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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services
During the Coronavirus Pandemic, hospitals all over the world are caring for our friends and families who are suffering from the Coronavirus. Our healthcare workers are at the frontline of this all and are doing their best to care for everyone. They are at the highest risk of being exposed to the virus. Which then, in return, have to go home to their families, hoping they aren’t shedding the virus to their communities. During the closing of school, arenas, travel bans, and so forth. We need to provide our healthcare personnel with an increased pay due to the pandemic to help with their efforts and risk they face as well as making sure we have personnel who will continue to go to work to care for our love ones. Read more

Martha AgueRaleigh, NC, United States
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Created Mar 13, 2020
Petition to Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, Caroline Cochrane, Blaine Higgs, Jason Kenney, Dennis King, François Legault, Stephen McNeil, Scott Moe, Brian Pallister, Joe Savikataaq, Sandy Silver, John horgan, dwigh...
COVID-19 is a serious threat to the health and well-being of Canadians.  The measures that have been taken to control the spread of disease also represent a serious threat.  Both the disease and the control measures have had serious consequences for population health and equity.  We believe that a balanced response is required as we continue to deal with COVID-19.  Visit www.balancedresponse.ca to view an open letter to the government of Canada and an accompanying statement.   Our goal is to create a dialog regarding the need for balance between the consequences of COVID-19 and the consequences of the control measures as key decisions are made.  Please share your support for this with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada's Premiers and Territorial Leaders.Read more

Balanced ResponseToronto, Canada
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Created Jul 10, 2020
  SUNDAY 7th MAY 2023 on the Limehouse Cut, Tower Hamlets - The metropolitan police publicly executed two dogs. The Independent Office for Police Conduct will investigate the public execution of Marshall and Millions. This is not enough. We, the Public demand a change to police policy and procedure for the management of dog related incidents. We demand a change to legislation that would mean an animal welfare representative must be present when police officers attend dog related incidents.     Marshall and Millions were American XL bullies. This breed IS NOT subject to prohibition under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Evidenced in videos and photographs, both dogs appeared to be healthy, cared for, loved and of reasonable temperament. When police swarmed the Limehouse Cut, the dogs showed NO SIGN of unprovoked agression. As documented in numerous recordings of the incident made by members of the general public, the dogs in fact appeared to be scared, and confused. In these videos it can also be seen that the police make no effort to de-escalate the situation - they approach and proceed in a threatening way.     REASONABLE AND PROPORTUNATE FORCE was not employed by the police. They can be seen in the videos recorded by the public to be escalating the situation, and increasing any potential risk by their actions. Although under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, vets, councils and police officers have the powers to euthanize dogs they "deem to be out of control", any vague signs of Millions and Marshall acting in a defensive way was as a direct result of SIX METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICERS SHOUTING, POINTING A FIREARM AND ACTING IN A THREATENING WAY TOWARDS THE DOGS AND THEIR HUMAN. And keep in mind, these dogs were still technically puppies. 9 months old and 18 months old.     The needless public execution of these to pups was entirely heartless and inhumane. Horrified residents and members of the public watched as the police shot one dog (whose lead was tethered to the other dogs lead) and then shot and killed the other. These pups were on leads. They had collars on. They were controllable. The only reason their owner had dropped the leads was due to him being tasered by the police. THE POLICE CAUSED THIS SITUATION. THEY MISHANDLED THIS SITUATION. THEY USED UNREASONABLE DISPROPORTIONATE FORCE. Trauma and fear after observing this incident has rippled through the general public. Distrust towards the police among the general public and dog owners is undeniable. The actions of the metropolitan police has refreshed and exacerbated public distrust of this police force. Dog owners now live in fear of mistakes being made, and lack of investigation and evidence, leading to the needless destruction of their beloved companions. SAFEGUARDING TO PROTECT OUR DOGS FROM THE MISCONDUCT AND INCOMPETENCE OF THE POLICE IS NOW ABSOLUTELY AND EVIDENTLY VITAL.  POLICE OFFICERS ARE NOT ANIMAL BEHAVIOURISTS! POLICE OFFICERS ARE NOT QUALIFIED AND CLEARLY CANT BE TRUSTED TO MAKE THE SENSITIVE JUDGEMENT CALL ON WHEN ITS NECESSARY TO EUTHANIZE A DOG. WE, THE PEOPLE DEMAND CHANGE.            Read more

