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avoid being a part of teenage pregnancy by making a wise decisions, choosing an good influence friends that will lead you to good decisions and using protection is a must because it can prevent pregnancy and infection.Read more

Micah Janel PadolinaPhilippines
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Created January 5, 2023
Petition to RSPCA
Lilly was a friendly, loving playful kitten just like any other! Lilly was at our friends - cats protection in Carlisle who were trying to save Lilly.  Unfortunately the vets found Lilly to have a heart murmur but Lilly continued to be like any other kitten. Lilly was then taken to a different vets with the equipment needed to find out how serious Lilly’s heart murmur is. Unfortunately her heart murmur   was grade 4 they told us she had a life expectancy of only 2 years, this was very distressing to all that knew Lilly. We have offered to take care of Lilly to give her a loving and calm life until her time was up as did the lady at the vets but cats protection head office went against this and told us Lilly was being put to sleep that evening 23/09/2021.we tried to fight for Lilly’s life but unfortunately cats protection phones lines were now closed and we were no longer allowed to know any more information on Lilly this was very distressing and upsetting as nobody knows if Lilly is now sleeping. we personally feel Lilly could of had a chance at life as some cats live longer then expected with heart murmurs we didn’t feel they give any consideration or care in this matter. there has been many people in similar situations. Take the next step!  Read more

Hayley PearsonMorecambe, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created September 24, 2021
Petition to Ms Sarah Morgan, Chief Education Officer, Newport City Council
Alfie is a year 6 pupil and was really looking forward to going up to the local comprehensive with all his friends. He has lived in the catchment area all his life.There were 291 applications in the school catchment area for 290 places. Alfie was the single, solitary child excluded.The Local Education Authority proposes to send Alfie on his own every day (by taxi) to a school on the far side of the city. A round trip of over 22 miles through rush hour traffic every day.Alfie appealed. The appeal panel was provided with evidence about the effect on Alfie's welfare. The evidence included letters from his school and GP expressing concern about Alfie's wellbeing and mental health. Being the only child out of nearly 300 to be separated from his peers and sent on his own to a distant school raises obvious concerns because of the solitary nature of Alfie's exclusion.The appeal panel was furthermore aware that one of Alfie's parents had just been admitted to hospital with cancer, exacerbating concerns about his welfare and the loss of the social group he had grown up with.Alfie's appeal was vigorously opposed by the Local Education Authority on the grounds that there was no capacity at the school for a single additional pupil.The Local Education Authority provided inaccurate evidence to support their case which understated the capacity of the school. Alfie's appeal was refused by a majority. The majority of the appeal panel appear to have been heavily influenced by the Local Education Authority and gave little weight to the evidence about Alfie's mental health and wellbeing. They were also misled by the Local Education Authority about the available capacity of the school.A Freedom of Information Request brought forth two further troubling revelations: Five places at the school became available after the application cut-off date; they were all given to late applicants rather than Alfie who was first on the waiting list and who had applied on time. The Local Education Authority found another five places for out-of-catchment applications. Taxpayers may be interested to know that the Local Education Authority proposes to pay around £8,500 per year (our estimate) to taxi Alfie by himself across the city to another school. This does rather seriously undermine Newport City Council's environmental credentials!Alfie will be driven on his own, every day for at least the next five years, past the bus stop where his friends will be catching the school bus to the local comprehensive.Is it too much to ask that when a Local Education Authority deal with admissions they apply some judgment and most importantly, they submit honest evidence to appeal panels?We think Alfie’s appeal should be re-run, this time with accurate information.  The Local Education Authority has refused. We suggest that a review of the decision-making that led to this unfair and unsatisfactory situation is called for. We hope you can support and sign Alfie's petition.Read more

