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Petition to JM Smuckers company
Big Heart Pet Brands, previously the largest U.S. standalone pet food and treats producer, distributor, and marketer, has been donating imperfect, dented cans and missing label pet foods to non-profit animal shelters across the country. That is, until the J.M. Smucker Company bought Big Heart. This recent acquisition has lead to the immediate and indefinite halt of pet-food donations, and what I believe is a pet-food shortage crisis. For years the “damaged” food and treats were passed along to the communities where the processing plants are located. Local shelters became critically dependent on these donations in order to provide for the animals and operate in the community. These shelters are now struggling to feed their animals. Instead of continuing to donate to the community shelters, it would appear as though the company has been discarding this valuable resource for months. Most shelters save about one month’s worth of food, so as you can imagine, the impact this loss has had on these shelters and the lives of the shelter animals is devastating. Please join me in asking the J.M. Smucker Company to immediately resume providing these pet food donations to the shelters in their communities nationwide.  Read more

Leslie ChadwickBloomsburg, PA, United States
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Created May 25, 2016
Petition to Leonardo Dicaprio
Dear Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, As a super famous actor and someone who cares about our environment, we are calling on you to respectfully request your help regarding the atrocious activities that take place at The Cove in Taiji, Japan. We ask this of you, as you are well known for your contributions to animal and environmental campaigns and efforts, your work with world leading experts, your time, dedication and own foundation to improve the world we live in. We believe you posses the power and fame to bring much more media attention and awareness to the plight of dolphins being driven in to the infamous cove where they are either slaughtered, sold to live a cruel life in captivity or in rare instances thrown back in the ocean without most of their pod members. We hope you will respond and reach out to your many fans for the sake of these animals. We would greatly appreciate anything you could do to help stop the slaughter; such as reaching out and raising awareness via any platform (social media, mini t.v. series, a PSA, a petition, working with other celebrities, or whatever you think could help bring an end to the slaughter). The slaughter continues despite the documentary 'The Cove'. Things have changed, however we have not put an end to it. Dolphins are still being brutally killed. We need something new and huge to try to stop the slaughter. We really need help and we would like your support, so we are asking you. Will you please speak out against the slaughter?Read more

Rochelle MaloyDeLand, FL, United States
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Created January 9, 2015
Petition to Tiktok , Bank Of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, World Bank
game! We all deserve to get paid to make fun and supportive videos, to get paid depending on viewsRead more

Jovana MitrekanicSerbia
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Created March 5, 2022
Petition to Zainab Ahmed,, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Tony Elumelu
(CBN) should restore international debit card limits to $500 - $3000 depending on card type.Read more

Joel AbarraPort Harcourt, Nigeria
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Created March 22, 2022
Petition to Government
The current government guidelines state that only 15 people can attend a wedding, depending on whatRead more

Samantha VealUnited Kingdom
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Created November 23, 2020
Petition to MINISTRY OF STEEL, Government of India, Finance Minister
of VSP. It will not only save livelihoods of people depending on the Vizag Steel Plant but also saveRead more

Tejaswini PagadalaIndia
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Created February 5, 2021
Where's the "compassion"? The Compassion Act that was recently passed in Alabama is said to provide safe usage and access to medicinal cannabis oil (THC) for qualifying patients, but where is the compassion for the patients who are qualified but are allergic to the processed medical (THC) oils? Do they not also deserve the right to safely use and access medicinal cannabis in the form that their bodies tolerate? Do their lives not matter? How can the representatives of Alabama tell patient (A) that they can "have access to medicinal cannabis (THC) in the form of processed oil for pain, depression, and other non-life-threatening conditions without the risk of criminal charges," but tell patient (B) that they "cannot have safe access to the same medicinal cannabis (THC) in its raw natural flower form to actually survive a life-threatening disease such as Mast Cell Activation Syndrome"? How can they not provide the same legal protection and access to safe medical cannabis for both parties? Telling a patient that they cannot have safe access to medicinal cannabis (THC) in its raw flower form, which may be needed to survive an illness like MCAS, while telling them that they can have the very same (THC) in an oil form that they are allergic to, is not only deadly, but it's clearly discrimination against people with disabilities such as MCAS. How is this an equal medical opportunity? Some Alabama representatives said that these patients are a "minority" and that "some people just have to suffer." I realize this is a sad truth: life isn't fair sometimes, but that doesn't mean it has to stay unfair. These patients didn't choose to live with illnesses, but we have the power to fight to help them live the most comfortable life possible! We would love it if you would stand with us in our fight to make this life-saving medication available to all who truly need it. Would you please stand with us? There is no better time for change than now! All it takes is a little effort and understanding. The goal of this petition is to persuade the Alabama representatives to support the Canary proposal because they have said that they do not want to amend the Compassion Act. The Canary proposal would extend true compassion to protect patients who are covered under the Compassion Act but cannot medically tolerate (THC) oils that are provided under the Compassion Act and need organic medicinal cannabis (THC) in its raw flower to survive or manage their illnesses.  The Canary proposal would provide equal safe passage and accessibility to the organic medical-grade cannabis flower in its unprocessed raw form that has been grown and distributed in a sterile environment. If the state is unable to provide properly grown organic state cannabis products, the Canary proposal would grant the right to grow at home with plant amount limitations. It's that simple! All we are asking is that this already-state-approved medicine (THC) be available in its original, natural form. Do we all not deserve the same medical freedom? I personally thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition and for supporting the patients who will be covered under the Canary proposal. Your support will truly help change the lives of others. You can find the Alabama Medical Cannabis Patient Survey at www.AlabamaMedicalCannabisPatients.com  Read more

Summer LedawnAlabama, United States
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Created March 3, 2023
Petition to Arnel F. De Jesus
There are 52 weeks per year and at 3 hemodialysis sessions per week, that's a total of 156 sessions per year. Currently, Philhealth subsidizes 90 sessions per year. After which, the patient needs to fund his continuing sessions for the rest of the year. That's  about 184,000 pesos (66 additional sessions x 2,800 per). With all the additional medicinal requirements whicwhen followed costs over 25,000 pesos per month, paying for the hemodialysis sessions (ave 2,800 per session) is more than a middle class person can afford. More so for the indigent members of our community. Rather than just  government hospitals, we petition that all Philheath-accredited hospitals and dialysis centers be included and instead of free, limit it to 156 sessions per year which covers 3 sessions per week for 52 weeks.  Lastly, we petition that the erythropoietin injections be included in the coverage if possible as the price of the injection range from 650.00 to 2,200.00 and this is needed per session so 156 per year. We have designed a flyer which can be downloaded, printed, and posted on each of your dialysis centers so all the patients and their family and friends can signup too. http://www.shellarts.com/petition156.jpgRead more

RONALDO VILLAROSAQuezon City, Philippines
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Created January 25, 2019
Petition to Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG
1996. Not once, but twice.The Nürburgring Nordschleife possesses between 73 and 170 corners, dependingRead more

Dale LomasDeutschland
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Created March 17, 2021
Petition to Samsung, President & CEO Charlie Bae, CEO of SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd, Samsung
your corporation, depending on how you now decide to act regarding the animal rights and welfareRead more

KoreanDogs​.​org TeamSunnyvale, CA, United States
110,959 supporters
Created February 28, 2016
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