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Petition to Highways England, Transport Minister Grant Shapps
these motorways every day. I’ve seen cars stranded on these roads and it is incredibly dangerous forRead more

Ryan RidgwayHull, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 11, 2018
Petition to Gavin Newsom
Currently in detention centers around Adelanto, California, ICE is using a disinfectant chemical called HDQ neutral to help prevent COVID-19 from infiltrating. However, this chemical has been causing detainees extreme symptoms like their mouth and nose bleeding, pain and watering in eyes, and even fainting, headaches, and nausea. ICE is supposedly spraying this chemical every 15-30 minutes. There are other disinfects that they can use.  Actualmente en los centros de detención de Adelanto, California, ICE está utilizando un químico desinfectante llamado HDQ neutral para ayudar a prevenir la infiltración de COVID-19. Sin embargo, este químico ha causado a los detenidos síntomas extremos como sangrado de boca y nariz, dolor y lagrimeo en los ojos, e incluso desmayos, dolores de cabeza y náuseas. ICE supuestamente está rociando este químico cada 15-30 minutos. Hay otros desinfectantes que pueden usar.Read more

calista boazMichigan, United States
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Created Jun 1, 2020
Petition to Commissioner, BBMP, Mayor of Bengaluru
junction and KSRP quarter is so bad that it’s not motorable and dangerous for school going childrenRead more

Debasish DasBengaluru, India
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Created Aug 29, 2018
Petition to Steffi Lemke
DE / CZ The Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Temelin is situated in the immediate neighbourhood of both the German and the Austrian border. Both reactors, since going on-line in 2000, have proven to be very irregular. At Reactor 1 of the NPP Temelin a precarious welding seam is located directly on the reactor high- pressure vessel. „This welding seam will break under stress.“ said the inspector of the Czech nuclear authority when she investigated the state of affairs. She was ordered to keep this knowledge to herself. The incident was covered up. The existence of the associated dossier 15/2001/SUJB is repudiated. Together with independent experts and the German nuclear authority we met with the Czech nuclear authority in Prague. Shortly before, the falsification of counterfeit X-rays pictures of all welds of the non-nuclear cooling circuits in all six of the Czech reactors was revealed. Those independent experts urgently advised the investigation of the documentation of all those nuclear high-pressure system welding seams in Temelin 1. One of these independent experts, namely Dieter Majer, once the technical head of the German nuclear authority at the German Federal Environment Ministry. He was responsible for the long-term shut-down, due to irregularities, at the nuclear power plant at Biblis. He also shut down the Plutonium plant in Hanau. He said “I believe, that none of the welding seams in the premier circuits are design adequate. Both the operators and the authorities have failed to provide the public with real evidence that the welding seams are of an acceptable quality. The only realistic solution is a very intensive examination of the documentation.” Another independent expert was the material expert from TÜV Nord. He examined an official document, accessible to us, that detailed that a pipe was documented as being welded to the reactors pressure vessel whilst at the same time the other end of this same pipe was documented as being welded to another pipe in a distant assembly facility. This documentation cannot be factual. Germany has a binding contract with the Czech Republic that allows the Federal Government the right of examination of documentation. The German Federal Government has remained inactive. This is a scandal and endangers us all! We, from the initiative STOPPT TEMELIN demand the immediate “Request for Full Documentation” by the German Federal Government and access to these documents in order that independent experts will be able to produce an overview of the fundamental hazards existent from Temelin. Before the summer pause, we will formally submit this petition to the Federal Ministry of the Environment in Berlin. For more information about our aims and the initiative with regard to Temelin can be found at our website: https://www.stoppt-temelin.de/temelin-resolution/  Read more

Brigitte ArtmannDeutschland
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Created Feb 6, 2017
Petition to Amber Rudd MP
put, to increase sentences offenders receive across the board in regards to dangerous driving. TheRead more

Luke MasonUnited Kingdom
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Created Feb 15, 2018
Petition to Kraft
petitioning Kraft to remove all dangerous artificial food dyes
 from their line of macaroni and cheese US to finally eliminate dangerous artificial food dyes once and for all. Join me now and sign this petition.  Together we can make a difference. Read more

Vani HariCharlotte, NC, United States
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Created Mar 4, 2013
Petition to Cindy Hyde-Smith, Christopher Murphy, U​.​S. Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives
A plan being considered in Congress right now could mean the beginning of the end of wild horses and burros. Submitted to Congress in May by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management,  the plan calls for the round up of 130,000 wild horses and burros over the next decade – more than exist today on the range. This will triple the number of wild horses and burros incarcerated at taxpayer expense, at a cost of nearly $1 billion in just its first five years (!), with no guarantee of long-term funding to ensure safety from slaughter for these cherished animals. The plan would slash wild herds by 70 percent and is an unprecedented assault on America’s iconic wild horse and burro populations. Worse, American taxpayers are being asked to pay for it! Join us in asking Congress to say NO to the BLM’s mustang eradication plan!Read more

Grace KuhnRichmond, VA, United States
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Created Aug 21, 2019
Petition to The Honourable David Lametti
Harm Impaired Driving Causing Death  Dangerous Operation causing Bodily Harm Dangerous Operation ensure our Justice System reflects that Impaired And Dangerous Driving are extremely Serious OffensesRead more

Jillian McLeodOttawa, Canada
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Created Jun 19, 2020
Petition to Chris Christie
protect kids who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender from a dangerous practice not just to protect kids from the emotional damage of dangerous anti-gay conversion therapy, but toRead more

Jacob RudolphBoulder, CO, United States
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Created Feb 22, 2013
Petition to Brian Salerno
dangerous track record, and if it’s allowed five more years to drill on the leases in question, the for five additional years of dangerous offshore oil exploration in the U.S. Arctic.Read more

Alex GrayWashington, DC, United States
104,882 supporters
Created Feb 23, 2015
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