Hayley LovelockSouthampton, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 16, 2023
Ben Houchen is the Tees Valley Mayor. He is involved with Teesworks, South Tees Development Corporation, Tees Valley Combined Authority and the newly formed Middlesbrough Development Corporation to name but a few. Things have come to light lately that question how he handled public money and public assets. If they are true, it is very damning for the region as well as him. They needs to be a full impartial investigation into all his accounts and dealings involving public money and assets and the companies and corporations etc used. If he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to worry about. He is up for Mayor again, we need transparency and a guarantee the public does not pay to fill other peoples pockets.Read more

Clifton BurrowsRedcar, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 20, 2023
Petition to Congress
dealing with various disabilities (both mental and physical). They cannot continue to mistreat, hurt, and kill those who are different from them. Read more

Sophie MosleyAtlanta, GA, United States
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Created Jun 27, 2020
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States, Human Rights Campaign, HHS , The Department for Health and Social Care, United States Department of Health and Human Serv...
As someone with a very close cousin who has battled addiction for 10 years now, it is obvious to me that the HIPAA Privacy Rule needs immediate change. The HIPAA Rule must change so that it allows patients’ families to be notified immediately of any medical issues/updates regarding the patient. I understand that it protects the patient’s rights, however, in a situation where someone, like my own cousin, is rushed to the hospital due to a drug overdose, these privacy rights should be thrown out the window. Families have the right to know what is going on with their loved one. My cousin has fortunately survived two overdoses, yet still refuses help and continues to use drugs like heroin. A person who uses drugs on a regular basis is clearly not in the right state of mind, and should not be granted the ability to sign themselves out of rehab, especially without any family members being notified of their whereabouts. There comes a certain point where a person’s well-being should be put before their privacy rights. Drug addicts can not make rational decisions and therefore it should not be their sole responsibility to make decisions regarding their health. Recently, my cousin was administered Narcan to save her life after she overdosed. She ordered the hospital to send her parents home and because of the HIPAA Rule, they had no choice but to leave. Because of my cousin’s right to “legal privacy,” she has the ability to sign herself out of the hospital without her parents being notified. This leaves her parents in the dark as to whether she is alive and safe, or has overdosed alone somewhere. One time, my cousin signed herself out of rehab and her parents were not even told that she had left the facility. Days later, her mother arrived at the rehab facility to visit and support her. It was not long until she realized that her daughter was missing. In 2017 alone, over 70,000 people died of drug overdoses. A number of them were able to escape from their families and go under the radar with the help of the HIPAA Rule. If we could help just a fraction of the victims of drug abuse, we could make an enormous change in society by saving many lives and creating worry free parents. The HIPAA Privacy Rule continues to allow people like my cousin to sneak away and obtain their next high, possibly their last. Please sign and make a difference. Read more

