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I made this petition to make sure that humanity has a future on this planet. This issue affects everyone and we need change now! Please sign and share with others! The Scientists Rebellion writes (regarding Global Warming)  that “current actions and plans are grossly inadequate, and even these obligations are not being met.” We are running out of time and need to take action. Recently in LA, a ground of scientists including NASA’s Peter Kalmus protested fossil fuel corporations by chaining themselves to the JP Morgan Chase building (the largest banker of fossil fuels worldwide.) They were arrested for their actions. We cannot remain silent! Make it known that the companies that are pouring billions into the destruction of our planet will be stopped.Read more

isabelle coxImmokalee, FL, United States
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Created Apr 14, 2022
Petition to Unirazak
It is the environment around us. We live off of it and its natural habitat play important role in our daily lives. We depend on terrestrial ecosystems and forests as an essential source of materials. Such as producing oxygen, recycling water, providing food. Which means every living thing MATTERS. But why should we care? In reality, we are pollutants to the wildlife, we so depend on, we are talking more than what the earth can provide for us each year, we use 25% more resources than our planet can sustain each year. Forest cover 30% of the earth’s land. Around 1.6 billion people depend on it for their livelihoods. That makes up almost 25% of the world’s population. Forests are home to more than 80% of all terrestrial species, animals, plants, and insects. Biodiversity is so important in maintaining our ecosystems. They are the key to our sources of income, but by using more resources than what we need, species, habitats, and local communities are under pressure. Not to mention, climate change alone is expected to threaten.  Approximately one quarter or more of all species on land by the year 2050, surpassing even habitat loss as the biggest threat to life on land. Some 135 million people may be displaced by 2045 as a result of desertification. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity and 2/3 of the world will be living under water-stressed conditions. By 2050, the demand for water is expected to increase by 50%. 12 million hectares of productive land become barren every year due to desertification and drought alone. Which is a lost opportunity to produce 20 million tons of rice, wheat, and grain. We cannot afford to keep degrading land when we are expected to increase food production by 70% by 2050 to feed the entire world population. We cannot afford to lose over 7.3 million hectares of forest each year if only 75% of it being put to good use and we cannot allow the extinction of over 300 species because of our incompetence. And if we don’t take this as our first PRIORITY. We will lose EVERYTHING. But if we mobilize now, we can change that. We can ensure the conservation-restoration and management of our forests. That means by taking only what we need and reusing items. By 2030, combat desertification by integrating land and water management to protect soils from erosion, salinization, and other forms of degradation. Halt biodiversity loss by protecting and preventing the extinction of threatened species and we can stop and reverse degradation by restoring the land and soil we lost. BUT NONE OF THIS CAN HAPPEN WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT.  Read more

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Created Dec 31, 2020
Petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Every time an Island resident must cross the bridge, we have to pay 47.75. It adds up quickly, especially with residents needing medical care not available on Prince Edward Island or having family members that live elsewhere. Every time an off Islander wants to visit our beautiful province and support our local economy, they have to pay the same 47.75 to return home. With the large amount of tourists and regular travel across the bridge each year, it is not a necessity for us to pay nearly 50 dollars every time we wish to cross the bridge. This increasing toll has been paid unwaveringly for over 20 years while every other province is able to travel the Trans-Canada Highway with no fees other than the infrequent highway toll. Prince Edward Island does not have that luxury even though the Confederation Bridge is part of the Trans-Canada. There is no fee to cross into Nova Scotia from New Brunswick, or even Canada to the United States. There is no fee to cross the new billion dollar Champlain Bridge in Montreal. As fellow Canadians, we deserve the same respect and treatment. It's understood that there are maintenance fees and employees to pay, but an amount drastically less than the ever increasing 47.75 would more than suffice for such costs. The Confederation Bridge needs to be affordable for both Islanders and visitors, the cost of living is steadily going up but wages are not on par. Bridge costs need to be eliminated, or at the very least, discounted a significant amount. There needs to be a change.Read more

Taylor MacDougallRichmond, Canada
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Created Jun 11, 2015
Petition to central & state government
Petrol and Diesel rates increased drastically, it is horrible for a normal citizen to survive the taxes published on fuel. I request and demand Central and State Government to reduce the taxes to minimum. It is unbearable that the price of petrol crossed 90 Rs/-  per liter in Telangana. I request every one to sign the petition till it reaches the concerned authorities.  Read more

