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Petition to Commission on Higher Education
attainment of these six demands. A full copy of the petition can be accessed here: https://bit.ly strengthen and raise the call for unity behind these six demands. Together, let us fight for a moreRead more

John LazaroPhilippines
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Created April 17, 2020
Petition to Federal Government, Provincial Government, City of Markham
support our demands of Shein. We ask the Federal Government of Canada to support our demands of Shein. We ask the Provincial Government to support our demands of Shein. Demands attached below. For thoseRead more

Take A Stand CanadaCanada
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Created April 12, 2023
Petition to University of Perpetual Help - System DALTA
1. UPHOLD DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS & PRIORITIZATION OF TRUESTUDENT-BASED LEARNING!In the decades-long existence of the university, the students and teachers have not been given the chance to speak or be heard. Social media posts are closely monitored and asked to be taken down when we choose to criticize the school publicly. The concerns of both teachers and employees are dismissed. The education the school offers during the newly implemented online distance-learning isnot conducive to the needs of the Perpetualites. This anti-democratic and antistudent system retains itself, and that is why the alliance must defend and fight for student & teacher representation.2. PROVIDE ALL NECESSARY RESOURCES TO ENSURE STUDENTS’ACCESS TO EDUCATION!All needed resources for the implementation of online classes have been provided by the students and teachers themselves. No financial assistance of any kind has been given to anyone at all. Students have been offered the option of modular learning as an alternative that no one has attempted to avail. The Learning Management System is often slow and provides a bigger burden for those with slow internet connections. Resources, equipment, and internet connection must be accessible and provided for the students and teachers. 3. PROVIDE ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE! STOP TOF (Tuition and Other Fees)! Junk OSF (Other School Fees)!Even with the usage of the Learning Management System and Microsoft Teams,textbooks were still required. During the first orientation, the books were said to berequired and then changed to supplementary during the second. Those who have purchased the books which are priced from PHP 500-1,000 individually have questioned its essence as supplementary learning material. The alliance firmly calls for economic help to be provided and unnecessary fees to be junked. 4. IMPROVE WORKING CONDITIONS AND SECURE JOB OPPORTUNITIES * Plenty of teachers have been laid-off amidst the pandemic, and those who managed to keep their jobs have had deductions to their salary due to the “No Work, No Pay” policy. Work overload is also a common problem. No PPEs have been provided by the university, and no testing has been conducted either.  The continuous laying-off, lack of job security, and difficult work conditions must be improved for the betterment of the health and socio-economic conditions of the workers.Read more

Alliance of Concerned PerpetualitesLas Piñas, Philippines
3,806 supporters
Created October 21, 2020
Petition to Mayor Brian Bowman, The province of manitoba, Premier Brian Pallister, The Manitoba Teachers' Society, The City of Winnipeg
petition. All amended information/demands will be italicized for clarity and transparency purposes.* WHAT. DEMANDS FOR THE CITY OF WINNIPEG 1.Defunding/abolishing the Winnipeg Police Service. Above all else our.  We understand that defunding and abolition will require time. We have several demands that the City of Winnipeg must implement and codify. In the meantime, several are adopted from the demands that hands of the police or in their custody. DEMANDS FOR THE PROVINCE OF MANITOBA 1).To give the city ofRead more

Justice 4 Black Lives WinnipegWinnipeg, Canada
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Created June 5, 2020
Petition to Boris Johnson, UK Government, Matt Hancock
We are a group of NHS doctors and nurses calling for support as we face a dangerous pandemic. At times like this, we rely on the NHS and social care more than ever. But they have both been dangerously weakened by years of cuts. The shortfall in staff, equipment and beds mean we're not in the position we should be - and this will needlessly cost lives. That’s why we’re calling on the UK Government and devolved governments to urgently take the following measures to protect NHS workers and the general public: COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be available for all NHS and social care staff now Those relying on social care (or ‘Direct Payments’) must be given immediate support if carers go sick  NHS support staff (including those outsourced) must receive at least living wage, paid sick leave for illness or self-isolation and an increase in statutory sick pay  Bring private health resources into public service without compensation to fight COVID-19 and aid NHS response  Make all information that the Government is basing its strategy on wholly available for public scrutiny An immediate end to legislation enforcing eligibility checks and charging in the NHS, including those related to residency status or national origin, allowing all patients to use the NHS without fear 17,000 NHS beds have been cut since 2010 while private hospitals get 30% of their income from NHS patients on waiting lists. Tens of thousands of staff are outsourced from the NHS to private companies. Many have zero-hour contracts lacking the security of paid sick leave and face very difficult decisions to self-isolate and lose pay.  Undocumented migrants and others are told they are not eligible for free NHS care. Many fear approaching the NHS worried about unpayable bills or being reported to the Home Office. All of these are immediate dangers as we fight coronavirus.  As NHS staff, we know the pressures on staff even before Coronavirus hit and we know the fears of outsourced workers and undocumented patients facing economic hardship. We must value our staff and ensure their security and we must ensure our patients trust the NHS to treat them without reservation.  This pandemic shows that a thriving publicly owned and run NHS and social care sector are essential to ensure that all citizens have equal access to the best care. Indeed, a thriving state is essential for a thriving society. Please sign the petition to strengthen the NHS response to coronavirus. Dr Sonia AdeseraDr Tom GardinerDr Helen SalisburyDr Mona KamalMark Boothroyd, A&E Staff NurseGay Lee,  Palliative Care NurseIain Wilson Clinical Nurse SpecialistDr John PuntisDr Tony O'SullivanAlia Butts CAMHS Specialist Practitioner and PsychotherapistDr Brian Fisher (SHA)Cllr Dr Hosnieh Djafari-MarbiniDr Coral Jones, GPDr Yannis Gourtsoyannis. Infectious DiseasesDr Rita Issa, Academic Clinical Fellow in General PracticeDr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty, OncologistDr Louise IrvineRead more