J TBernardsville, NJ, United States
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Created Feb 23, 2019
Petition to Theresa may/uk goverment/secretary of state (conservative party)
my 4 yr old autistic son lost his life this can never be allowed to happen again this petition is to run along side a paper petition and an epetition already in progress We were in a+e and the ward of the hospital for a combined time of just under 9 hours the dr in a+e said harry was 8% dehydrated and needed to be put on a drip and have blood tests taken and even prepared him with numbing cream and sent him to the ward we entered a+e at 8 mins after 12pm we were on the ward for just about 2pm and left just before 9 pm all this time we kept asking for the tests to be completed The heart murmur was detected on the ward at approx 4pm His blood tests taken after he passed away shows high levels of potassium high levels of sodium some liver and kidney problems and some other abnormalities when I asked if they would have been detected on the friday or saturday I was told yes I also asked if he could have been treated and again I was told yes So it seems the dr in a+e may have given the right diagnosis but the drs on theward just never followed through on the tests and treatment the full story is below my little boys story on the 18th June I attended the gp's with Harry as he had been ill for a few days and his mum and I were growing concerned as although the vomiting and diorreah had stopped he was getting no better within himself. We were seen by dr layzel who said that he had a tummy bug and a temperature and although he had lost some weight this was not much of a concern and advised that we should continue giving Harry paracetamol and she made a further appointment for the Friday so that harry could be checked again as the weekend was approaching.   on the evening of the 19th June Harry's' mum and I were still concerned so we telephoned the 111 service and we were advised to take harry to the out of hours service at nems on derby road which we did we were seen by the doctor and again told that he had a temperature and a tummy bug and as we already had a gps' appointment the following morning we were advised to continue with the paracetamol and attend the appointment the following morning.   on the 20th June we attended the gps' appointment and we were seen by Dr Holly Barret who checked harry over she also asked dr layzels' opinion as she had seen him previously and they both said they weren't too concerned but as the weekend was upon us she asked that I take harry to A+E at the QMC so that a paediatrician could check him over.   we arrived at A+E at approx 12pm there was a short wait and then harry was seen. The nurse that saw harry took his obs and we explained about his severe autism which made him anxious and distressed when in unfamiliar environments she said that his temperature was a little high and his heart was racing his blood sugar was fairly high at 9.4 and harry was given the priority level of a category 2 to see the doctors.   after the doctor had seen harry we were informed that they wished to tube feed him however harry started to take nutrition orally via a syringe and after a while harry was given a fairly large dosage of ibuprofen when I questioned this i was told that larger doses can be used within the hospital as they dose on weight. Harry had cream applied to both arms and legs as we were told blood tests were needed.   harry was then sent up to the children's' assessment unit on arrival we again explained about the severity of his autism and also about his previous problems with his heart when he was a baby and again his obs were taken.   we were told that his heart was again racing and that a murmur was heard along with a gushing noise and we were told that an ECG and blood tests were going to be undertaken.   we were left sitting in the ward with a very distressed child (due to his autism) for hours we kept asking about the murmur and in total 3 doctors heard this so again we kept asking about the tests as harry was becoming more distressed and had the cream that numbs on both arms and both legs and were told that it was all in good hands, in total my son was left for over 8hours with nothing practical being done we also had to tell the Doctors on more than one occasion that he had thrush in his mouth.   Harry was becoming more and more distressed and the test were not being undertaken so we asked again and again but nothing was done.   eventually we asked if we could take Harry home for the evening as he was very distressed and would not settle this was agreed with the Doctors with the plan that we return Saturday morning which we did, when home Harry was asleep within 15minutes. on out return Saturday morning still no tests were carried out only his obs and weight we were then discharged by the Doctor and told to take him home and given prescription and told to carry on feeding fluids orally via a syringe which we did.   On Sunday he was much the same and then on the Monday he passed away.   during his short stay in hospital we were left for hours with a very distressed autistic boy and very little was done we repeatedly asked about the murmur and about his heart and repeatedly asked about the ECG and blood-tests they had said were needed yet these tests were not carried out despite all of our questions nothing was being done.   all the above is why we feel that his care while in the hospital was highly inadequate and that the hospital didn't listen and take our concerns seriously instead they did very little for over 8 hours if they had listened to us and had done the tests that we were told were needed i truly believe that my son harry would have received the correct treatment and would still be with us today.   we have also received a discharge letter which mentions a diagnosis of gastroenteritis we were never told this also no medications listed although a prescription was given for harry by the doctor on the ward. the system needs changing and we are eager to make sure that it does so this can never happen again with a different system my son would still be alive today. Harrys law   1: On arrival to A&E status elevated to level 2 so less waiting time to cut down stress levels 2: Each childrens department to have atleast one Dr and nurse trained in autism awareness on duty at all times and they be assigned to specific children with special needs and that they have periodic updated training 3: Experienced play workers to be made more readily available 4: Quicker transitions from one department to the next 5: Side rooms made available to cut stress levels 6: Notes and identity bracelets coloured as a clear indicator of special needs 7: Parents always to be approached first 8: Any treatments or tests needed to be done swiftly 9: Do not leave autistic children unattended at any time 10: Make sure any appropriate treatments or issues are dealt with before discharge 11: Make sure parents have all relevant information during the stay in hospital and on after care on discharge 12: Make Drs aware and accountable for their own actions 13: Give any willing parents a questionnaire so that the hospitals can learn from them Read more

