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Petition to QANTAS, Australian Government
customer service and capitalise on creating further disadvantage for regional Australia. • The average to deliver any basic level of customer service. Sign your name to help us lobby for basicRead more

Ingrid MillerLongreach, Australia
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Created July 20, 2021
Petition to Nitin Gadkari, Ministry of Transport
customer service hence to take customer problems some of them are having customer care numbers and having customer care number nor emergency number, worst part is "BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE COMPANY even if driver cancels  Cancelation charges even if customer do not get cab even for 1Hr Worst / WRONG PLACE AND CHARGE TO CUSTOMER WITH INSULT. Several complaints are floating on social media may be when they decided and mostly they decided in there favour or drivers favour, mostly customer getRead more

Ashish Aroraभारत
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Created May 31, 2018
Petition to Shanghai Moonton Technology Co, Ltd
Hello Dear Moonton Some of your players got unfair banned, most of us never used a third party application, cheats, hacks, script, modded apk. And please look into your email, alot of us already made appeals and never got any reply except an automated one. Read more

Muhammad FirzaIndonesia
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Created April 23, 2020
Petition to Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield
for every instance of exceptionally poor customer service. Telecommunications companies are saving savings solely benefit shareholders. but delivers second rate customer service that ultimately comes inconvenience placed upon the customer is put into dollar terms, the average Australian earns around $35 per poor customer service would be in the millions. For every million hours wasted on hold that is $35 have not been earned by exemplary customer service. They have been earned simply by the fact that weRead more

Paul WattieAustralia
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Created October 3, 2017
Petition to Uber
you don't have your phone?" The answer is easy. "Customer service." Right? Only mine was not so easy. Uber customer service from Twitter responded to my problem and nudged the email customer service before I could get a response. To make matters worse, the email customer service (after five hours customer service helpline for everyday customers like myself. He can understand that typing back andRead more

Sahndra Fon DufeAuburn, GA, United States
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Created June 30, 2018
Petition to Stephen Miron, Tom Cheal, Stephen Rigley
After a 44-year broadcasting career, Steve Allen, the legendary plain-speaking London early breakfast talk radio host, has suddenly left LBC, his contract cancelled with immediate effect. Although LBC claims his contract was nearly over, and that he has left the station "following discussions" - and Allen says the same publicly - the fact is that the much-loved broadcaster disappeared from LBC's schedules after refusing to call singer Sam Smith 'they' instead of 'him'.  Therefore it's highly likely that he has been removed from his position in the name of political correctness - and we must take a stand against this. In the name of freedom of speech, and to show those who have cancelled him - just for expressing his own opinion - that they cannot win.     Here's the evidence: Thursday 16 February 2023: Allen indicates to his listeners that his contract has years to run. He says that if he won the lottery, "I’d definitely come into work. I’ve got to. I’m on contract… I’m going to work out the contract, even though it is years in advance.” Friday 17 February 2023: His final broadcast: Allen says that he "couldn't give a rat's tail" about singer Sam Smith wanting to be called them instead of him. (Smith, 30, non-binary since 2019, wore nipple clamps in his latest sexually explicit music video).  What led to it: Smith recently said on the BBC's The One Show that he'd like to be a 'fisherthem', and the presenter said 'a fisherman?' Fisherman is actually a gender-neutral word. The Oxford English dictionary defines a fisherman as 'a PERSON who catches fish for a living or for sport.'     LBC headquarters, Leicester Square, WC2 (Picture credit: Paul Campaigns) What Allen said on his subsequent radio show of 17 February: “And then there was another thing the other day where you’ve got Sam Smith, you know the one who wore that very dated outfit, the one that was worn 50 years ago by David Bowie. And he goes on a show and again we had the problem with the ‘fisherman’ - ‘No, it’s fisherthem’. "And I think what would be safer in the long run, to save any embarrassment, is don’t book him for any shows. Don't give him any interviews, don’t give him anything else at all because you're bound to fall foul of him. "And to be honest with you, I personally couldn't give a rat's tail - I really couldn’t. So don’t invite him on to any programmes, then you won’t look stupid! Because he will criticise you for saying - ‘no it’s them, it’s fisherthem’. No it’s not! No we’re not changing things just to please you! I think not!”     LBC headquarters, Charing Cross Road entrance (Picture credit: Paul Campaigns) Is that really the reason behind Allen leaving?  LBC hasn't admitted that Allen's exit from the station has anything to do with the above - but we've trawled through his most recent broadcasts and it seems the only possible explanation for his very sudden departure. After his show of Friday 17 February, Allen wasn't seen on LBC for a week. On the afternoon of Friday 24 February, the news broke that he was gone from the station. In this new video we've done, find out what happened when a caller tried to talk about Steve live on air at about 6.40am on Tuesday 14 March 2023.    UPDATE JULY 2023: Sam Smith has released a song called 'Man I Am' that features in the new Barbie film. So he IS a man anyway and says it himself! He sings: "Cause that's the man I am/Baby, treat me right, I'm free tonight/That's just the man I am/Super sleazy, born to be easy" Now please take action to stop the cavalcade of political correctness warriors wrecking our airwaves. Show LBC that a 68-year-old man's 44-year career cannot be cancelled over him expressing a genuine opinion of his own. Sign this petition.   Read more

Paul CampaignsLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created February 25, 2023
Petition to Lowe's, Springfield Illinois Lowe's
Lowe's at 3101 Wabash Avenue in Springfield, Illinois, when she was racially harassed by a customer them to checkout. When the offending customer went up to her to demand that she give up one of the opportunity to find another firepit for the other customer to purchase. You could have sold three firepits defended a racist bully and allowed her to have her way, while an Asian American customer was deprived ofRead more

Theresa MahChicago, IL, United States
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Created January 18, 2022
Petition to Coin Master
$7.5 million in July 2018. There is a serious problem with Coin Master and its Customer SupportRead more

Jon GillUnited Kingdom
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Created November 3, 2019
Petition to IKEA
customers and bring real changes in its online sales policy, which seems to make the customer helpless.  Read more

Jérémie FOUQUETFrance
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Created September 20, 2016
Petition to Altice USA (Suddenlink), Federal Trade Commission, Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn
Altice USA (Suddenlink) - Fix your customer service I have used Altice USA (Suddenlink) for 28 contact Customer service for any reason except new services you are in for a bumpy and frustrating ride. As you hold in the queue for literally hours you are reminded what a valued customer you are. Finally you hang up and call the next day to hold again to hear what a valued customer you are. If you read just a few customer reviews they include: •Scheduled technician not showing up•Re scheduledRead more

Tina ToddTyler, TX, United States
5,073 supporters
Created October 30, 2019
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