NHS Staff Tackling CoronavirusIslington, United Kingdom
264,417 supporters
Created March 18, 2020
Petition to U.S. Department of the Treasury
change.org will try to collect money from you after you sign this petition. We are not asking you for any money, as it does not go into a relief fund. The beauty industry has been forgotten! Sign this now for equal rights to SBA/PPP Funding. Small independently owned businesses like ours and yours HAVE NOT been fairly evaluated and in fact completely ignored in receiving aid through the CARES Act. SBA/PPP provided relief to large business franchises like Ruth Chris Steak house ($20 Million.) Hairstylists have not received PUA/EDD, PPP or EIDL loans that were vocalized to help us; independent contractors and small businesses, left to fend for ourselves while large businesses continue to receive endless bailouts! In CA alone we make up 620,000+ licensed cosmetologists that are currently suffering financially with no fault to ours due to Congress, U.S. Treasury dept., SBA and your banks ulterior motives.  Our freedoms have been revoked for the safety and health of our country. We pay taxes, we are amongst some of the hardest working American's and we should not financially suffer or be ruined by being over-looked by Congress, in which ALL of them visit their stylists regularly. We demand equality in SBA/PPP funding rights and will not accept silence or allow this to be swept under the rug while others benefit!Read more

Beauty IndustrySan Clemente, CA, United States
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Created April 17, 2020
Petition to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, CMS Board of Education, principal bosco, Myers Park High School
/myers-park-hs-students-reported-rape-sexual-assault-nothing-happened/ My demands from CMS are listedRead more

Nikki W.North Carolina, United States
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Created June 10, 2021
Petition to The White House, Donald J. Trump, Environmental Defense Fund, Keep America Beautiful
Generation Z knows that climate Change is real, it's inevitable, and if we don't act now, it will cause the end of life on Earth as we know it. As written by Time Magazine, 2020 may be our last chance to save the Earth from the harmful affects of climate change. It is imperative that we prioritize anti-climate change initiatives before it is too late. Now more than ever, it is important that America take action against corporations that are accelerating the speed in which climate change is occurring. We as Generation Z believe that it is far too late for America to be lukewarm about climate change and its effects on our planet. We must be #AllinforClimateAction so we can restore and maintain the health our beautiful planet for centuries to come. Sign this petition if you believe the Trump administration must take a strong stance against climate change, declare a National Climate Emergency, and take action against the multi-billion dollar companies that are destroying our planet. This may be our last chance to help protect and save the Earth. We must act fast. Read more

Lizzie HardenOxford, OH, United States
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Created July 30, 2020
Petition to Commission on Higher Education
demands: 1. SUSPEND ONLINE CLASSES AND ENSURE INCLUSIVE EDUCATIONAL ALTERNATIVEAffected cities council elections may be postponed to ensure quality of student campaigns, demands, and general of individuals in public and private educational institutions. These demands represent the unity of with the demands of other sectors of the society. We salute and we will continue to support front lineRead more

NUS PhilippinesPhilippines
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Created March 18, 2020
Petition to Adamson University (VPAA), Adamson University (VPSA), Adamson University (OSA), Adamson University (OPO), Adamson University (VPAA), Adamson University (VPSA), Adamson University (OPO)
demands: 5-POINT ADAMSONIAN DEMANDS Provide free, accessible, and immediate testing, contactRead more

Anakbayan KalawPhilippines
3,168 supporters
Created October 29, 2020
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