Simon VollansCardiff, United Kingdom
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Created August 10, 2021
Petition to Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane, Minister Mr Kostantinos Markus
Botswana is one of the shining lights of Africa, a country that after fifty years of independence  enjoys economic and political stability.  Although Botswana is completely landlocked, its two rivers the Okavango Delta and the Chobe River serve as a boundary to an abundance of wildlife. A successful African landscape is one where humans and wildlife can live and flourish together without fear or trepidation.  The spaces required by both humans and animals should be protected.   Africa has experienced years of exponential human population growth and mass expansions of industry.  Vice President of Botswana Mr Slumber Tsogwane has said that human wildlife conflict was rife especially in the Boteti constituency where large numbers of elephants roamed freely in marginal range lands, he admits that the increase in human population in this area has contributed to the problem. On the 21st June 2018 the Botswana Parliament adopted a motion, which was tabled by Mr Kostantinos Markus, requesting that the government consider the lifting the ban on the trophy hunting of elephants in areas that are not designated game reserve areas or national parks.  According to Mr Slumber Tsogwane it has become a real challenge to balance the relationship between wildlife and agricultural production. The elephant population, he said, has affected the land conservation because the elephant over graze and destroy the natural landscape. Botswana has the highest number of elephants in Africa.  One of the reasons for this is because of the tight protection that Botswana has offered elephants and because of the increase of poaching of elephants in neighbouring countries.  The Linyanti area of Botswana was once a hunting concession, over the past fourteen years only photographic tourism has been offered and elephants have started to move back to this area of Botswana. The Okavango Delta experiences high concentrations of elephant due to the permanent water source, the Chobe National Park also has a high number of elephant. The elephants have changed the landscape of places like Chobe River from thick woodland to open plains and as elephants move to the permanent water areas during the dry season the vegetation takes a hammering. Sadly there are growing instances of loss of life from elephant and human conflict. Mr Markus has said that ignoring human wellbeing to achieve conservation goals is morally wrong. Mr Samson Guma noted that the farmers living along the Botswana Zimbabwe border have struggled for years with elephants invaded their land and destroyed their crops.  The competition between elephants and humans for resources had intensified in this area.  GMFER does not underestimate the challenges that the communities face living alongside some of the world’s largest wildlife populations. We also realize the importance of wildlife tourism and our hope is that the communities in these rural areas are indeed benefitting from this wildlife tourism. We need to reconcile the needs of the elephant and the humans.  We need to urgently explore mechanisms other than trophy hunting to alleviate the problem of human and wildlife conflict.  MEDIA REPORTS ARE CIRCULATING THAT THERE IS WIDESPREAD ELEPHANT AND RHINO POACHING TAKING PLACE IN BOTSWANA.  Reports also suggest that the anti-poaching units have been relieved of their weapons and are therefore unarmed and unable to protect themselves or the wildlife of Botswana.  THE GLOBAL MARCH FOR ELEPHANTS AND RHINOS hereby asks you to join our polite petition to the BOTSWANA GOVERNMENT to show our unified support of Botswana and her people. We asked that every consideration was taken to avoid the lifting of the Elephant Trophy Hunting Ban and that the anti-poaching units protecting Botswana’s elephant and rhino populations are armed correctly and fully supported. Unfortunately President Masisi of Botswana has chosen to lift the ban on trophy hunting. On Friday 7th February 2020 the first sixty elephants were condemned to death at an auction in Gabarone.  A total of 272 elephants will be allowed to be hunted.   The GMFER organisation joined hands with many other organisations around the world to condemn this decision which is not based on any good science or  economics. The COVID_19 global pandemic forced countries into lockdown. International travel has ground to a halt. This prevented the planned trophy hunts in Botswana. The season has been extended but there are not decisive dates as to when the season will reopen.  Curiously and horrifying in March 2020 elephants started dying in the Okavango Delta the government was very slow to react. By August 2020 there are still no definitive answers as to why more than 300 elephants have died.  Megan Carr VP GMFER Social Media  #SaveOurWildWorld #StopTheKillingInBotswana   Read more

Megan CarrCape Town, South Africa
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Created June 23, 2018
Petition to Alabama State House, Alabama State Senate, Alabama Governor
There is currently a movement in the Alabama Legislature to propose a bill that would mandate a standardized calendar for all public schools. The proposed plan would require all public schools in the state to run from Labor Day to Memorial Day. This change has been proposed to increase tourism revenue in the state. This idea takes all autonomy away from local school systems and makes it much more difficult for school systems to do what they feel is best for their students, staff, and stakeholders. It will drive students into private and charter schools due to the burdens on time these proposed calendars would place on families.  Please join with us to send the Legislature a clear message that this type of plan is not needed or wanted in Alabama and that it will fix none of the problems we face in our schools today! Sign our petition and help us keep control of school calendars local, where that control belongs! Read more

Leah LockettTuscumbia, AL, United States
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Created February 4, 2020
Petition to government and house of Lord's., The General Public, Parents
.  Giving right to live after exhaustive and informed decisions. Quality of life paramount.Read more

susan lennonBournemouth, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created April 16, 2018
Petition to Premier League
Martin Atkinson has gotten away with blatantly incorrect and biased decisions without any. His decisions are game changing and can cause teams to unfairly drop up to 3 points, a possibly title winning margin. Atkinson needs to be sacked or at least punished to stop these clearly unprofessional and biased decisions.Read more

Sack AtkinsonLiverpool, United Kingdom
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Created November 2, 2019
Petition to Lebanese American University, American University of Beirut
Lebanon's Education Ministry on Friday 28 February 2020 announced the closure of all educational institutions including kindergartens, schools, high schools, vocational institutions and universities until March 8 as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus.  The Lebanese American University and the American University of Beirut, decided, after consultations with their experts in infectious diseases at their school of medecine, to open their campuses as planned for all classes and exams.  We ask both universities to abide by the government decision to curb corona virus spread, as well as keeping students, faculty and staff away from any possible contagion.Read more

People HealthLebanon
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Created February 29, 2020
Petition to Charlie Baker, Massachusetts State Senate, Joe Kennedy, Michael Capuano, Thomas Massie, Jim McGovern, Niki Tsongas, Bill Keating, Katherine Clark, Richard Neal, Stephen Lynch, Linda Forry, Seth Mou...
and his department has lost a brother. The judges need to be held accountable for these decisions. WeRead more

Lori WagnerWhitefield, ME, United States
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Created April 13, 2018
Petition to Scott Gottlieb, Federal Drug Administration
topic with true impartiality and he must recuse himself from any further decisions involving kratom. [1Read more

Leah WallerSan Juan Capistrano, CA, United States
9,311 supporters
Created February 7, 2018
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