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 It should be recalled that on February 2021 the CBN banned cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Well, I think the ban on cryptocurrency should be reviewed.          Cryptocurrency as we know it have the annual cap, but either way, this approach keeps inflation at bay. Cryptocurrency can be used as hedge. As the largest, most established cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is generally considered a good Nigeria government can adopt cryptocurrency as an hedge to inflation. Just like the tether usdt isRead more

Fortune chukwuemekaMinna, Nigeria
335 supporters
Created Nov 2, 2022
Petition to Cryptocurrency
Coinbase is currently one of the largest apps for BUY investing in crypto currency, it has an SMART format and this will attract a lot of using investors, which will help us to easy buy. Please sign and chip in if you can.Read more

Moe 56BALTIMORE,MD, MD, United States
284 supporters
Created Feb 3, 2021
Petition to U​.​S. Securities and Exchange Commission
after blockchain and cryptocurrency, which is one of the best hopes the people have to take back establish clear standards for the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. Read more

Jeremy KauffmanManchester, NH, United States
51,301 supporters
Created Mar 29, 2021
Petition to Congress
clarity in the United States, businesses who are integrating cryptocurrency or blockchain within their and taking advantage of the lack of regulatory clarity. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is continuingRead more

alex cobbLos Angeles, CA, United States
1,347 supporters
Created Jan 18, 2019
Petition to PayPal
, and securely hold cryptocurrency in PayPal. A large amount of SHIB Token was sent to the Covid-19Read more

Joe E.Las Vegas, NV, United States
35,013 supporters
Created May 23, 2021
Petition to Central Bank of Nigeria, President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Vice President Federal Republic of Nigeria
No law criminalizes trading of cryptocurrency in Nigeria. The recent directive by the Central Bank, cryptocurrency have provided legitimate ways through which unemployed youth can earn a living. Poverty has led to insecurity and unrest, cryptocurrency has provided ways to engage the Nigerian youthRead more

Citizens GavelNigeria
7,828 supporters
Created Feb 5, 2021
Petition to Coinbase, BrianArmstrong , Shiba Inu, ShibaSwap , RyoshiResearch
The rising demand of  Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency  brings many users new to the cryptocurrency spaceRead more

Caleb SchrickerWisconsin, United States
41,366 supporters
Created May 16, 2021
Petition to Refinable $FINE Cryptocurrency
NFT cryptocurrency goes by the name Refinable has succeeded in scamming thousands of people around the world by price manipulation and what's known in cryptocurrency "Rug pull". The company hasRead more

Sofiane AliouaUnited Kingdom
890 supporters
Created Apr 27, 2021
Petition to Amazon, Amazon​.​com
The cryptocurrency known as Shiba Inu has sewn the seeds of permanence within the world of presence, and a strong base of long-term Shiba Inu owners, Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is obviously here to ) would like Amazon to seriously consider accepting Shiba Inu cryptocurrency as a form of payment cryptocurrency to conduct business with Amazon. There are other positive residual effects as well. ItRead more

Justin TaylorMebane, NC, United States
107,243 supporters
Created May 23, 2021
Petition to International Olympic Committee, Ripple Labs
. We believe that the fast transaction times and security of Ripple Lab's XRP cryptocurrency wouldRead more

Ken TakahashiJapan
14,085 supporters
Created Dec 16, 2017
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