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Petition to Sussan Ley MP, Senator Bridget McKenzie, Lily D'Ambrosio MP, Mary Anne Thomas, Minister Matthew Kean, David Speirs MP
Ecological research around the world has increasingly emphasised the importance of apex predators for ecosystem health, and the preservation of biodiversity. Diminishing apex predator populations has often been associated with ecosystem instability and species decline. The false dingo/’wild dog’ distinction in current government policiy in Australia obstructs policy recognition of this ecological reality. The positive role of dingoes within Australian ecosystems as native wildlife is being undermined by use of lethal poisons to remove 'wild dogs' or dingoes,  and exotic non native predators,  to which dingoes are falling victim as collateral damage. Australia's leading environmental  Scientists have endorsed removal of toxic poisons (such as 1080) from use and killing our Australian dingo  on environmental grounds. Federal and State Governments must now  act to develop and implement policy which considers the important ecological and cultural identity of the dingo, and further develop alternative stock protection methodology wherever necessary, to avoid lethal control.  The Scientific experts further emphasise mounting and compelling evidence that indiscriminate baiting of dingoes,  including as a consequence of collateral or secondary poisoning, exacerbates livestock predation and negative ecological consequences, and can seriously harm  biodiversity, resilience and health of Australian ecosystems The impacts of  lethal control of dingoes  is likely to facilitate increases in wild cats, foxes and herbivore populations (kangaroos, feral goats, feral pigs, etc.)  that are currently managed as pest species. Many of Australia’s threatened mammals survive in  areas where dingoes are present,  and an increase in intensity and frequency of poison baiting,  is likely to be detrimental to their persistence. The reintroduction of dingoes to the environment  in Australia wherever populations have been removed and /or decimated,  as recommended by the Victorian State Government following its recent Inquiry into threatened species, must be acknowledged as only beneficial for biodiversity and acted upon in Victoria and all other  States and Territories of Australia must conduct similar inquiries to inform outcomes of benefit to the environment.    As to exaggerated claims about dingoes and stock loss to predation, data obtained by AFCAD Inc under Freedom of Information from each State has shown that claims of stock loss  by dingoes, in all States of Australia,  is exaggerated and negligible. These issues must  be fully addressed by both Commonwealth and State Governments and the use of lethal control abandoned in favour of non lethal measures without any further hesitation or delay and the reintroduction of dingoes to suitable areas be considered with priority.  To do otherwise is irresponsible   photo: Gary MeredithRead more

AFCAD IncMelbourne, Australia
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Created May 20, 2014
Petition to United Nations, Human Rights Campaign, Ethiopia
Have you ever been arrested or put in a concentration camp without any trial or court case without knowing anything only because of your ethnicity? This is what's happening to the Tigray people in Ethiopia right now. The Ethiopian and Eritrean government has waged war on Tigray. I cannot even contact my family there because the government has Blocked communications, blocked electricity, blocked media, blocked journalists from entering Tigray, and even blocked aid. And every day we are hearing the news that Tigray people are being killed, raped, and bombed. We don’t even know if our family is alive or dead. It is estimated that more than 600k+ people have been killed and 120k raped And 70k are refugees to Sudan, they fled by Ethiopian-Sudan borders (which is now closed) and the government doesn’t allow any more Tigrayans to enter Sudan as refugees. And in the midst of all that, they are arresting Tigray people who live in Ethiopia but in cities outside Tigray including priests, businessmen, students, children, and mothers, just because of their ethnicity and putting them in prisons and concentration camps then treating them badly, They don't even give them enough food or water. It is estimated that 30k people are moved to camps last week. I know people who got arrested because of their ethnicity.  The genocide is getting support from China, UAE, Turkey, Iran,and Eritrea.  And the government is blocking and looting aids because they want to kill as many Tigrayans as possible from famine and 900k are suffering from famine. And 87% of hospitals are destroyed. And 6.8m people are IN DIRE NEED OF EMERGENCY FOOD. And 99% of OF AMBULANCES STOLEN, TAKEN TO ERITREA OR DESTROYED. Please help the innocent Tigray civilians and stand for justice. #stopTigraygenocide Note: To all the people who support this genocide/government just know that you do not have to support a political group to be a human. #IStandWithTigrayRead more

Adeday AbayCalifornia, United States
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Created Dec 7, 2021
Petition to Rep. Frank Wolf
Today, we are at a crucial moment in the fight against human trafficking: the House Subcommittee onRead more

A Kred, DC, United States
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Created Oct 6, 2009
Petition to The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Justin Trudeau
Whereas: As of March 31st 2017, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will discontinue funding of the HRSB Adult EAL Program in Nova Scotia after over 25 years of successfully serving newcomers. Approximately 42 staff members and 350 students are left without jobs or a guaranteed language school in the middle of the academic year. Further, the Outreach program will also lose funding. This program provides language instruction and support to those who cannot attend class because they are unable to access childcare, as well as those who cannot get out because of health and mobility issues. This Outreach/LINC program exists within HRM, the South Shore, and in Sydney, Cape Breton. The immigrants and refugees being served through this program are vocal about their disapproval and acknowledge the huge benefits of a full-time language program being offered separate from other immigration services in the province.  Many immigrants and refugees who come to Canada have traumatic backgrounds and the need for stability, support, and a solid community upon entering our country is the foundation of successful integration and resettlement. The sudden decision and lack of organization in the reallocation of funding will cause both emotional, personal, and academic challenges to the immigrants and refugees being served through the HRSB program. Media Coverage: (1) CBC Nova Scotia (2) CBC News (Video)  (3) Global News NSWe, the undersigned, call upon the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to reinstate the original model of funding in light of testimonials of staff and clients, as well as proof of success throughout the program's 25 year history. Furthermore, investigate the academic, social, and emotional benefits of a longstanding program such as HRSB Adult EAL for immigrants and refugees welcomed into our community. *UPDATE* Statement from MP Darren Fisher (Dartmouth) Click HereRead more

