crores from 2 lakh cr) and also to help his friends take money and leave India without paying their debts. There is a steady decline in GDP (gross-domestic-product) ever since (minimum minus 2%). The data on people with black-money and money laundering charges, and also the HSBC giving the Government total 673 names of including account holders or defaulters were never disclosed by the Modi government. Who is he (and the Enforcement Directorate) trying to protect?; (7). Egypt and Qatar bought the Rafael aircraft for 700 crores, but for the same aircraft was bought by India at a price of 1526, why? and the initial price finalised by the French government and the previous UPA government (of India) was much lower than that of the Egypt/Qatar purchase. PM Modi helped his industrial friend Ambani (with no experience in this aircraft business) get the contract with French company by ignoring Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Was he trying to pay extra money to France get some international awards in return? (8). Baba Ramdev - yoga guru and his crony capitalist Patanjali (firm) was given land worth 268 crores for just 58 crores. (8). Farmers' suicide crisis was worsened by 40% increase and the public authorities could not help them due to the government working only in favour of business groups. (9). The banks that survived the (year 2008) global recessio have incurred a loss of 44000 crores i n the last quarter (stats show). There is definitely an international conspiracy involved with Gujarati businessmen controlling the Modi government. Why was it necessary to give "gold" outside? (10). Modi misused the sacrifices of soldiers to ask for vote from people. 192 soldiers were killed (72% increse in the loss of life). India has given 1000 acres of land to Bangladesh in lieu of 500 acres (poor foreign policy). It was Indira Gandhi who strategically helped Bangladeshi dissent to divide Pakistan and gave birth to Bangladesh (and also captured some land in Assam borders, but to fix some border issues, the land was exchanged under Modi...when the UPA was not yet finalising this issue for many different reasons and resources...and Modi is not tired of blaming foreign policies of Indira Gandhi or Nehru); (11). Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya, etc all fled after looting and fooling India with the help of this BJP and Modi government; (12). Minimum 50% increase in deposits by Indians in Switzerland banks after 2014. (13). Poverty index of India is ranked 100 out of 119 nations (well below Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh); (14). The Indian government accepted the diamond award from M/S Allanson Pvt Ltd for India being the largest exporter of beef, but then why is this mob lynching on streets in the name of cow? (15). Operation Maithiri - INR 6000 crores to help Nepal with relief package, but for Kerala flood relief only INR 600. Why? (16). Ganga (river ganges) cleaning or rejevunation cost 7000 crores...but do we see real cleaning done? No, not at all...just on papers and receipts? (17). India has the most polluted cities in the world, including Modi's constituency Varanasi. And he won (jointly with Macron (French president) United Nations' award for working against plastic-usage (18). In 2012, Amit Shah (now BJP president) had a property worth 1.9 cr and in 1917 the property worth 20 cr. (19). Failure of MAKE IN INDIA (India lost 4 billion in Foreign Direct Investment), Swachch Bharat Abhiyan made some money disapper from government's bank accounts, digitalisation to avoide cash-transactions is costing people pay extra money as charges... actually since they are not using cash, they should not have been charged extra for online transactions. (20). Smart cities were chosen 90 but not more than 5% work is completed yet, and those which is completed go to the tenders given to friends of BJP, RSS, etc. (21). Modi spent lots of money on foreign trips (more than any prime minister ever). Modi spent 800 days in public rallies, 200 days abroad, and only 19 days in parliament (22). Pulwama 40 martyrs..no investigation, was it a false-flag to win elections? India has been stripped of her democracy. illegitimacy rules India now. This is a wake up call: We appeal to the newly elected members of the Parliament to take a conscience decision and resign because the people and you know that it's the EVM (and those who count) gave you victory, not the voters. Please print this whole message and the petition to submit it to the Collector Office and the Superitendent of Police (of each and every district of India). Make them take a cognizance of this fraud. Arrest Modi, Shah and other involved from the ECI, Courts under the treason and loot of the nation. Do it quickly otherwise they will privatise all the public sector and sell India to their network. And they will engage themselves in other matters to distract people's attention. The countries like USA have already started taking advantage of this illigetimacy in India and are exploiting India in business and foreign affairs. Don't let Israel (embassy in India), USA and UK enslave India. .....Modi, BJP and NDA have lost the 2019 General Elections. They just tampered EVMs and manipulated the media, Election Commission and Courts to get full majority to form the 2019-2024 Government. Shame on them. Bring back the ballot paper. I reject this result. We want re-election.  .......  Please sign this petition. If we fail to protest and fail to make our concern heard, the future of India and the region remains frighteningly dark.Read more

भारतीय नागरिकIndia
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Created May 22, 2019
Petition to Uddhav Thackrey , Praveen pardeshi
audits3. Publicising all details of the safety audit report’s findings, recommendations, action planRead more

Chandana HiranMumbai, India
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, Nitin Gadkari
, phone numbers, address, autorickshaw number plate, and other important details. Basically, womenRead more

Dhruv ManiarMumbai, India
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Created October 19, 2018
Petition to RBI and Ministry of Finance Govt of India
must insists to have KYB (Know Your Bank) and details of the bank status must be mandatorily provided having details of each bank every Year or May Be every 06 Months and then release or promulgate widely, WhatsApp, SMS etc providing all details pertaining to each bank and must duly be approved by RBIRead more

Sahai RameshwarIndia
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Created March 13, 2020
Petition to Bank of Montreal, Branch Bank and Trust, Capital One Financial, Citizens Financial Group, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley Bank, MUFG Bank, Northern Trust, People's United Bank, Stifel Bank & Trust,...
other mass shootings. This report from Think Progress shares the details. Sixteen banks are financingRead more

Boycott NRA PartnersTexas, United States
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Created March 13, 2018
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