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Petition to Hulu, FCC, CEO of Hulu, Kelly Campbell, Better Business Bureau
Stop Hulu from price-gouging customers. Hulu announced without warning that it would be increasing tell Hulu that its unfair price hikes are a disservice to loyal customers.Read more

Diane DiPiero RodioCleveland Heights, OH, United States
98,627 supporters
Created November 18, 2020
Petition to Starbucks
. Now it is their turn to support their employees. Our customers are being allowed to go through ourRead more

Kiki AndongPuyallup, WA, United States
35,309 supporters
Created September 8, 2020
Petition to Walmart​.​com marketplace leadership
issues hurting all sellers: Walmart is allowing customers to commit fraud, and sellers like me are, StockX and more are providing to their 3rd party sellers. Issue #1 Summary: Walmart customers are when the return reason is due to them. Issue #1 details: On Walmart's new marketplace, customers have both the sellers and the customers – which is how it should be. .Customers are clearly abusing it, I customers SIGNED the packages with THEIR NAMES and then claimed "they didn't get it". Yes, if we haveRead more

Walmart SellerLos Angeles, CA, United States
14,651 supporters
Created December 17, 2020
Petition to AEP Price Gauging, Governor Matt Bevin
Our electric bill went from $300 to $550 in one month's time, even though we had 60-70 degree days, when we did not use our heat. We have a new energy efficient heat pump. This has impacted us significantly. People are struggling to pay these outrageous electric bills, in an area that already has high unemployment & impoverished areas. Please sign this petition in hopes that we will make a change!Read more

Tammy SprinkleAshland, KY, United States
13,836 supporters
Created January 31, 2017
Petition to Maureen Richmond
customers have a layover, so no Greyhound rider has to risk their health ever again.On Friday, February isolated incident. Several other Greyhound customers have logged complaints on company message boards, join me in asking Greyhound to keep their stations open when customers have layovers.   Photo by THE Holy Hand GrenadeRead more

Ankur SinghBloomington, IL, United States
89,325 supporters
Created February 3, 2013
Petition to Sysco Corporation
thousands of restaurants around the country. But they only stock plastic straws for their customers customers want to avoid plastic straws, but have no other option when dining out. Once restaurantRead more

John LymanEvanston, IL, United States
113,326 supporters
Created June 8, 2018
Petition to Brian Cornell, Brian Lannan, Doug Baker, George Barrett, Ken Salazar, Melissa McLean, Monica Lozano, Henrique De Castro, Dmitri Stockton, Melanie Healey, Lisa Boyd, Amanda Nusz
We, Target customers, ask Target to eliminate plastic bags. We understand this won’t be convenientRead more

Customers Who CareMinneapolis, MN, United States
559,471 supporters
Created January 17, 2019
Petition to Zomato PR
provide a safe delivery experience, their female customers can rest easy. If Zomato commits to beRead more

Tejaswini Divya NaikMumbai, India
30,832 supporters
Created December 7, 2015
Petition to Ubersocacruise , UberSoca Cruise, Epic Cruise Solutions Inc, Nathaniel Turner, Roger McGregor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Royal Caribbean International
UberSoca Cruise 2020 (“UberSoca Cruise”) customers are seeking your cooperation in sending a firm treatment of, lack of communication with, and lack of respect shown to registered and paid customers will it should be taken seriously.  As paying customers, we demand that UberSoca Cruise put the people Public Petition demanding a FULL REFUND NOW to paying and registered customers you call family. UberSoca customers who no longer wish to attend UberSoca Cruise in November 2020. This is a life and deathRead more

UberSoca Cruise RefundUnited States
3,600 supporters
Created May 24, 2020
Petition to Boris Johnson
Customers with urgent need for the return of their own money from travel companies are being. Customers who booked package holidays are now due their money back under the relevant law: Package companies are refusing to pay and offering only postponement or pressing their customers to take Credit Refund Notes (as set out by ABTA) instead. Some customers are literally in tears with anxiety. We customers and tour operators and our quarrel is not with them. There are also many tour operatorsRead more

Kane PirieUnited Kingdom
28,905 supporters
Created April 7, 2020
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