Richard ClementsNottingham, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 31, 2014
Petition to The Sun Newspaper
This week Sun Newspaper front page carried the headline: 1200 killed by mental patients. This was a dangerously selective way to lead on the research covered, reinforcing the public perception of the mentally ill as a risk to society. I work as a Psychology teacher, in particular working to develop understanding of mental health issues. I also have a history of long term mental illness in my family. I was therefore horrified to see that the Sun were misrepresenting complex research in such a harmful way, which is why I want to encourage others in responding to these misrepresentations. In reality people with mental illnesses are at greater risk of many forms of violence and assault from general society than those without, as well as having a long history of experiencing abusive treatment from the state.  By focusing on stats relating to acts of violence carried out by the mentally ill the Sun Newspaper are increasing the risk to patients by dehumanising and demonising them. The SPJ code of ethics states that Journalists should: "Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.  and ..treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect." The Sun need to review the processes by which editorial decisions are taken about this to include a recognition of their responsibility as a big media player towards protecting the safety of the mentally ill. We are calling on them to 1) Recognise that they have acted unethically in misrepresenting information about the mentally ill in this harmful way, and to print a full correction to this effect. 2) Make a donation to mental health charities to cover any profit made from this story and to apologise to those misrepresentedRead more

Rhiannon LockleyBrierley Hill, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 7, 2013
Doctor Mylah Giles is a guidance counselor and HIB investigator at Arts Highschool who needs to be stopped. She dosent do much to HELP her students, and most people who try reporting her to the administration get shut down. Why? Is it because they’re trying to protect her? Enough is enough. Help be a voice who changes this. This will be brought to the board, trust and believe. Change is coming. Read more

