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Petition to Production I.G
Ok, So basically our lovely studio named Production I.G decided to make our fantastic anime designs previous one. Let's start describing the new designs; First  things first the bodies looks like that everyone is actually USED to the old designs and won't see the same characters as they were. TheRead more

Oskar ŁabędaPoland
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Created Jul 1, 2019
Petition to Google
Google Classroom has a dark gray overcast on the main theme header when you click the page.  Teachers that use Google Classroom want that to go away.  This will allow our students to see the customized header we have created or purchased. We spend lots of time making our classrooms inviting.  We want our classrooms to be a place children feel comfortable so they can learn. Right now since we cannot be in the classroom, Google Classroom is our classroom.  We would like to create the same kind of space even though it is an online classroom. Taking the grey away is a small thing google can do to make teachers and students very happy.  Read more

Jennifer CarterPrairie Grove, AR, United States
3,211 supporters
Created Apr 21, 2020
Petition to Capcom
great guys! But we have one favour to ask you for. Please Capcom, give us unique weapon designs for all the weapons from monsters that had so good and unique designs in older games. You put a lot of love to see the old iconic designs reapear in Iceborne. Thank you guys and keep up the good work and happy hunting! Sincerely, Your fans.Read more

TheBlackDeath 893Deutschland
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Created Sep 10, 2019
Petition to The People Of Roblox!
Eerie Designs is maybe getting deleted! We need to save our family!!! #SAVEERIERead more

Katie BooGrand Prairie, TX, United States
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Created Oct 17, 2015
Petition to Luigi Maramotti, Laura Lusuardi
Max Mara, a billion dollar Italian fashion house, plagiarised traditional designs of the Oma ethnic appropriated designs of an ethnic group from developing countries, and past experience has shown that these digitally duplicated and printed the designs onto fabric, reducing painstaking, traditional motifs to original Oma designs. The company has not acknowledged the Oma in marketing, labeling, or display of online, (2) publicly commit to not plagiarising designs again, and (3) donate 100% of the proceedsRead more

Gabriel KupermanLao People's Democratic Republic
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Created Apr 12, 2019
Petition to United Airlines Management
Hey Fellow UAL Employees! I know many of us are unhappy with the current offerings for our new uniforms. We have so many talented people in our mix. Wouldn't it be great if United allowed submissions by employees for uniform design? They could even turn it into a great marketing opportunity by making it a contest in which we all got to vote and the winning designer wins a scholarship or prize.  If you want to see upper management go in a different direction with our new uniforms, please sign the petition! Maybe if we unite and let them hear our voice we can make a change! Fly safe!Read more

Kimberly CamarilloGoodyear, AZ, United States
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Created Nov 15, 2019
Petition to KA Designs
KA Designs, a US-based clothing brand, is designing and selling Swastika branded shirts. The Swastika is a symbol of hatred, fear, war, racism, and power. KA Designs wants us to wear a Swastika Designs for designing and selling Swastika branded apparel!Read more

Sarah CrockettAustin, TX, United States
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Created Aug 7, 2017
Petition to 343 Industries
All across the halo community I've seen and heard of a device called an Arum. They are a sangheli toy, like a Rubiks cube. The differences are it's spherical and wooden. There are many different layers which make the puzzle aspect of it and they don't move unless the previous ones are correctly aligned. The goal is to release a small cube from the center of the puzzle. The usage of this you helps develop problem solving and patience while being enjoyable by everyone. I wish for 343 Industries to design, make and distribute them for the general public and of course us halo fans.Read more

Travis PooleAustralia
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Created Feb 16, 2018
Petition to Riot Games, league of legends
I met a young man in a facebook group who had great devotion to remaking the artifact designs from the league of legends store.In particular I like the designs of this person (Adrian Torrhez that is his profile on facebook) because they are the same but improved. please help me get these designs toRead more

Paco SierraEspaña
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Created Apr 20, 2020
Petition to Students
At Newton High School many usual senior activities have been taken away due to events from past seniors such as senior pranks and an annual senior camp out in the school's parking lot. Being able to decorate our caps would give seniors the ability to create uniqueness on the day that is solely celebrating them. Decorating caps is a harmless way to stick out on the day where it matters most. Read more

Maggie TynerUnited States
226 supporters
Created Mar 7, 2018
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