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Petition to Health Minister Greg Hunt
decided that people over 50 can no longer be referred by their GP for a Medicare-funded knee MRI. It is aRead more

Alexandra GreenAustralia
14,217 supporters
Created Jul 4, 2018
Petition to European Parliament
I want the resolution that equates Nazism to communism to be abolished, out of respect for those who died to fight Nazism and why our children know the truth of why they are free, to respect historical truth, against all revisionism. so 'the recently adopted resolution should be abolished.Read more

luca settiCrest, Francia
11,498 supporters
Created Sep 22, 2019
Petition to NASCAR
Kurt Busch has been suspended indefinitely by NASCAR for "actions detrimental to stock car racing" following the Domestic Violence case after Patricia Driscoll, Kurt's ex-girlfriend, claimed. What? Excuse me, but is he charged with anything as of February 20th, 2015? No! Why are you suspending him why he is Innocent until proven guilty? What happened to Innocent until proven guilty and due process? Oh. That's right, you all at NASCAR are tyrants once again and are in control and are not letting Kurt voice in defense. More than likely you will pay NO attention to his appeal. Travis Kvapil did the same thing and was actually charged with it, yet he's still allowed to race? You just did yourselves in for a world of pain. Revoke the suspension, or once again, like every single time you come up with a ridiculous penalty, boatloads of fans are going to walk right out the door to watch IndyCar and Dirt Track racing.Read more

Gabriel NunesSan Diego, CA, United States
10,760 supporters
Created Feb 21, 2015
immigration decided to add Parents as immediate family member for the purpose of travel during Covid Crisis. In contrast to some other western countries like Canada, Parents Visa application are decidedRead more

Anoop SharmaAustralia
10,391 supporters
Created May 4, 2022
Petition to Minister of Devaswam, Shri. Kadakampally Surendran Minister for Co-operation, Guruvayoor Devaswasm Chairman, Swami Chidanandapuri, Chairman Poonthanam Award Committee
decided without political biases. Please revoke the decision to the conferment of Poothanm award for Shyamamadhavam.      Read more

Babu AppatMalappuram, India
2,854 supporters
Created Feb 25, 2020
Petition to john.macdonald@ontario.ca , daryl.kramp@pc.ola.org , lisa.macleod@pc.ola.org , steve.clark@pc.ola.org , vic.fedelico@pc.ola.org
September 18, 2019 is the due date! We've only got 4 days! The Hastings County Council approved an aggregate quarry for Freymond Lumber by a vote of 9-3 in June. Forces have arisen to have this vote overturned by any means possible. You are allowed to contribute your comments to the Ontario government up until this Wednesday. (Sep 18/19) The Freymond family have run their business responsibly for many decades. They seem to be under attack for being too close (to everything I guess)! I just noticed that Freymond Lumber is about 600m from Quarry Road! Ironic or what?! Please help the Freymond family: Sign this petition. Pass this petition on to anyone you may think would be concerned (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc) John MacDonald is the Municipal representative for our area. Email him at john.macdonald@ontario.ca or just call him at 613-545-2113. Daryl Kramp is our MPP. Email him at daryl.kramp@pc.ola.org or phone him at 613-308-9625 Read more

Perry BestBancroft, Canada
1,845 supporters
Created Sep 15, 2019
Petition to Manchester City Council
Government's Secretary of State has decided NOT to step in, but gave no reasons, so obtaining expert decided not to take any action - but gave not one reason for the decision.  Please clickRead more

Lesley ChalmersManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
5,636 supporters
Created Sep 16, 2016
Petition to RT HON JAMES BROKENSHIRE, Gerry Carpenter
Durham County Council intends to build itself a new HQ in Durham city by the riverside with a cathedral view. The proposal is contentious and has prompted a record number of objections. Concerns include road access, congestion, parking, air pollution, and safety; Durham’s World Heritage Site (which would suffer a ‘large’ and ‘adverse’ impact according to the World Heritage Site co-ordinator); effects on tourism and businesses; environmental issues; building on a floodplain; and accessibility of the site, especially for the disabled. We the undersigned do not have faith that Durham County Council’s approval of the planning application was objective, open, and transparent. It is a matter of national importance that decision-making by public bodies must be objective, open, and transparent, and must be seen to be so (the Nolan Principle). This is decidedly not the case here. We therefore urge the Secretary of State to call this planning application in for his own determination.  The planning application is for a new HQ for Durham County Council on a site chosen by the County Council to a specification set by the County Council and shaped by intensive discussion with the planning officers of the County Council. Therefore it is very difficult to believe that the County Council’s planning committee could have reached an objective and unbiased decision. Moreover, at the Full County Council meeting held on 20th February a resolution was put that ‘Council calls upon Cabinet to suspend activity for and building of the new HQ at the Sands, Durham’. All 54 County Councillors who voted against the resolution are from a single political party (Labour). It seems evident that they were ‘whipped’ on a motion directly concerning the planning application. They included the Chair and six other members of the County Planning Committee. Therefore it is almost impossible to believe that these members of the Planning Committee could have had an open mind when on 5th March they voted to approve the planning application (while all opposition councillors on the planning committee voted against it). Also some observers reported that the first Councillor to speak moved the motion to support apparently by reading out a pre-prepared script. Finally, Richard Buxton Solicitors, acting for the city of Durham parish council, had advised Durham County Council that approving the application on the basis of the information before it would be ‘unlawful’. And Vectos, a transport consultant employed by the City of Durham Parish Council, had concluded that there were significant omissions from the traffic and air pollution analysis provided in support of the application, as well as concerns about its methodology and conclusions. In other words, as noted by Richard Buxton Solicitors, ‘there is a real risk that the Council will bring the planning system as a whole into disrepute’. Therefore the final decision on this planning application should be made by the Secretary of State. Please sign to ask the Secretary of State to call this application in.Read more

Poppy SolariUnited Kingdom
4,962 supporters
Created Mar 7, 2019
Petition to This petition has been handled amazingly so thank you all so much.
This petition no longer serves a purpose but change.org site makes it super hard to remove petitions.Read more

Jenna GinesBaton Rouge, LA, United States
45 supporters
Created Jun 24, 2018
Petition to Theresa May MP
employees.  Recently the government voted on public sector pay and decided to keep the cap. IRead more

Thomas Henshawmanchester, ENG, United Kingdom
663 supporters
Created Jun 30, 2017
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