josh icaUnited States
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Created Oct 2, 2022
Petition to Citizens Advocating Responsible Development
What is PD-15? PD-15 is the 15th “Planned Development” within the City of Dallas. It is a 12.4-acre parcel of land bordered on the south by Northwest Highway (including Preston Tower and The Athena); Pickwick Lane on the west; the alleyway south of Bandera Avenue on the north; and Baltimore Drive on the east. Why is PD-15 Being Reconsidered for Rezoning? Following a tragic fire that destroyed Preston Place Condominiums within PD-15, the City is recommending new zoning to allow redevelopment of that property and others within PD-15. Preston Place was a 3-story structure with underground parking. New development of the area is being proposed for up to two high-rise apartment buildings that could match the height of Preston Tower. In addition, up to four mid-rise apartment buildings would be allowed. Who is CARD? Citizens Advocating Responsible Development (CARD) is a committee comprised of citizens favoring responsible development who want to collaborate with all stakeholders by modifying the City’s plan to reach the highest level of support from the community. The members of CARD are residents of: PD-15.Preston Hollow East and South;Devonshire;Preston Center neighbors, andUniversity Park –all of whom will be greatly affected by this rezoning. The CARD PD-15 Plan Advocates Responsible Development CARD recommends the following modifications to the City’s Plan: HEIGHT:  High-rise construction to be limited to a maximum of 90 feet tall along NW Hwy.  Mid-rise construction to be limited to a maximum of 50 feet tall along the north side of PD-15. DENSITY:  CARD recommends density that maintains the quality of life in its community. SETBACK:  Preston Tower and The Athena are set back 100 feet from NW Hwy. The City Plan allows new high-rise towers 30 feet closer to NW Hwy than the existing towers.  CARD recommend the setback be uniform for all towers. The City’s PD-15 Plan:  These are the highlights of the City’s Plan to overdevelop PD-15:  HEIGHT:  Up to two 28-story high-rise apartment buildings as tall as Preston Tower along Northwest Hwy.Up to four, 8-story, mid-rise apartment buildings built along the north side DENSITY:  The City Plan creates the most densely packed neighborhood north of Uptown. SETBACK:  The City Plan allows high-rise apartment towers 30 feet closer to NW Hwy. than the existing buildings. What Are Concerns About the City Plan? TRAFFIC: Congestion, noise, lack of planned traffic flow, overflow traffic through surrounding residential neighborhoods INFRASTRUCTURE: Inadequate sewers, streets, and storm water drainage MAJOR DISRUPTION to area during projected multiple-year construction projects DAMAGE to public and private streets during construction REDUCED VISIBILITY AND SUNLIGHT resulting in reduced property values and quality of life LOSS of many mature shade trees DENSITY: Proposed residences increasing from 600 to 1,300 units would double the number of people and cars in the area HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? SIGN CARD's online petition opposing the current City Plan by clicking the red box below "Sign This Petition" "WE OPPOSE THE PROPOSED RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE CITY STAFF TO AMEND PD-15 IN ZONING CASE Z167-396 AND APPROVED BY THE CITY PLAN COMMISSION ON JUNE 6TH 2019 AND URGE YOU TO VOTE NO WHEN THIS MATTER IS PRESENTED.  THE CURRENT AMENDMENTS MADE BY CITY STAFF (AND FURTHER AMENDED BY THE CITY PLAN COMMISSION ON JUNE 6th 2019) TO THE PD15 ORDINANCE COULD RESULT IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF TWO TOWERS ALONG NORTHWEST HIGHWAY REACHING MAXIMUM HEIGHTS OF 310 FEET. UNDER THIS AMENDMENT TWO (2) NEW HIGH RISE AND FOUR NEW (4) MID-RISE BUILDINGS COULD BE CONSTRUCTED ON THE SIX ACRES AVAILABLE FOR DEVELOPMENT. THE PROPOSED NEW DEVELOPMENT COULD DOUBLE DENSITY BY ADDING 760 APARTMENT UNITS TO THE EXISTING 540 CONDOMINIUM UNITS. THE TRAFFIC DATA SUBMITTED TO THE CPC STATES THAT TRAFFIC IN THIS AREA WILL DOUBLE IF THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT IS APPROVED. APPROVAL OF THE CPC AMENDMENT WILL MAKE PD-15 THE MOST DENSELY POPULATED AREA NORTH OF UPTOWN. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, OPPOSE THE PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO PD-15  AND URGE THE CITY COUNCIL TO STOP ANY AMENDMENTS TO PD-15. DONATE to support the community’s efforts to ensure responsible development at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/pd-15-advocating-responsible-development CALL CARD at 972-591-3553 with questions or for more information. GO TO: https://www.pd15card.com SHARE this information on social media and engage your friends and neighbors. ATTEND Councilmember Jennifer Gates’ PD-15 Community Meeting on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 from 6-7 p.m. at Walnut Hill Recreation Center (northwest corner of Walnut Hill at Midway.) Note that questions must be submitted online in advance. EMAIL Councilmember Gates with your questions and comments: Jennifer.Gates@dallascityhall.com and remind Mrs. Gates of her promise that “…improving the quality of life is the reason I ran for office.” If we play our CARDs right, we will have a winning hand for our entire community.  Read more

SaveThe Nation19Dallas, TX, United States
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Created Feb 13, 2019
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