Arun kumar OragantiJAGTIAL, India
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Created Feb 4, 2021
Petition to Botswana Power Corporation
Increasing tariffs has put pressure on households. We want a normal medium wage Motswana to be able to afford electricity. People have lost their jobs, some will loss their jobs all due to the Global pandemic. What an unusual time to be increasing the tariff, we have barely solved the unemployment issue we have in Botswana, they must be other means to cover its operational expenses. (Solution) Building solar system for each region, or the region that uses the most electricity. Ministry of Land provides land and BPC installs industrial Solar System but in a Country or Region scale. or having a National power cut one's every 3months. Its Time Batswana rise up and stand up for themselves and not be so scared but also we should provide solutions , ideas that have longevity plus lending a hand, volunteering where need be for better our country.Read more

Wabo MotikiGaborone, Botswana
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Created Jun 7, 2020
Petition to DSTV
DSTV drops prices for the rest of Africa except South Africa and now this. We're being taken for granted here #DstvMustFallRead more

Themba MthiyaDurban, South Africa
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Created Apr 23, 2020
Petition to chris grayling
Chris grayling secretary of state of transport Dear SirNow that the worst of the winter weather for 2018 is over I ask you to consider this. Over the last week, most of the UK has been battered by winter storms which have left thousands of people stranded, and thousands of essential workers unable to do their jobs. Ordinary people. Care workers, School teachers, NHS staff, shop workers, delivery drivers....Thousands of people. Into this mess have stepped hundreds if not thousands of 4x4 drivers who have freely given their time to venture out in the worst of the weather to rescue those stranded. To ferry midwives out to pregnant women. To tow stranded 44 ton articulated lorries with their 2 ton Land Rovers. To recover cars which have become bogged in snow drifts, or stuck on hills. Mums and kids trying to get home. Plumbers trying to get to old people with no heating. Teachers trying to get to school. This army of 4x4 drivers has kept so much of this country moving in the last week, do you think it out of place for a very public “Thank You” from the government? We have given our time, fuel, cheerfulness all without any thought of reward, other than a most heartfelt “Thank You” from those rescued, and that means the most to us. But you and the government seen hell bent on driving us off the road with Punitive tax increases! Most of those out there this week have not been new £100,000 Range Rover drivers who can afford £2000 a year for their new cars, but ordinary people who use their 4x4’s every day for work. Farmers, construction workers, and hundreds of enthusiasts who keep these vehicles because they love them. People who need 4x4’s. And it feels like the government want these vehicles off the road with extortionate tax rises. So please, think on this volunteer army who have done so much to help keep this country moving this week, don’t kick us too hard, or in future when you need us most, we may just not be there....... An Old Land Rover driver.....”  Read more

Michael JonesUnited Kingdom
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Created Mar 4, 2018
Petition to Florida Governor
accidents. Guardrails would save lives and decrease the number of drownings in submerged vehicles. GettingRead more

clarissa lindseyAnnapolis, MD, United States
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Created Jul 7, 2015
Petition to Prof Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Arvind Pandey
The second wave of COVID has hit our country, compelling many states to impose lockdown and colleges and other educational institutions to shift to the online mode of education. Given that students are currently attending classes completely through the online medium, it becomes a cause of concern as to why ain't they being provided compensation in the fees.    The arbitrariness of private institutions, in this case, has been appalling. Students from different economic sections of society study in these colleges. It is a known fact that the economy has been hit hard and yet my parents have to pay the exact fees that they would pay if the classes were offline.    It is important to understand that students are not availing of a lot of facilities that they are paying for.  Why should my parents pay for sports and transport fee if I am not even visiting the college? A year has passed and all this while private institutions kept churning money out of students' misery.    Sign this petition, to request the authorities to instruct private institutions to reduce the fees given the unprecedented crisis. Everyone is bearing the brunt of a stalled economy and forcing them to pay for services that they ain't availing is not only unjustified but also ethically incorrect. We are amidst a crisis and mutual understanding of one another's suffering is the need of the hour.Read more

Priyanshu BhardwajDehradun, India
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Created May 1, 2021
Hello everyone We are making this petition for the welfare of Students and parents. Due to Covid_19 crisis lots of people lost their lives and job. Some people don't have food to eat. Due to lockdown some people are staying at home, some have work from home and students have online classes , some students don't have smartphone , some don't get proper network to attend classes. Knowing all these things our college have raised the college fees which are not affordable by parents during this period (due to covid_19) . So please help us by signing this petition, so that it helps lot of parents (including our parents). 'Online classes are going on but our college fees haven't been reduced' which includes : Campus maintenance fees Building Fee's Library Fee's Laboratory Fee's Wifi connection Fee's etc... We are not using anything from our college except their teaching. We are staying in our homes, so 'no labs, no campus maintenance' , using our mobile data/wifi, so 'no college WiFi' , no library etc. But they are asking us to pay those fees which are not being used by us.. By signing this petition please help us to reduce the college fees so that our parents can be relax a little.. Some top colleges reduced fees to less than 20K , so please support us to do with our college as well. Thank you.Read more

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Created Sep 16, 2020
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