Carla CCanada
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Created Feb 7, 2017
Petition to Theresa May, Theresa May MP
save Ariella's crucial care package.  continuing health team and others across the country are cutting crucial care hours that are putting vulnerable children's lives at risk and the health and wellRead more

Megan ReesCray's Pond, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 28, 2017
Petition to Sadiq Khan, ENFIELD COUNCIL
TfL and Grainger PLC are proposing to build high-rise rental housing, in pursuance of the Mayor’s London Plan and to raise finance for TFL, on and around the entire Cockfosters Station Car Park. Similar schemes are proposed for a large number of  other London Station Car Parks and will drastically impact the commuting options for outer London areas. Those who need to use the Underground, including the elderly and infirm and those coming in from surrounding areas and beyond, will have greatly reduced ability to access the tube by car. They cannot necessarily use limited bus services or bikes to get to the Station. The proposed rental homes on the site will have no provision for car ownership by tenants. This questionable assumption means that occupants cars will be forced to park on busy nearby streets to the detriment of local residents. Further impact on the already gridlocked A111, Cockfosters Road, is a predictable consequence. People who live in the outer suburbs cannot always pursue their lives exclusively by bike or on foot. The case for building new homes, displacing this valuable car park, has not been made. It needs to fully consider other sites. It must also demonstrate whether the massive impact on local infrastructure and amenities can be absorbed by both existing residents and prospective occupants.Read more

Suzanne LeachBarnet, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 25, 2019
Petition to AutoZone, William C. Rhodes III
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic AutoZone employees are still required to come to work as an essential needs business. AutoZone employees are facing the risk of coming into contact with the virus each and every day by continuing to help out customers for their essential needs. In our current situation many AutoZone employees are afraid to come to work and face the public sphere, yet still have to come to work without much of a choice if not suffer the consequence of job abandonment or no pay at all. Many other employers/companies have taken the initiative to raise the pay of their employees during this crisis and trying times. Other major employers/companies have done this in the form of hazard pay or bonus type of compensation. AutoZone employees currently are receiving the same pay rate, with no type of hazard compensation during this global outbreak. All AutoZoners are asking for is some form of hazard pay during this challenging period in our history. AutoZoners are asking for this to happen for equal and fair treatment on behalf of handling the company's main source of business. Hours got cut and we are losing hundreds of dollars from our checks!Read more

Anonymous AutozonerSan Francisco, CA, United States
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Created Mar 22, 2020
Petition to Doug Ford, Sylvia Jones, Paul Calandra, Trevor Jones, Darrin Cannif
The future of medical care for almost 1500 patients in the village of Wheatley is uncertain. The local doctor, David. F. Eaton, who for nearly fifty years has delivered babies, diagnosed and treated community members, refered patients to specialists, provided bed-side care, and supported the residents of a local retirement home, is set to retire; yet paperwork sent to the Ontario Ministry of Health three years a go to ensure a nurse practitioner or doctor replace him, has yet to be processed. The office and patients are ready and waiting to transition to a new healthcare professional. This long-standing, busy practice, assists mainly elderly patients who need services close to home as barriers such as transportation and mobility issues prevent them from getting to city centres. Without a local option, many will end up in the emergency room for needs that could be easily met locally, such as prescription refills and regular check ups. Wheatley residents are still reeling from an explosion that rocked the village, leveling several buildings, leaving countless homeless, and closing the downtown core. The doctor's office just recently reopened. There is an urgent need to keep medical care local.  Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Health Sylvia Jones, Minister of Long-Term Care Paul Calandra, Chatham-Kent-Leamington MPP Trevor Jones, and Chatham-Kent Council, immediate action is needed to ensure that the residents of Wheatley are not abandoned again.  Read more

Katie OmsteadLeamington, Canada
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Created Aug 24, 2022
Petition to Hilary S. Franz, Joe Smillie, Michal Rechner, Anna Bausher, Michele Zukerberg
this land be placed in a permanent conservation trust to preserve this ecologically crucial environment forever. Read more

stephanie mcgregorSeattle, WA, United States
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Created Jun 24, 2018
Petition to North Carolina
In North Carolina, most working people have no paid leave to take care of seriously ill family members, welcome new babies, or recover from child birth or serious illness themselves. Paid family and medical leave would mean working North Carolinians no longer have to choose between a paycheck and being there when their families need them most. Sign our petition to support paid leave for North Carolina’s working families!Read more

Raleigh Youth Chapter A. Philip Randolph Institute, Inc.North Carolina, United States
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Created Jun 20, 2019
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